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Hi all,


Nuggetsmum asked that I post my signs that I have had since I helped Smokey (cat 16 ½ yo) cross over on July 3.  I am sharing these with some concern that people may think I’m crazy, but all of these truly did happen.  I am calling my post “signs, blessings and comfort” because many of these “happenings” were also blessings/comfort rather than signs from Smokey. 


To start I want to share with you that I have had a very difficult time throughout my life trusting God and finding a place where I fit w/in the church world.  When I was nine years old, my father was killed in a plane crash.  My father was also Jewish.  My mother raised us as Christian.  Sadly, I went to pastors and ministers trying to resolve the fate of my father (e.g. heaven).  Without question, all told me that they could not say that my father went to heaven.  Of course I was crushed by these responses and couldn’t connect with the church world/dogma from that point on.  I know there is a God and that God loves everyone including our precious fur kids.  So I have had to develop my own peace with God and the universe.


Onward….I helped my Samantha (Smokey’s litter mate) over 2 ½ years ago.  She was 14 ½ years old.  Many times prior to her crossing, I asked her if she was ready to go see God?  After 8 months of battling diabetes and autoimmune problems, I let her go.  Signs from Sammy after her death included……….when I came home after dropping Sammy at the pet funeral home, I came home to just Smokey after 14 1/2 years of always having the two.  We were walking through my house (very quiet inside).  Smokey was right behind me in the hallway (just steps behind).  All of a sudden he must have jumped two feet in the air as if he had just been attacked from behind.  There was nothing going on, no noise, nothing to have startled him.  I believe it was Sam paying him back for all the times he tackled her.  When I first turned around and saw his little face, he looked startled, like what the heck????  At that moment I felt she was safe.  I still cried to no end, but worried less about the safety aspect.  Shortly after that, I had a dream of her weaving in and out of the underside of my rocking chair and purring like a kitten.  Then about a week after her death, I was having a particularly bad day.  On my way home from work I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  Since that time, I have not had any signs from Samantha.


About a week prior to helping Smokey over (and no firm plans to do so yet), I had a vivid dream about Smokey and Samantha.  They were running across a road, away from me and into a big field.  They were chasing each other without a care in the world and I was sad and worried that they weren't coming back.  I have to believe that was a sign from God letting me know that it was close to Smokey's time.  That Sammy, was coming to help him over and that they would be together again.

Prior to helping Smokey over, I called a prayer line and requested prayer for Smokey and I.  I also asked Smokey to visit me in my dreams.  The day after helping Smokey over I prayed to God and Smokey to give me a sign that he was okay.  Earlier I had read Doodlebug's post on another thread about the sign she requested from Gus.   That same day, I saw my neighbor sitting in her backyard.  I thought to myself, I should go chat with her.  Then I said, no, I don’t have the energy.  Then something told me to go over, it would make me feel better.  So I walked over.  My neighbor and I were sitting in her backyard looking out onto my property and a long forested area that I have.  All of a sudden she says, "oh look, there is a cat running across your property."  When I looked it was a black cat and it was running across my open grass and into my woods.  Okay, I've seen stray cats on properties adjacent to mine, but never a black cat.  Smokey was a beautiful black cat and full of play and chase in his youth.

It could have been just a coincidence, but how likely to have a black cat running freely on my property into my beloved woods.  The same woods that I would never let Smokey go into b/c I was worried he would break loose of his harness and I would never find him in there.  Go figure.......When we walked in the yard, he always tried his best to get in the woods.  He would get mad when I wouldn't let him in there.  After my visit with my neighbor, I came back in the house and logged back onto Petloss and I had a message from Jerry C. asking Smokey to show me a sign.  Next, I had a dream that I was in a house and I rounded a corner.  There was Smokey and I looked at him in disbelief and said what are you doing here, you’re not supposed to be here.  And I think he said oh I'm fine or something to that affect.  He was beautiful and then the dream was over.


