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Posts: 13
Before we got married- we were living in New Hampshire and found a dog in VT.  It was our sweet Maddy.  Her name was Madison b/c it is the town name where me and hubby gre up.  When moved back to Madison - and began to call her Maddy........We had "Madison" which turned into "Maddy" which we nicknamed "Lowkster".  No clue why or how Madison went to Lowkster.
We still still have "Buddy" and we call him "Dudley" or "dud" shot of "bud".  I think because he is a very lazy dog.

Posts: 3
Our Golden was first named Thor but right after we brought him home, we knew he was our Buddy.Also called Spud Dog and Spudly Budly.
I have never had a dog before, nor did I think I ever would. I thought I was a cat person.After reading these boards, I have come to realize that Buddy is not the unique name I thought it was.

Bud left us today...........galloping to the bridge I hope.

Miss him so very much..........

Buddy's Mom


Posts: 163
To everyone -

I went back to the beginning of this post and read through all the nicknames.  There are as many names as there are furkids!  Thank you for sharing the names - they gave me smiles and laughter this morning!  So, with that said, here are the ones for my Cricket and Tiddy Tat:

Cricket:  Itty Baby, Nickie, Crik, Ticky Baby, Crook, Goofball (sometimes I wondered what she was thinking when she did things!), Momma's Girl, Goose, Doose...and many more!!! Here's another one - Monkey for all the times she swung from the blinds like a monkey on a mission!

Tiddy Tat:  Tidders, Tat, Snitums, Snitters, Snitty Tat, Lazy Bones, Sun Spot, Little Devil, Dingaling (at Christmas time she loved to jingle the ornaments on the tree)...

Goodness how I miss saying those names to my girls!!  Wonder what their nicknames were for me...maybe it's best I don't know! 

Have a great day!

Posts: 418
Lets see.....

Rugrat was originally named Little Bit, so Rugrat was his nickname.

We had a cat named Callie, but she got called  (B) itchy witch.

We had a cat named Gizmo, but he got called pretty boy.

Greyson is sometimes called Heathen.

Jackson gets called baby heathen, or when he is all wound up we call him Jumpin Jack Flash.

Snuggles gets called Snug Bug, Tank (he has short legs and a very big round body) and Butterball because when he is laying upright, he looks like a Butterball turkey from the back. 

Posts: 567
I loved reading the nicknames.   I use to call Nina,  Nina Girl.   My husband stuck her with the nickname "Turkey Dog",  he use to do that when she was acting stubborn.  (have to admit I called her that at times)

Ninas Mom

Posts: 4
I am kitty nickname queen :)

My dear departed Max was:

Maxwell Smart
Maximum Kitty
Max Factor

Current kitties are:
Charlotte -
AKA - Baby C
Web Kitty (for Charlotte's Web)

Jack Frost-
AKA -Jackson
Jack in the Box


Posts: 224
Hello to all!

I had to chuckle at all the cute, quirky, funny names that I read. My kitty Blackie who is at the Bridge:

Blackie, Papa, Papacakes, Poptart, Papalicious, Papi.

His sisters Ashley and Shadow:

Ashley Washley, Ashley Button, Button Mutton, Assley (when she's being stubborn with her meds), Baby Button

Shadow Wadow, Little Thing, Minky Winky, Lil Yellow Eyes, Little Cochita, Cochita Pansita

Their mother Tabitha:

Tabby, Tabby Wabby, Tabbacakes, Tabba

My first kitty Angel

Mama, Mamacakes, Mami, Lil Pink Triangle Ears

Posts: 4
When we moved into our house from a condo, we had a Bichon/Shih Tzu/ Toy poodle mixed, we called him Casper. At times, we called him "Caspy".

We then rescued a 2 year old Maltese.  His name is Bentley. We have also called him Benny, Beans, Beannie.


Posts: 9

I thought my cat was a little girl when I found her and named her Fiona.  Then the vet said nope its a boy, so Fiona turned into Frank.  I called him Franklin, Frankie , fuzzy face, fuzzy butt, baby boy and my little man.  When he was naughty I would call him Frankenstein and Mr. naughty.  My husbands favorite nickname for him was Frank the tank.


