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I lost my Sprite Daffodil on March 18th. Hurts to write that or even read it back to myself. Guess I hadn’t put on “paper” yet. She had Mast Cell Tumor Disease that we fought successfully for years. She was approximately 15 years old when she passed. Over about two months the disease took over her little body. I tried everything to make her comfortable and it worked until it didn’t and I had to make the difficult decision of what the next step was.

That smiley face was my world. She made my life better. That cannot be replaced. She definitely rescued me. Living alone most of our lives together we had a bond like no other. You name it we did it. I’m incredibly grateful for the time we did have and the memories that are countless.

I wanted to share this on here and thank everyone else that has shared as well. This site has made me feel soooooo much better! I was beginning to think I was losing my mind with how I’ve been feeling. Unable to do most anything but cry. In a way, reading other stories has comforted me and I can truly relate to those feelings of life being pointless now.

I will continue to read and honor her life by moving forward as best as I can. It’s def a one day at a time project at this time.

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I know exactly how you feel and I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost our sweet girl on 3/4/2019. She had been diagnosed with liver cancer and congested heart failure. Everything was being managed and we were not expecting this when it happened. My husband and I were so grief stricken and we are still struggling. We had sweet girl for 14 years, 4 months. She was a family member and in fact this loss has been harder than losing some family members. She literally took every step I made. We went to a grief counselor twice. The only thing she said will just take time. She was really very compassionate. I still talk to my girl everyday. I will miss her forever. I bought the book...Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates. That has helped. I know I will see my girl again. So will you. It’s just living without them that’s hard. We are also going to attend a local pet loss support group. There’s so much more I could say. I’m thinking of you. Hugs. 🐾🐶😥

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I am so sorry that you lost you baby Daffodil to such a dreadful disease. No matter if it's old age that claims them or something tragic it still hurts. The pain and heart ache is unbearable. I know there will be others that will tell you that she lived a long life but it still isn't fair. We want more time with them. Termy was over 16 when old age caught up with him and I decided to let him go. His heart was in living but his old and tired body was letting him down, I too didn't want him to suffer. You were her Hero and the best fur parent in the world to her.

I am just so sorry that that losing our babies is what brings us together. Here you will find compassion and understanding. We have all experienced a loss and can say "we know how you feel" They all make our lives richer and we are better for having shared the love and traveled the journey in life with them. You will cry a lot for a while but one day, ever so slowly, you will start to remember the good that she brought into your life and it will push out all the negatives that this dreadful disease brought into your life.
Love and doggie hugs

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Thank you sadiegirl for your kind words. I’m gonna check out that book. It’s been three long, sad weeks today. I’m still looking to share goodies with her or kiss her good morning, goodnight and everything else in between. I’m sure you are still doing much the same and it’s a strike at the heart everytime you realize again.

I hope you and your husband have found some comfort in this site. Knowing others truly care and understand exactly how you feel. I do think time is the only medicine from what I’ve read. Feels like time always flies until we are grief stricken then it’s slow as molasses. Hang in there as best you can. Prayers and warm thoughts your way.

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Termy’s mom, thank you for your response. Knowing others care has helped me tremendously! Never is enough time with our babies. I’m sorry that you lost your sweetie too. It’s the worst feeling and time I’ve ever experienced in my life. I dreaded it as she aged and tried not to think about losing her although I knew it was inevitable. You’re right about the good, long life others say. I know they mean well but they don’t truly understand how we are feeling. That’s why I’m so happy to have found this site! Not only has it helped me but I can help others too. There is comfort in helping. I think my Sprite Daffodil would be proud of her momma for that. I hate talking about her in past tense however not having her suffer any more is a gift in a round about way I suppose. Not one I really wanted but can’t be choosy.

It is sad that this site brings us together as you mentioned but thank goodness it’s here. I’ve contemplated a lot of things in the last three weeks and not much of it was good. When I found this I really started to turn around. Thank you to you and others for sharing stories and caring. I’ve always said it is really something that the word dog is god spelled backwards. They are amazing!
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