The week since I helped Smokey over, I’ve been distraught.  I have been praying to God that he would provide me with comfort and peace.  Since those prayers, the following has occurred:

-         I had to travel for work this past week.  I usually listen to talk radio, but somehow ended up on NPR.  Ted Koppel was hosting a special on cancer.  He gave a brief update and then said, “Let’s go to our first caller, Smokey in California.”  I nearly drove off the road.

-         I made my usual Starbuck’s stop en route and when I got there, I saw a free brochure on connecting with your angels and an article on grief. 

-         I got to the hotel where I thought I had a made a reservation.  Turned out, not to be so.  So I had to figure out where I was supposed to be staying.  I finally figured that out.  I was on the other side of the city.  When I got to the hotel, the front desk clerk said, unfortunately we had to give you an upgrade to a room with a jaccuzi.  When I got up to my room, there was a bag of goodies on my bed and the bag said, “guest of the day.”

-         On my way back to my home city, I stopped at Starbucks again.  At the front counter there was a bin of bulk coffee.  Someone had written, “May God bless you always” on one of the bags.  I just happened to glance down and see that.  Then I found a five dollar bill tucked in where the CD’s were stored in front of the register.  I gave that to the Barista.

-         Billboard on travel back that said, “God works in mysterious ways.”

-         At my office, I was having a bad day on Thursday.  I just needed some comfort.  I looked to my right and saw a picture of a rainbow that I had put up on my wall several years ago.  Hadn’t even thought about it since that time.

-         A week after helping Smokey over, I saw the black cat again.  It was hanging out in my yard and then ran back into the woods.  Again, I have never seen a black cat in my yard or anywhere around prior to Smokey’s passing.  Seeing the black cat again makes me wonder if it’s truly a sign, but the timing of the visits are quite remarkable.

-         Friday I received the nicest/most complimentary email from one of my coworkers.  He is retiring and wanted to tell me how important I was to him and that he appreciated all of the help I had provided to him over the years.

-         Last night I had a beautiful dream of Smokey lying in a very comfortable position, almost with a glow about him.  And he had those soft comforting restful kitty eyes.  I did wake up crying b/c I miss him so much.


Well, I think I have captured all of the signs and blessings I have experienced in the week since I helped Smokey cross over.  Needless to say, my trust and faith in God has manifested greatly, as he has surely provided me with much comfort.


I hope this post wasn’t too terribly long, but I did want to share all of the wonderful things that happened to me. 


Have a peaceful night all.




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Kittiecat, I so enjoyed reading your post!

On Thursday night, I lost my second cat in six weeks. But here are my two "coincidences". Last Thursday ( a week ago), I was asking Tristan to show me a sign that he was okay. Well, on Friday, without really *looking* for another cat, I adopted a beautiful five month old little girl. I already had two elderly kitties at home, one was 16, the other was 14. The kitten is such a sweetheart! But a couple of days later, my 14 year old Dottie started to fail. She stopped eating and became very uncomfortable and so not to have her suffer, we set her free. Without the coincidence of getting the kitten at that time, my sixteen year old would be alone!

Today, I was working in the yard, and two little butterflies were circling around my daughter and I. My daughter went back into the house and when she came back, she told me happily, "Mama, one of the butterflies flew right into me!" I hope it was Tristan and Dottie letting me know they were okay!!



Posts: 215

Thank you for you nice message.  I'm so sorry for your loss of Tristan and Dottie.  What a blessing you have in your new kittie and yes, the butterflies are most certainly a message from your two loves,

I forgot to add in my initial post that in November of last year, I adopted a coworkers kitty (Twiggy) that had been living in their basement.  While she and Smokey never bonded like he did with Sam, they were company for one another and cautiously aware of one another.  I don't think I would be able to make it through this difficult time if I had to rattle around in this house alone.  Twiggy has been so much comfort.  I have to believe she is a comfort sent from heaven.  God knowing that this time was not far off for Smokey.

Hang in there and know that your fur kids are watching over you.  And, love on those two you still have.  The kitten may even bring new life into your 16 year old.  While Twiggy is 10, you'd think she was a kitten with all of her energy.  Smokey and I just sat and watched her crazy antics.....some laughter in the midst of so much heartache.

