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Dear friends

Today is a tough day.  I have said that I am away tomorrow for a month, so my new boy Ben has to go to the kennels.  As I saw him being driven away in the kennels van, I just burst into tears.  I dont know if we shouldnt have taken him there, I thought it would be easier for him not to see us walk away.
Thoughts of all my babies being taken away just flooded my head, it was awful. Ben is my only baby on earth.
Then, when I was changing the sheets on the bed, as I shook them out, a little clump of my Basils hair dropped out, and that has started me off again.  I like to think that it was Basil telling me that Ben will be fine, and that he, and my other babies will watch over him.  But all the pain of losing Basil came flooding back.

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Hello Di,

I know how you feel. Yesterday, Sil, Mozie and I had to drive to Misoula, Mt which is about two and a half hours from home. It was the first trip over there without Hershey and Kugs is still in the hospital until Monday morning.

I always leave a little tape recording of my voice and a shirt or jacket when the boyz stay at the kennel overnight or longer. It used to help Hershey so much to know I was close even if I was not really present.

Basil is telling you he will watch over Benn while you are gone. Our thoughts and pryers are with you, Ben and Basil.. Basil and Ben are at the Cafe right now having a yummy breakfast.

Hugs from the Big Sky,

Meriam, Silver, Kugs and from the bridge Hershey

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Oh Basil's mom....the hair was a sign from your Basil that your new baby will be just fine in the kennel.....I'm so sorry for all your pain as I know exactly how you feel...there are days that are just worse then happens to be a bad day for me's Tai-Chi's 3 month Bridge Day...But just keep reminding yourself that our babies are now painfree and waiting for our arrival...Have a safe trip, talk to you soon....Tai-Chi's mom Lisa


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Dear Di,

Those little triggers that set off our grief are always so painful.  Just remember, Basil is now happy and healthy at the Bridge and is watching you so attentively. 

Basil will watch over your baby, Ben, while you are gone.  No doubt about that!   It will be hard for you though, as you will be missing him and feeling those twinges of guilt.  But, just think of how very HAPPY Ben will be to see you upon your return.  :-)

Please have a good trip and let us hear from you when you return.

Sending hugs,

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Dearest Basil,

This may not be of any help, but I do try to remember that animals (unlike us) completely live in the present moment. They don't dwell on the past, or the future. Ben will be just fine until you return -- please trust in that. And, yes, I bet that WAS Basil sending you a little reminder that all is well, and that he is a guardian angel now, watching over both you and Ben...

Trust that everything will be as it should - and that your baby Ben will be overjoyed to see you when you get back! He knows that you are always doing the very best for him, as a parent...

Big hugs to you. Please be safe and try not to worry...


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