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Yesterday I had to take my cat to the vet.  While waiting which was quite a while, some people came in with a rat terrior puppy identical to my dog.  It was one of the most difficult times I have had out in public.  I held up, but it was so bad.  The puppy was all over the place and absolutely identical to my dog when she was a pup.  Has anyone else experienced this --run into a dog or cat that looks like a twin of your pet?


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Dear Becky,
   After Max died, it seemed like I saw ShihTzus everywhere, and one day while driving near my home I saw a man walking a little one that looked just like Max.  I slowed down and stared so much that I ended up having to tell the guy why I was so entranced.  He was (thankfully) very nice about it.  I admit, it took my breath away. But I was able to just drive on from there and my son was with me so that helped.

   I can imagine that it must have been so difficult for you to encounter the dog at the vet's.  You can't exactly walk away and so you just have to deal with how you're feeling.  I am happy to hear that you made it through okay, hard though it was.  I know how difficult losing your girl has been for you, Becky, and it still has not been that long.  In a few days it will be 7 months since my Max died and I still miss him terribly (sometimes I can't even come here because it is just too hard).  We'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other, get through these hurdles, and let the process unfold.  You got through a hard one....good for you!

   I will keep you (and sweet Lib) in my prayers. 

Warm Hugs,

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Hi Becky.  I guess that's one advantage of having a "mixed breed" or "mutt" :)

Our Pepe was a cockerpoo, more poodle than cocker spaniel and I have never seen another dog who looked just like him.  I have tried finding an ornament or something like Pepe but have never had any luck.  He was more "poodle" than cocker as his hair was very curly but he had the long silky ears like a cocker spaniel. 

But I do know that when I go for a walk I look at all the dogs and miss Pepe so much.  He loved his walks and I loved taking him.  

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Yes, Becky, similar things have happened to me.  I was at my doctor's office and his radiology tech had a photo of her Cairn on her desk.  She is the spitting image of my Betsy (Betsy was a terrier mix with a lot of Cairn in her).  When I saw the photo I got tears in my eyes.   This lady was so understanding.

There is also a little dog in a t.v.commercial and it always reminds my husband and me of our Betts.   We always run into the room to watch it when we hear the music, and it makes us smile.   You should see us falling all over each other to get to that television in time to see that pup.

So, I guess, depending on my mood, I either cry or smile. 

I am so happy to see you posting.  I have been thinking a lot about you and wondering how you have been.   You and your beloved Libbie are never far from my thoughts.

Betsy's forever grateful mom

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Just happened to read your post and thought I'd tell my story.  I lost my GSD, Timber 2 years ago last May to DM. She was diagnosed with DM when she was only 6 years old. To make a LONG story short, she put up a long hard fight and with a lot of vitamins, exercise, acupuncture, etc.... she made it about 23 months before we had to have her put down. During these months, each day as I would drive to work, there was a neighbor who would walk his dog down the highway and I'd pass each day. I swore it was Tim's twin. I stopped one day and had told him my story and he let me take a picture. It broke my heart each time I saw them, because my baby had already lost the use of her hind legs and here was her "twin" trotting down the road. It was even harder, obviously, when she was gone and I'd see her "twin".  I know GSD's look alike, but this one looked so much like her and was about the same size too. I've attached the 2 pictures.

Anyhow, here they are, Timber is on the left and her look alike is on the leash.



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Oh my, is this ever so hard for me.   Everytime I see a Maltese, I feel it building up in me.   Don't know why, but I feel a sadness in me.   So hard...

Merry' mom

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Sue, Timber is a gorgeous dog. I am sorry for your great loss.  I really identified with something you said about watching the other dog while Timber had lost the use of her legs. 

 My dog's arthritis set in fast.  Her daddy who was nearly 17 had a terrible spell where his hind legs wouldn't work so my brother took him to the vet who gave him very little chance of walking again.  Well, life is strange.  They put him on prednisone and six months later he gets around great with no pred. 

At about the same time in December my dog started limping just a bit.  I took her in and they noticed back leg trouble.  I took her again in Jan. for xrays and they diagnosed moderate arthritis.  The glucosaine never kicked in, I guess, because she had more and more trouble getting up.  The vet prescribed aspirin and it worked the first time.  Next time aspirin caused her to bleed to death or triggered autoimmune.  I never caught the signs in time. 

Anyway, every time I see her daddy , it breaks my heart all over.  I feel guilty because I feel this way, but everytime I see him loping around, I wonder why this all happened to my baby.  Her daddy also survived acute pancreatitis at nearly the same time as my dog died.  They hauled him in for iv treatments everyday and again, he is better than ever.  Sometimes I just wonder.

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Just this weekend... 

Maci was a maltipoo that had big brown eyes, looked like a maltese, and was on the big size - 12lbs.  She has been gone for 20 months.  I was in Home Depot and there was a maltese that looked just like her.  I of course had to go over, but then I ended up crying because his face looked just like Maci's. 