Take care,


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I loved your story and, YES, I do believe that they were all signs from Smokey!  I think that Smokey is doing everything possible to ease the pain for you of his loss.  I know that he was a remarkable little guy and I have no doubt that he's with you right now, watching over you..

Now, let me tell you a little more of my sign from Gus (aka: Buggles).  I think that you remember my posting about the sign I received from him exactly 2 weeks after his passing.  I was distraught and had asked him on the eve of the 2 week anniversary to please give me an UNMISTAKEABLE sign that it was him and, as I mentioned in my previous posts, my special nickname for him, Buggles, appeared on the TV the very next morning as plain as day.  But I had two 'dreams' during the first two weeks after his death that I couldn't get out of my mind (prior to the "Buggles" sign).  In the first dream, it was as though I was looking thru a very old TV set that had lots of static and the picture kept fading out.  I saw a dog walking away from me, about the size of Gus, but he had stopped and turned back to look at me.  As the picture kept fading, I yelled out to him "Gus, is that you?".  Although the dog was Gus' size, it didn't look exactly like him.  That's where it ended.  When I woke up the following morning, I immediately remembered 'the dream' and wondered if it was him trying to answer my continuous pleas for a sign from him.  But I wasn't convinced.

A day or so later, I had another dream.  I was standing in the front door of my childhood home looking out toward the street.  Two HUGE chocolate labs came walking up the driveway (next to the parked cars) but I knew immediately that they weren't Gus.  They were much bigger than any dogs I've ever seen.  They never came any closer to the house.  However, in the distance, I saw a chocolate lab walking on the sidewalk that runs parallel to the street.  He began to walk past the house but I recognized him as Gus - I could tell by his shape and the way he walked.  He turned and began to walk up the sidewalk leading to the house and I knew it was him.  I called his name and he walked up to me on the front porch.  When he got to the front porch, I looked at his tags and, sure enough, it was him.  I was overjoyed.  Then the dream ended.  Once again, I immediately remembered the dream when I woke up and it left me with an odd feeling.  I once again  wondered if Gus was really trying to tell me something.  But, again, I wasn't sure.  I couldn't figure out what my parents old house had to do with anything especially since the house had been sold over 11 years ago.

That's when I begged Gus to give me the unmistakable sign.  I told him that I knew that it may have been him trying to tell me something in the dreams but I had to know for sure - I needed positive proof.  The following day is when I got the "Buggles" sign.

Yesterday, I had a really bad day.  Much of the guilt came back as well as the overwhelming sense of loss.  All day long, I asked him "where are you"?  I desperately needed to know where he was.

This morning, for some reason, everything fell into place regarding the dreams and I believe that he helped me answer the question I was asking yesterday.  I suddenly realized that Gus was trying to tell me something in both of them.  I think he was probably just trying to tell me in the first dream that he was ok.  Since I obviously didn't get it, he must have tried again! 

In the final hours of his life, I sat with him and talked to him repeatedly.  I told him that he was going to feel much better in a little while and I also told him that my Dad was going to take care of him and that my Dad would be waiting for him when he got to the special place.  My Dad had died in 1986 and I often talk to him.  I had also prayed to him before Gus' death and asked that he take good care of my baby until I get there.  The house in my dream, my childhood home, was the house my Dad died in. (In the last few hours before my Dad died in 1986, he was obviously looking into a bright light because he was shielding his eyes from something in the same way that we would shield our eyes from the bright son.  In addition, he then asked me if I could see the stairway going into the ceiling.  It was in the direction that the light appeared to be coming from.  Therefore, it truly was his opening into heaven and I believe that it was Gus' too.)   I believe that I was seeing with my own eyes that Gus really did go to be with my Dad.  Gus never met my Dad so he would not have recognized him but I think that is why I was on the porch to show him the right way home.  I think that is why I met Gus on the front porch rather than in the house because the inside of the house would have signified heaven.  (It's also possible that, in the first dream, he was trying to ask me to show him where to go?)

