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Bumping up for all new members.

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This is a great thread.  I'm reading "Hello from Heaven", which is on this topic.  The signs are real, and they're comforting.

Peace to all,


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About 5 days after my Titan had passed away, it had been lightly raining early that afternoon. Later that afternoon just before dusk, I was driving through the parking lot at Walmart to do some grocery shopping. When I got out of my car, it seemed like out of nowhere, a double rainbow had appeared. I remembered the poem about Rainbow Bridge and felt as though that had been a sign from Titan that he arrived at Rainbow Bridge. The next night, I had a dream that Titan was riding as a front seat passenger in a luxury SUV looking at me as it drove away

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We had to go to the vet office when my Bear got really sick. When she went to sleep she was wrapped in one of her blankets that had owls all over it. That afternoon, I didn't know what to do with myself so I decided to drive around a park that we used to walk in. When I got to the park entrance I spotted an owl perched on a tree branch of a tree right near the road. The owl saw me drive closer to her but she stayed there for a few minutes and then finally she flew away. I couldn't stop crying tears of joy because I knew it was a sign from Bear that she was okay up in heaven. I believe that the owl is her spirit animal. She always reminded me of an owl, so wise and majestic.

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Bumping up for new members.

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I have had signs from my beloved Coco who has been on the other side for just under two months now. When I first adopted him I dreamed that I'd given birth and a nurse brought him to me, saying "you have a cat". I have only one child, a son all grown up now, but Coco was always "my baby" who would always stay a baby. The night he took ill suddenly that led to him crossing the bridge less than two days later, I was beset by terrible fears of my son being gravely hurt or ill. I did not realize it was my baby Coco. Because of that I know that he comes through spiritually as "my son". Now he comes through in dreams as my son when he was little. In the dream he sleeps at my feet on Coco's blanket. I tell him how I'm glad he is with me, sleeping at my feet, but why doesn't he cover up with the blanket? He says, "Mommy, I am warm enough without it". I know it means Coco is with me. I have also dreamed of him as he always was, in his beautiful, close and special kitty cat ways. 

As I was typing a message into my phone starting with "I have", the autofill suggestion was: "Coco with me". 

I used to be able to communicate with him with just my thoughts. I would want him to come lay with me in bed, and he would come and lay down. We would always be connected in thoughts and I feel we still are. At the end of the sofa where he used to lay next to me is a lighted tree. When I asked him mentally for a sign of being there still, the tree blinked off and on again. This happened twice with the tree lights while I thought of him. Both times my boyfriend who put up those lights was there and he remarked those tree lights "never" did that. A couple of times I have felt the sensation of him laying behind my knees, and seen him out of the corner of my eye. But mostly I just feel him still with me. It's like his spirit is curled up in my heart now, always with me, and I have the feeling that when my time comes I will see him right there waiting to spend our eternal rest cuddled up together. 


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I just lost my best friend maltipoo of 12.5 years Milo Saturday evening. That night I had a dream of him in heaven trying to come back to me:-(

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I just lost my best friend maltipoo of 12.5 years Milo Saturday evening. That night I had a dream of him in heaven trying to come back to me:-(

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We had to put our family member to sleep less than 24 hours ago. She was a rott/sheperd/lab mix and her name is Peaches. I have been devasted. I asked for a sign today. After I picked up my wife from work today I told her I wasn't ready to go home yet. I parked down by the lake and was grieving with my wife and told her about how I asked Peaches to give me a sign that she was okay. As we were about to leave; I look up and see and hear the back off a dog that had the same markings as Peaches before it bolted behind a car. I begin looking around for the dog and it comes out from behind the car and looks like a younger version of Peaches. A person walks out of the woods with another dog and uses the remote to open the back of her SUV the dog leaps into the back like peaches would have and as I'm driving off the dog looks at me. She looked like a young and spunky Peaches. My wife and I both thought this was a sign that she was okay now and is just waiting for us on the other side running around playing with our former pets. Peaches defintely heard me and sent a dog that looked like a younger and smaller version of herself to let me know she is okay and happy. I also felt her presence last night in the home. It really shows that they are waiting on us and want us to know they are okay until we are reunited.

