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I just put down my cat today. She had kidney disease so in spite of all my efforts I decided to put her to sleep (she wasn't improving) cried and could not sleep and eat for two days.. but now I feel a strong sick feeling.. I feel so bad.. I want her back.. I can't stop thinking about her and how she was.. anyone else feel that way

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I feel the same way, we found our cat a year ago living on the streets she was very skinny took her to the vet found out she had kidney disease and hyperthyroidism we were giving her medicine but she was having bouts of vomiting and diarrhea and I just couldn’t take it anymore with the medicine and her peeing on the beds copious amounts so I took her to the vet to get his opinion and he said he could give her a steroid shot...But if we gave steroids probably be back within two weeks and possibly just prolong things, so I decided to put her to sleep with his advice...he said he would recommend putting her to sleep and he just took her out of my arms and I feel like I should’ve said something or changed my mind now I miss her so bad and I’m sick to my stomach I can’t stop thinking about her

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I have to put down my five year old dog tomorrow. She is healthy and in the prime of her life but she viciously attacked our small dog. My husband thought the small dog was dead, the attack was so vicious.

I am anxious and trying to compartmentalize to get through it.

I wanted to tell you this, firstly because I want to share my own grief (selfish I know) but also to maybe offer a bit of perspective. Your cat was sick. In pain. You did the best thing for her. Kidney disease is a terrible thing for a cat. She was telling you how hurt she was and you listened. You did the only thing you could do.


It is going to hurt. Let the tears flow and remember that you did WHAT YOU HAD TO DO. 

We are given the terrible burden of responsibility for our pets, of doing the right thing, even when it is something that hurts us deeply. 


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I too lay awake tonight because I cannot handle the amount of grief and despair that I feel. I had to put my dog Braveheart down over the weekend, on Saturday morning March 3rd. He was a puppy mill rescue, and I had only had him for three lovely years...but he had congestive heart failure, and back in October he developed dementia that progressively got worse, to the point where he lost his vision 95% within a month. I wonder if it was a brain tumor, but he would pace up and down the hallway for hours upon hours, crying and whining, until he was so exhausted he fell asleep. Then he would wake up and do it all over again. My boy was becoming a shell of who he once was. I knew that I could not keep him here any longer for my own selfish reasons, so I sent him to Heaven this past Saturday. 

Listen to me, I wish I could hold your hand and talk with you in person. I know how you are feeling right now. The grief is overwhelming, and I did not know that it could hurt this bad. I cannot sleep, and I have been awake basically the past 2 nights. I am so sorry for your loss, my friend. Please receive my deepest and most loving regards for the loss of your sweet pet. I am so sorry. 
Right now it really doesn't feel like this is going to get any easier. It feels like I am drowning in sorrow..but I assume with time, our hearts will heal. 
Just know this...tonight, you are not suffering alone. I lay here awake, suffering with you. In the deepest despair. God bless you my friend. God bless you 


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I know how you feel. My dog Coco had kidney failure among other things and I had to put her to sleep last Sunday. She was only 4.

I have felt sick about it ever since and the guilt has been racking my brain.
The what ifs and buts and pain of losing the one you loved eats you up inside.

I try to take comfort in knowing she is in a better place without pain and suffering and is waiting for me.

I think the pain and all the memories around the house, streets and places we visited will be around for a long time, I just hope it gets easier to remember the happier times soon.
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