Suddenly, it all made sense to me.  He had contacted me in the first few days after his death but I just couldn't see it.  Then, when I told him that I needed something else that was unmistakable, he gave me the "Buggles" sign.  Interestingly, the dreams did not make sense to me until today - after I spent all day yesterday asking Gus to let me know where he was.  He's with my Dad - just where I wanted him to be.

Kittiekat, thanks for sharing your wonderful story and I hope that you get many other signs from Smokey and I hope that Gus continues to visit every once in a while.



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Hi Marsha,

I am sorry it has taken so long to read this and to get back to you...thing shave been so crazy

Thankyou so much for posting are not crazy!! I think it is absolutely wonderful that your Smokey has been connecting with you so much...I believe that each and everyone of these connections was a sign from Smokey, I am so sure of this.

I feel so comforted when I read other's experiences like this, I really do!

Smokey was such an important part of your life, so it is fitting that your baby is still with you now...I love how he visits you in the field and is kind of teasing you like saying, look at me mum....that is so sweet...was he a cheeky boy?

Alana xx

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Your dream about your childhood home, your dad and Gus is awesome!  And the sign on the!  I just met with a friend of mine today and we were discussing her father in his final hours before his death.  She said he was talking about all of the people he could see, including her brother's dog that had tragically passed away.  Also, I am rereading a book titled, "Embraced By The Light" by Betty J. Eadie.  She wrote about her near death experience.  Hers was a well documented case and she writes about seeing animals and people in a tunnel in transit to God.  Very very good book. 


I'm not sure what "cheeky" means, but if it is sassy, yes.  Smokey was a bit of a prankster, full of energy and a very jealous boy too.  So so much fun. 

I just picked up his ashes today and I feel totally numb/empty.  I know that it's just his body and that his spirit/soul left long before. 

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I do believe in signs,and have been looking for 4 days. I truly believe Buggles and Smokey reached thru to you and gave you thier love to let you know they are Ok.

My first sign came after I let Chico go, 2 white butterfliees doing a dance near my lawn chair. I am not sure if it was my Chico with my mother, who passed almost 3 yrs ago, or with his sister Gretchn, a dalmation, who passed 1 1/2 wks short of 3 yrs ahead of him. Either way, he wasnt alone.

ANother was when I took one of my 2 dream catchers to his resting place to put over the cross. I read the little tag on the back, and it read the meaning of the dream catcher. And it went on to say under a picture of a woman "Chico Arts in 1983". He has one, and the matching one is at the head of my bed.

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WOW, what a wonderful post - I truly enjoyed reading it - with tears streaming down my face.  And it gave me chills (good chills).  How wonderful it is that not only does God speak to you, but you hear Him - and you know it's Him.  You feel it in your heart and you believe it.  That's just so inspiring.  It's true - God does work in mysterious ways doesn't he?  The unfornate thing is so many of us talk to God and ask for his help, but we don't know where to look for him so we assume he just doesn't listen to our crys for help.  But he DOES listen - always.  He could be that butterfly that you brushed off your shoulder, or that warm gentle breeze that comes out of nowhere.  That rainbow you saw- most definitely.  But you just have to look for him - he's always there.  It's so wonderful that smokey has sent you so many signs too - I just love them all.  I don't think you're crazy at all either - in fact, I believe you have a very stong attachment to the spirit world.  It's awesome.  I have had some signs from my girls too, and God has most definitely been there for me through this process.  He brought me to this site after all.  I guess the moral here is NEVER lose faith.  Faith is the very bond that keeps us close to God.  God Bless you and your precious Smokey.  May God continue to bring you the comfort and peace you so need.  Many hugs to you.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

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Hi again,

Chico's mommy.....How wonderful for your signs.  And, that Chico is with your mom and Gretchn.  I hope you continue to receive more signs.

Gerlie....WOW, thank you for the blessing of your post!  Awesome!  I was having a bit of a slump today, and your post brought back the fire.  And this sight, God has blessed us all by helping us to find this wonderful are so right!

Thank you!

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I wanted to post a pic that I believe G-d and Aisling sent me a few weeks ago. I took my new puppy Aaliyah to the park and took pics. This one just really hit home at how great HE is!

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