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I know that seeing one who looks so much like your baby is very hard but please don't overlook the obvious.
It may bring tears and sadness at first but if you take a deep breath and sit quietly and remember to listen with your heart you may find that this is a sign from your baby to let you know that she is young and healthy just like the one you saw.
They send us signs in many ways and so many people wish and long for signs and often we just overlook the things we wish for most.
When these things happen take time for yourself and sit and talk to your baby and let her know that you understand that she is happy and healthy now and that one day when you see her she will be just like the one you saw who looked like her.
Keep those lines of communication open with your baby and tell her all about all of your feelings.
She does hear you and she will send signs to let you know that.
I just believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are no accidents when it comes to these kinds of things.
My heart is with all of you who miss your babies so much for I too know the heartbreak you feel.
Time will make it hurt a bit less but be gentle with your heart and give yourself all the time you need.
Remember that there is just no time limit on your grief and that love so deep never ends.
Just as we think of our loved fur babies, they think of us each moment even when they are being happy.
They know that one day we will be with them again and we just have to believe that with our heart and soul.
Love and peace,

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Yes Becky,

I know what you mean...everytime I see a black dog, no matter what breed it is I stop to check if it is Nugget...that maybe by some miracle he is still alive. When I see his breed, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I smile sadly remembering my boy and when he was young.

I miss him so much..

Love Nuggetsmum Alana

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I've seen a few "twins" actually, once on the television on the Dog Whisperer there was a German Shepherd dog, that not only looked like my Jas, but had similar behavioral issues.  I cried like a baby the first time it aired.  I also well up every time I see a shepherd on the street. 

For me, knowing my Jas was one of a kind, I know I couldn't own another shepherd.  Some people find comfort in sticking to the same breed but again for me personally it would be more than I could take.  I guess we all have to do what's best for us.

I know I"ll grieve and miss Jasmine the rest of my life for she truly is part of my heart.

So sorry seeing the pup brought you so much pain, but it's so normal for this to happen.  Hang in there and know you're among friends.

                           Hugs to you, JasminesMom (Kathy)

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I sensed that my baby was getting to the point where we would have to say goodbye--I used to worry every time I pulled my car into the drive that her little face wouldn't be peering at me through the glass panes on each side of the door. Anyway, in March, before she died in June, I found a little boy who had her same birthdate, his breeder had the same first name as the aunt who was my surrogate mom, he had much of the coloring that Layla did when she was small, and even though I needed another dog like I needed a hole in my head (already had four plus two cats) I bought him. Hank isn't Layla, but he's a sweetie and it helps to stroke his soft silky fur. I also have other Havanese but none of them look just like Layla. I think it would be harder to get one now. I don't know if I ever will. I'm glad I got my little boy before Layla left us. If I ever do get another dog it will be because I recognize something in it that tells me it's another very special soul mate as she was--and it will probably be a Maltese, a similar dog with the same big black eyes but different enough not to hurt so much.


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Dearest Becky,

I believe as Aurichwolf does, that nothing is by chance.  That everything  happens for a reason.  I too know how it feels to suddenly happen on another dog that looks so much like the one you lost, that the tears just sting your eyes.  I also know that when I explained my situation and pain to the owner, and I got down on my knees to pet and love this animal, I felt great relief almost instantaneously!  Don't be afraid to get intouch with your grief and pain, confronting it can be a powerful thing! I do believe as Kathy said, that many times we miss the signs our kids send us.  We're not used to looking for them, but I promise you they will try to reach you! I think that perhaps your Libbie was trying to let you know that she is young and full of life at the Bridge and that you shouldn't continue to worry about her, Becky.
I will keep you both in my prayers!

In friendship....
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom)

Posts: 991
We actually are hypervigilant about noticing either schnauzers or wire haired fox terriers. Seeing either breed always brings a smile to our faces, as we think about Molly and Cricket. My husband has had several sweet schnauzer moments at truck stops that he's been through. The moment, the puppy fix, has always come at just the right time. So I too agree with Kathy that these look-alikes are messengers from our Bridge Babies.
Molly's Mom

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YES! That just happened to me the other day at the vet's office. I was there with a new puppy (which I am having difficulty with guilt over) and there was a Great Dane there. I just knew it when I saw the black hair on the floor. The staff wanted to speak to my mom in private and I couldn't figure out what that was about. Then, a lady came in and said, "Did y'all see that beautiful Great Dane back there?!" I LOST IT!! The sweet Vet Staff snuck him out the back door so I wouldn't see him, but the damage was done. It is so difficult and I know your pain very well. You are not alone.

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Every time I see a yorkie I have to ask the owner if I can pet it. They all say yes and I feel a connection to them. There are a lot of yorkies that I have made friends with in the past few months.

                                        Jingles mom

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Becky ,
Firstly I am sorry for your loss , I myself have always belonged to the Doberman I have been owned by 6 of them and have a 4 1/2 month old pup at the minute and they in turn have been owned my Yorkshire Terrorists,
I couldn't ever see me being owned any other breeds, my heart skips a beat each time i see a dobie though i have never confused any of my guys not even father and son.
 I guess its like the parents of identical twins they know their kids apart at a glance , I think you could put a dozen dobies into a room and i would know my boys right away, the same with Yorkie's you never get two the same they might look similar but that's all each is unique and special a one off
I know when i see a doberman pup it brings back many happy memories as does older dobes because I can see my boys at different stages and the happy times we shared when I look at them playing or ever just walking along with their owners, yes it can bring a tear to your eyes but it also brings a sense of pride and joy ,my yorkies have always been convinced they are doberman I guess growing up with the big guys has rubbed off on them . Becky I hope the next time you come across a rat terrier it brings you happiness and joy and a happy memory of your little guy.
My Boys Max & Cuan
Cu' Uladhwolf  
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