Posts: 991
Nicknames for our sweet Schnauzer girl Molly: Molly Tamale, Sugarfoos, Cute Butt, Mollybolts;
Nicknames for one of my cats long ago: Actual name was Persephone, also Persephone Anne, Purcee, my little gray purse;
Nicknames for my only ever male cat: Actual name Thor, also Thor Andrew;
I never really did nickname my sweet little female cat K.C.(short for Kitty Cat);
Nickname for my first Norwegian Elkhound Freya: Freya Anne
Nickname for my second Norwegian Elkhound: Registered name Pandora's Box, also Pandy, Pandy Andy, Pandy Anne(she was female);
Nickname for my third Norwegian Elkhound: Lila, Lila Mae, Lila Mae Elkhound;
Nicknames for my sweet female Wirehaired Fox Terrier: Cricket, also Cricky, Cricky Dicky; something I remember about her was that she played what we called "Bally Bally." She held one tennis ball in her mouth and batted a second one around in front of her with her 2 front feet.

Posts: 7
Fiona: Fifi, Sweet Pea, Dearie, Dear Heart, Darling, Sweet Fee, Gigi, Gitta, Sweetheart, Mama Dog, Old Lady, Dowager Queen, Old Girl, Miss Michief

Dusty: Trusty Dusty, Dustable, Dust Devil, Buster, Good Boy, Mr. Dog, Kingsley, George, Pugsley, Master Pugairn.

R.B. was: Arbitrator, Bubba, Mal-A-Mutt, Blubber butt, Bobby

Posts: 10
China who passed away on 1/1/08 had the nickname of

Wiggle Butt(s)

as she & her sister could cause a small windstorm when they were wagging their tails together. :)

Her sister Sato is a bit better today.

Thanks for this site, China's mom Inge

Posts: 909

I think everyone has nicknames-Spartacus
the Gladiator was Sparty-I think you can tell why. it is quite a mouthful.


Bijou of Fluffy Acres

 Bijou our little Coton is

The Little Guy - or Little B (or anything else that might come into our minds depending on what he has done. (smile)


Love you all,

Carewolf aka Carol


Posts: 2
Okay here are Belle's names...
Belle Belle
Belly Belle
Belly Belle Belle
Little Baby Belle
Belly Welly
Shmelly Belly
and the favorite...
Sweetheart Weetheart Little Bittle Beetheart


Posts: 74
My Brittany had a few nicknames.  
Chubette (for when she gained more pounds then she needed, lol)
Brittany Lee  (I used this when she would ignore my call, lol)


Posts: 17
My smokeys nicknames are Fat dog, porkie, Chubster, Snorkie, wolfman, baby boy. Smokemeister.

My5 cats and 1 stray are
Gizmo- Gizbeth, pubbie boy
Belle- Belleann, shagbag, shaggy
Grace- Graceann, muppet, Gracie
Bitsy- white girl, fat girl, chubster, porklet
Scrappy- Originally Abraham So he is Abraham Von Scrapples
the stray is Barnacle Bill

My cats that have passed are
Narla- Snarlie, pigster
and another stray snowball who was pure white

Posts: 555

Well Ollie started out as Ollie bug from the day we came home from training because all he did was bug me constantly for pets and hugs and to play and it hasn't changed since then lol.

Here is his latest picture with my godchilds little 6 year old boy Dominick.

Thank goodness he never gets tired of playing with Ollie.


Posts: 3
My baby's nicknames were...

Ohh her proper name was Swifter...

Then it was.. Squiffy
My/The girl
Waggy-tailed swifter dog
(possibly should not admit that one to the world!)

Probably many more over the years I was blessed to share with her/we shared together.

Posts: 97

Actually, Bubba's proper name is Zeppelin Narcissus...but he really wasn't aware of that since he was always "Bubba".  His other nicknames were Bub, Bubble, Bubbly, Blub, Blubber, Boob, Boobie, Booble, Bubblebutt (only by his granny), and, of course, my Bubby.  my boy. 


Posts: 99
Micah's nicknames: I guess that's what you would call these. Each of the below were always preceded with,"That's my...." if you're wondering why I have "My" in front of each nickname.

