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It has been almost exactly one year since I put my dog down. He was my joy for more than fourteen years, and watching him decline and making the decision to cut his suffering short were among the hardest things I have ever done. I went through everything people here do: I was a train wreck of grief, guilt, loss, and depression for many months. I still miss him. I still cry sometimes, like now, as I approach the anniversary of his death even as fall is coming. Fall was our favorite season for outside dog adventures.

However, there is one thing that happened that I wanted to post here because I have not seen it posted often. I also got sick. I had bad chest pains for a couple of months after he died. I also got a series of infections that required multiple courses of antibiotics. I got the flu not once, but twice. I am just starting to get my health back, but I am weak, in part because I have not been able to exercise for a solid year.

Stress, like the stress of loss, can take a hammer to your immune system. I did not know; I was not prepared. If you are have lost a beloved animal, please treat yourself gently and take extra good care of your body. Exercise helps you sleep more deeply, and being well rested is a good beginning for fighting depression.

Hugs to all of you.

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Thank you for posting this. My cat was hospitalized for 3 nights and I started getting sick. She came home and I thought I’d gotten better. But then her health took a turn for the worst 3 days later and I had to make the decision to put her to sleep. I immediately got very sick. That was Tuesday and I’ve been sick with a terrible cough since.

I hope your health continues to return. The physical toll grieving takes on us, I wasn’t expecting it either. Hugs to you.

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It's a good reminder for us to take care of our own health when dealing with a sick loved one. Thanks for sharing.

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My health has suffered too. It has been 7 weeks since my baby left & my hair has been falling out, I caught a bad cold & have had the odd chest pains..I couldn't eat properly for a good while & was just running around on coffee. I am eating a bit better now but just comfort food..

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I have been fatigued more and more for past week after being so down for past mth+ after pts my beloved best friend and closest being to God my 12 yr old apbt Duke who I helped resc back in 09. He was on his 3rd mct that I was doing wait and see game but stupidly waited too long I think and it metasticized to thyroid and liver that started bleeding and spreading. Omg this dog was like the talk of the town as noone could come near him and most dogs fear barked at him. He was badly abused before we rescued him. Vet swears it wasn't my fault and the 3 tumors were not related but all forever hate myself now for killing my own dog and savior, best friend, protector. We understood and loved ea other even if noone else did. Now I'm so lost and alone without him. I have 3 rescued cats I love but not the same as my dog, truly man's best friend. I don't walk anymore that I did almost daily w Duke since 09 and just sit around w no desire to even go out anymore. I feel like my fatigue is just getting worse by the day and like I'm dying a sad death. Now I see why when married partner dies the other goes soon after too if they really loved ea other. I'm getting more aches and pains. Was thinking of fostering but may be too sick to care for dog. What's happening?

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I was even considering dying so I could go lkg for my dog and this rainbow bridge since there's nothing left here for me anymore. Maybe I'll get that chance as I feel sicker everyday since loosing him 1 mth ago. Not getting his 3rd mct removed right away was the kiss of death for him and ultimately me so I killed my best friend and my soul cause I was afraid to trust anyone for his 3rd surgery. I'm so alone distraught and miserable. My God why did my vet let me wait. I hate her now for that.

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So sorry to read about your dog Duke's passing. Having to pts our pets is the ultimate mind twister. I too had to do it to my cat Karma because I loved her too much to let her suffer on from her terminal cancer. When you say you don't feel like going on with life, I also had feelings like that. And I was literally unwell physically for about 6 months just from grieving my cat's passing. But eventually, things do lighten up some, and I regained my health as well. You will too, so just be patient and take all the time you need.

Having said that, things are never going to be the same. A shadow of sadness will always be there because our love for them will never end...

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TY for your kind words. Duke was my better half, my rock who made me whole and my life complete. He was like a son to me I never had. Our bond was so strong. He didn't trust many people nor did I but we loved ea other. I knew it would be tough without him but not like this. Eventhough I am so happy I was able to save him back in 09 and was lucky to love him this long and give him a life I still have regrets that I should have done much more for him. I took him and our life together for granted. I kept telling him when he got cancer that I was so sorry and he got it cause of me and that I would go with him if he left me cause I would NOT want to stay here without him. Now he's somewhere else and we're 2 lost souls apart again. God bless him and your baby too. Maybe they're playing together. I pray I will see my Duke again someday.😘😔
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