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I looked at the calendar today and realized that it has been 20 months today that I lost my beloved Snuggy.  To those of you who were around on Petloss back in September of 2006, I am sure you recall my sorrow and pain when I lost my Snuggy.  Not a day goes by that I don't look over to the woods where he is buried and call out to him - Snuggy, I miss you and love you still...and I have yet to be able to refrain from saying that I am sorry.  I have always dealt with guilt and question my decision to put him down. 
To all of you who have recent losses....please remember that we do what we do because we love our pets.  We may not always know all the answers, but we follow our hearts.  I wish everyone here at PL inner peace. 

Hugs to all,


Aug 19, 1991 ---- Sep 22, 2006


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Snuggy is just such a gorgeous kitty.  His colors look so very beautiful against the green of the grass.

My heart and thoughts are with you as you miss your boy on his 20th month BridgeDay anniversary.   I hope he is having quite the celebration up there with my little terrier girl, Betsy Noodle!!


Betsy's forever mom

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  What a very pretty cat!  He had a long life so you obviously were loved and did well by him.

In 1993 I lost my first kitty, Putty Tat at age 11; she was a very pretty and quite unique Calico.  Then, I lost my precious little Demon in my arms at about 4:20 AM on April 2nd 2006.  He was all black and a very good and specal boy that passed just a few months before his 17th Birthday.  Thankfully, I had is equally special step brother Wizard to help get me through it.  Wizard is very special like that....  he always knew if I was sick, in pain or down and tried extra hard to give me kisses, loud purrs and simpy come sit and rub against me.

Now, just over 2 years after loosing Demon I just found that I will be loosing my pure white Wizard too.  He was has Renal Failure and I was told if lucky, he has a week; that was this past Wednesday....  2 days have already gone by....  I will miss him so much!

Due to a accident and a couple or surgeries, I've been going through some rough times and a deep, deep depression for the last couple of years....  Wizard became my reason to go on....  He cared so much for me and showed me so much love and affection that I had to be here for him in return....  Now, with is loss coming, I just don't know what I'll do.

I'm so thankful for everyone here on this forum as it makes it easier as it gives people a place to talk, cry, vent and simply console and be consoled.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss and I wish you the best.

I will get cats again, but I just don't know when.  I don't want to feel like I'm replacing Demon and Wizard and, even if I was trying to do that, it could NEVER happen.  Demon was sweet and very special...  But Wizard is super different, quite unusual in personality and look (all white with 1 blue and 1 greenish yellow eyes) and I'd never beable to fill their spot.

There is going to be some emptyness coming soon, so I'll most likely be on this forum talking to everyone and, like you, I hope to get through it, but I know I'll never get over it.

Best Wishes


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Snuggy's quite a cutie. Sorry for your loss.


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Dear Christine,

I'm sorry you lost your beautiful boy, Snuggy - such a handsome face and stunning tiger stripe markings.  I read the sadness in your words that time has not taken away, that you miss him so much.  I am still dealing with guilt, too, cannot conceive that it will ever go away, and have pretty much accepted it as part of the sorrow that I will always carry in my heart.

The only consolation is that your Snuggy and my Grunt are no longer suffering, that they are in a place of eternal love and wholeness.

Dear Snuggy, you are at the Rainbow Bridge 20 months today, and you are so loved and missed by your Mom. Watch over her.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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Dear Melissa - Thank you so much for your heartfelt words - I am sure that your little Terrier Betsey is looking down at you with pride.  Inner peace to you.

Bob - MusicMag Editor - I wish you a smooth transition with Wizard - you have surely had a testy heart goes out to you.

Nancee - thank you for reading my post and for offering your words...

Katharine - I recall reading about Grunt - I know that you understand how I feel and I appreciate your words of encouragement - the same to you!  Take care.

May inner peace be yours!

Snuggy's Mum


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Dear Christine,


Aw, I always love looking at your precious boy Snuggy.  Ever since the first time I saw him I just fell in love with your little ‘Nuggy.  I hope my girl Tweeny has found him and they all are having a beautiful life together. 


I too, wish you inner peace in your heart dear friend.  May you feel your sweet boy close to you tonight and always.


Beautiful 20 month Bridgeday, Dear Snuggy!


Love From Tweeny’s ma


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Tweeny's Ma,
It is with a smile on my face that I tell you that the words you wrote to me are the very same words that I would write to you (and probably have already).  I would look at Tweeny's picture and think, what a beautiful little girl - those eyes - I could look into them forever!  It is no wonder you love and miss her so much.  
Thanks so very much for your kind words and encouragement - they mean a lot to me.  I have a feeling that Snuggy (Nugg) has found Tweeny, and that they are not only friends, but are there for each other - just like we are!
Inner peace to you.
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