My Micah Henry (that's the middle name I give all of them *lol*)
My Baby
My Bubba
My Old Man (I started calling Micah this about a year or so ago, because he was starting to show his age)
My fweet boy (and yes that's spelled correctly :) it's not sweet)

Posts: 190
Oh my, Angel had so many nicknames... here are a few:

barky butt
baby girl
the baby
da baby
little one
fatty fatterson

and, not one I called her often but I saw this on a commercial and thought it was funny... Miss Barky Von Pom

Posts: 16
My dog's name's Whiskie.  Someone called him Mr. Whiskie.  Sometimes I call him Whiskeroonie, Wonder Whiskie or Wee wee, kind of like the way the Scots say it meaning, little one.  Maybe I've misused it, but those were some names I called him...wish he were here.

Posts: 171
What a great post....
Let's See..
Thumper was Thump, baby thump

Punkin was Punk, Pee Pod (???), sweet Punkin, baby, snuggles, lap kitty, trouble

Brat is baby brat, my potbellied kitty (18lbs), butterball, peeper (sometimes when he mews nothing would come out but a squeak), or when Mom is upset "whatever your name is"

Fun Post,
Punkin's Mom


Posts: 9
I called Max by so many nicknames, I'm not sure if I can remember them all:

Max Man
Maximum Kitty
Little Boy
Big Boy
Little Man
King Max
Kittie Face
Sweetie Boy


Posts: 2
My goodness...our little Belladonna Satine had TONS of nicknames. An abbreviated list:
Miss Belle
Bizou B
Baby Bella Bumps (used to sing My Humps to her, but I changed it to My Bumps, My Baby Bella Bumps)
Baby B Bumps
Bougeemoomoo (pronounced boo-jee-moo-moo)
Wiggle Butt
Sweet Pea
Snuggle Butt
I know there are more but I just can't recall them all. She just crossed to the Bridge on Friday, the 22nd and thinking of all these nicknames made me smile through my tears.

Posts: 1,234

What a nice idea.

Hershey went by the Hershala or the CDPA.

Sikver is best known as RooDog, Mozart as Ha'Motzie and Kuggel as Kugs or Kuggie.

Yhank you

Meri and the 3 Desperados of great Falls, Mt

Posts: 175
Hmmmmmmm; Let's see,

     Baby Bunz was:

   Bunz, Bunzie, Crispy Critter, Critter, Punkin, Darlin', Doll face, Binkie Bunny,

    Flippers, Bunnytude(when he had attitude, of course), I think that's all of them, but I'll probably remember more as soon as I send this!


     Baby Bunz' Mommy 


Posts: 8
oh my goodness - my girl had MANY nicknames!  here are a few off the top of my head.

Her name was Dakota, but we called her.....
  • Kota
  • Koty
  • wiggle butt
  • Dakota Bob (she lost her tail in an accident)
  • chocolate bunny
  • peanut butt
  • puppy face
  • sweet pea
  • baby dog
I see that I need to capture these somewhere because these are all that I can remember, but i know there were many more....=)

Posts: 555

Recently Ollie got a new nick name.

Since my hubby is home on leave and brought with him my belated Christmas gift of a new digital camera he has focused on taking pictures of Ollie.



I used to call Ollie my Ollie Bug.

Well now I guess we have to change that to Shutter Bug.



Love and Peace,




Posts: 46
My Sweetie Scooter had many nicknames - & I still talk to him using these names . . . . . . . ScootieBug -  ScootieBoy - ScootieBub - Scoots - ScooterBooter - ScuttieButt - StinkieButt - CooCoo - Coots - Bubbs - Bubby - BabyBubb - ScoobyDoo - Bugs - Scootie - CoosCoos - PookieBoy - Boogers - BoogieBoy - BoogerBoy - CooBugs . . . . . . & above all . . . . MY PRECIOUS BOY!! Here he is . . . .




3/24/92 - 12/9/07






Posts: 17
My Mimee who just died this morning had a few nicknames, but she was always...  "baby girl".

Names I usually called her...
Mimee, Meemers, Nene, Nener, Baby Girl

Aside from those my husband would call her...
Grumpy Girl and Grumpers (she always had an attitude with him).

It hurts so bad and I miss her so much.

Posts: 1,205
Sammy, I had a Basil too

We used to call him so many names, bless his heart
Basil Bast
Stinky boy
Wee Man
Mr Grump
Speed Bump
The Barra
We loved you so much Mummies Man
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