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This message is from my daughter and I.  We just lost our precious Sunny last night, and we are hurting so bad.  He died from a sudden illness.  When we got home after school/work, he was very lethargic, and as the evening went on, he became very weak.  We brought him to the local after hours urgent care vet, where they ran all the usual tests and finally determined that he had a bleeding spleen.  We had to then rush him to the animal ER where they verified this diagnosis and tried to stabilize him for surgery.  While trying to get his clotting factors under control for surgery, he passed away.  He had too much blood loss, and couldn't hang in there for the surgery to remove his spleen.  It's highly possible that the surgery wouldn't have cured him anyway, due to the high probability that it was cancer, but we were willing to try anything to bring him back home.  We didn't care about the cost or statistics.  We just wanted that hope.  In leaving him in the ER for his surgery, we said our goodbyes through his oxygen tent, and we received the dreaded call in the middle of the night.  We are absolutely devastated.  He was perfectly fine yesterday when we left for work/school.  By the night, he was gone.  He was only 8, and had no prior health issues that had us worried.  We thought he had a long life ahead of him and he would be there to see my daughter go to the prom, get her drivers license, and graduate.  Instead, he's gone, and we'll never be the same.  How do we go on?  How do I get past the guilt of not bringing him directly to the ER, and using the urgent care clinic first?  I can't shake the worry that if we hadn't gone there first, we would have gotten him the help he needed in time.  I just didn't know how urgent it was.  I'm so broken, and we miss him so much!  I'm going to let my sweet daughter type some words now.  She's hurting tremendously too.  She's 10 years old.
This morning, my parents woke my sister and I up to give the bad news. Right now I am still unable to accept that this is is really happening. We now do not have a dog anymore, but while he was alive he got the most love that was possible. This has been very hard but I will hopefully get over it soon. I just hope that Sunny is in a better place now and that we had it worse than he did.


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I'm a 65 yr old male from Ontario Canada, and it does not matter if your 10 yrs old, middle aged or old, you still have the same feelings. I lost my little girl, who was only 3.5 yrs old on Christmas day (2018)
I did the same as you, ran around to 3 different places to get help, ended up 100 miles away and in the end it didn't work out.
 I wish there was some magic word I could say to help you.

I remember about 25 yrs ago when my son was around that age, our 10 yr old husky died. I came home and we huddled in the kitchen and I read the "poem" from the vets. I cried just as much as anyone else. You grow, you live, you learn, but you never forget.

 Please try and be strong, I know it is hard. I miss my little sweetheart more than anything in the world.      Libertydad

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Thank you so much for your reply.  I'm so sorry about your sweet baby too.  It helps just to know there are others out there who have gone through it too.  Our precious pets just don't live long enough, and I guess I'm thankful that we had the 8 wonderful years with him that we did.  He was our perfect little man.  This is just going to take a long time to get through and feel "normal" again.  I really appreciate your kind words today.  Sarah and I needed it. 

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I am so sorry for your terrible loss. We are never ready to let them go, we have them for such a short time. It happens some time so quick. I had 5 months to say "Goodbye" to my 6 year old Cooper and I cherished every moment, but still wasn't ready.
I don't know what to say other than, I am so sorry.

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Thank you.  We are trying to distract ourselves today, but it's still so hard.  We keep having crying spells, and just can't believe he's gone.  We just came home, and even though I knew he wouldn't be here, walking through the door just wasn't right.  He's supposed to be right on the other side waiting for us.  This is hard.  He was part of every aspect of our lives at home.  He was always right there with us.  We're missing him like crazy, and we're hurting so much.  I hope you're able to think about Cooper with lovely memories now, instead of pain.  I'm hoping to have that one day when I think about Sunny, but right now, it just hurts.  Thank you for your reply today.  We really appreciate that there are others who understand, because not everyone has had the love of an amazing pet like we have.
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