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My Peety died at 13+ years out at the vet hospital ICU, he had pneumonia but was getting better. A vet who had never seen him before, just had come on shift, and decided to put a feeding tube down him, it killed him. That was 14 months ago, and I cry every time I think about his last days stuck out there and his last hours, suffering needlessly. He was a healthy old dog and I feel he probably would have lived at least 6 more months or longer, who knows. so anyway...

I don't really believe in signs etc from the afterlife, if there is one! Houdini promised he would contact someone if he could, and never did! So I kinda feel it may be there or not, if it is, it seems there is an impenetrable barrier between the worlds...

BUT! a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were lying in bed just talking before sleep, not about Peety or anything.. and I had the strongest feeling that Peety was there with us. It came out of the blue and it was just a feeling, not visual, and it was very STRONG. He was there. And he came in from the right somehow (it was dark, of course) It was all just a feeling I got but so real & distinct -- I almost said, "Peety's here!" 

I'm glad it happened. It was comforting. I would give anything to be with him again, such a sweet loving soul - I would take 20 years off my own life if I could to have him back. My husband thinks I am ridiculous for saying such a thing, but I mean it. With all my heart. 

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I should preface this by saying I am not the type to ever suppose I would get signs from a deceased loved one or pet, but I have always believed spirits are somehow around. If I had heard my own stories from someone else, without having experienced them myself, I would have been skeptical.

The day I put my dog to sleep, I was crying my eyes out, and I felt what was very identifiable as my dog's face press against the side of mine, just the way he always did, with his muzzle against my cheek. It was indescribably emotional.

Since I have felt his weight against my leg, and behind the crook of my knee while lying down, as he would do when he was alive. Three times in total. He has been gone seven months.

Also the day I put him to sleep, I turned on a late night music video block on television, thinking I needed some background noise. They played 'Let's Dance' by David Bowie, a song I never hear from the 80s, but it was the song we used to dance to. Yes, I danced with my dog and sang that song to him and he loved it. I used to ask if he wanted to dance and he would throw his arms up for me to pick him up and dance. In his last days he was too tired to walk far, so I would pick him up in my arms and carry him home gently dancing and singing that song.

The next day, after he passed away, I saw the same video posted on two different forums. It was eerie but I felt like it was sent from him. I later was reading about pet grief and ran across a story about signs that pets send you, and one of the main ones is music that you played for them.

We also had a 'ritual' where I would cut up a roasted chicken for a dish I make, and he would 'help' by sitting very still and good on the floor and eating the undesirable scrappy pieces. The times I have done the dish since, I feel his presence sitting there in the same spot, almost like I see him out of the corner of my eye. The first time, I even threw a piece of chicken to him.

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When my yellow lab Ichabod passed 3 years ago I used to have dreams about him. I'll call these regular dreams in which I got the vet to save him or I witnessed his passing again. But a few months after his death I had a special dream where he came to see me. I know this was his spirit and not a regular dream because I remember it as if I had the dream yesterday even 3 years later also in my regular dreams he looked like he did when he died 13 years old and very thin and in the visitation he looked to be about 1 year old again. The dream was just him sitting in front of me nothing around us just darkness. I just knelt down and hugged him. That was it. When I woke up the next morning I remembered the dream immediately and I felt a great deal of peace and love.
I have also once in a while physically felt him laying in between my legs while I'm in bed at night since that's how he used to like to cuddle. Usually this happens when I'm pretty upset about something and can't sleep. It feels like a pressure and warmth his size. With this presence I also feel a sense of calm come over me.

My chihuahua/terrier mix Bonz passed away a little over 2 weeks ago and I have actually heard him twice since his death in waking hours. Once a couple of days after his death I heard his unique whining noise and a few days after that when I was taking my other dog outside I heard him make the noise he would make when I would accidentally step on his paw. It was so real and vivid I actually almost fell over trying to get off his little paw. My mom was with me and I told her I heard him when she asked what the heck was wrong. It really helped her feel better because she loved him too so I think he did it when she was there to help her know he is still with us. I haven't had any dreams of Bonz yet and I am still struggling to express my grief over his death but I have no doubt he will come to see me a one point. I'm hoping soon.

These experiences have helped me to know that my babies are safe and happy and I will see them again one day.

Hugs to all of you suffering over the loss of your babies. They are still with you.
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