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First of all, I am still healing from Princess' passing 10 months ago. I still have not done a memorial service for her. I still have not completed her photo album (which will take years, since I took hundreds of pictures of her!). I miss her all the time.

Yet, my Mom who lives with me and is getting elderly called about a dog that someone rescued and wanted to find a home for. The lady brought her out for us to see and we are keeping her on a trial basis. I brought her to the vet and she has heart worms and needed shots and needs to be spayed. She just had puppies which the people who found her say she did not have with her and don't know where they are. The cost at the vet was over $200.00. She is a Black Labrador. She also got out a couple of times and this has me worried. She likes to run and I am concerned she will get out in the future. But if we send her back she may be euthanized because of the heart worms. My Mom likes her a lot. I like her a lot too, but as of now am not sure about keeping her. A lot of mixed emotions. I think Princess would like her a lot. I accidentally called her "Princess" by accident. I am still thinking of a name for her. Any suggestions?

Any thoughts on this situation? Thanks! 

Posts: 25
Dear Princess DogDad,
Should you keep this dog?  Hmmm..  Lets see, your mom and you both like her, you are already taking her to the vet and considering whats best for her, You are wondering what to name her...hmmm.  Sounds like maybe you already have your answer.
You mentioned you are still mourning your beloved Princess.  Why wouldn't you be?  Its only been ten months and we may all grieve and mourn for years to come.  Each of us will determine our own time of course.
My biggest questions are do you have enough room for a lab to run?  They love to run and be hyper.
Can you fifnacially afford the dog at this time?  Are her heart worms curable or will she live a life of problems do to them?
Should you keep this dog?    Look within. the answer is there

Jennifer  Yngwie's mama

Posts: 657
Two years ago when I had my beautiful dog, I rescued a stray who had been abused and had heartworms.  I kept her for three months until she was well.  I had to find a good home for her (which I did--she is still well and happy) because my little Libbie didn't want her.  I cried and cried when I had to let her go because even though I was afraid of her at first (she was a german shepherd-rottweiler mix), I grew to love her so quickly. 

  I know this doesn't have much to do with your situation, but you do sound like you are pretty attached to her already.  The heartworm treatment is long and tedious, but my stray recovered completely.  Once treatment starts, you have to confine them either in a completely safe and sturdy pen outside like I did or in your house. I kept a big fan on her all the time because I didn't want her overheating.  They have to be taken out on a leash many times during the day to go to the bathroom because they can't ever run loose while they are being treated for heart worm.  They can throw a bloodclot real quick if allowed to run. 

Anyway, I say do it because it sounds like you really want to.   

Posts: 5,100
Yes, I would keep this dog.  She is already in your heart.

Suggestions for names: Hope

She seems like a GODSEND.  Trust me on this.

Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 820

I am in agreement with everyone else on this site.  You have answered your own questions.  She came to your to heal your heart and the ball is in your court now.  Your Princess would be happy to see you happy again.  Our departed pets would not want us to be sad.As for names  Angel sounds good because that is what she is to you. Good luck on your decision.   Ruperts Mum


Posts: 65
Dear Princess's Dad,

I was in a rather similar situation a few months ago.  I made a spur of the moment decision to adopt a 12 week old puppy only 6 weeks after I had put my wonderful Daisy to sleep.  I had major remorse after adopting her due to the amount of work it takes to raise a puppy.  I was very torn for a week and a half.  I got lots of good advice from the petloss folks on this website.  As I write this message, she is shredding paper at my feet.  I adore her.  She is no Daisy and never will be.  I still cry over Daisy.  On the flip side, she is so much fun and her personality is really coming out now.  I'm sure sometime in the hopefully very far future, I will be saying "she is no Dahlia".

The bottom line is that you have to do what is in your heart.  If you are like me, you will get easily attached to another one even though she's not Princess.  It sounds like you have the opportunity to give a wonderful life to a dog whose life has not been so wonderful at this point. 

Good luck to you!

Posts: 844
I have a suggestion as to why she is constantly trying to get out of your yard.  She may want to go and find her puppies.  Many years ago I fostered dogs for the humane society.  One of my fosters was an Australian Shepard who had lost her puppies to disease.  She would constantly try to escape my fence to go and look for them.

I pray that her heartworm treatment will go well.

I agree that Hope or Grace sound like fine names for such a good girl.  It is my fond wish that you will have many loving years together.

Marsha (Twinkiesmom)

Posts: 196
I think it sounds like she's found a home.

Now, she needs a name...  I like Angel, Hope, Grace -- or maybe Joy?

Posts: 139
Dear Princessdogdad,

I have to agree with just about everyone here, it sounds like you have already made your decision.  This is just a thought but maybe Princess sent her your way to help heal your heart and in return you will help heal her heart.  Seems to me that Princess is a little matchmaker.

Just trust your gut and you won't go wrong.  If you decide to keep her I hope that you both have some long and wonderful years together. Since Princess sent her your way, maybe Dutchess would be a suitable name.  Whatever you decide your Princess will be right beside you.


Posts: 774
Why don't you get an estimate from your vet on how much it will cost to treat her. There is lab rescue organizations that might help with the cost. Worth a try. She will most likely not want to roam as much when she is spayed. the other thing you should consider is an invisable fence. I know it sounds cruel, but not as cruel as her getting hit by a car. Labs can be a little uh er a er uh hard determined yeah thats the word. sometimes it takes an invisable fence to keep them in and you can adjust the settings to make it work for her.

As for the heartworms. No simple thing, but not impossible to do. Get an estimate from your vet and other vets. Just make sure you know what you are getting into. I would keep the dog if it was me. And yes she will be euthanised if she goes back. There are to many homeless dogs without medical problems out there. But don't make a descision based on guilt. I thnk you should keep her. Sounds like a great dog. Plus if your mom likes her too, come on its your mom, don't let her down. No pressure though
Good luck let me know how your dog does.

Posts: 1,205
I think the choice has been already made for you, as everybody else thinks.  Go for it,  I did, and it was only 3 weeks after I lost my Basil.  I was going to foster, and ended up adopting.  My Ben has got out a couple of times, but luckily , he came to us when we went to get him.

I have a house with floors, permanently decorated with paw marks.  My partner has a few laceless shoes.  I am tied to the house unless I take him with me.  Our cushions are gradually going down in number.  Do I regret it.........I wouldnt change a moment. 

Good Luck,  Love Di

 This is my new guy, he has grown into a handsome lad...
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