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What are some favorite or funny foods that your pets like or have liked to eat?

Bootsie--loves barbequed anything. Beef, chicken, etc. He'll try to jump on the table and almost scream for it.

Munchkin--isn't much of a people food cat, but meat she kinda likes, nothing much else.

Puffy--used to love poultry and esp. turkey. Tuna, of course, corn and peas, even blueberry muffin batter (strange). She loved most people food. And Italian food--anything with tomatoe sauce on it.

The husky girl--eats dog food pretty much, but when her stomach is upset, I've always given her chicken and rice, which she loves.

I had a relative who's dog got into the chocolates, x-mas time, and demolished the whole pound (was a large, large dog). Vet said it wasn't going to cause a problem (it didn't) due to the large size of dog. But, a pound is alot-- I guess they were specialty type chocolates. too.


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Hi Nancee-

Max loved chicken and turkey first and foremost, but he also absolutely loved sweet red bell peppers!!!  And watermelon, too. But one of the funniest things was that he loved real whipped cream from the spray can so much that we would have to make loud noises when we were putting it on our ice cream, or Max would hear the squirting sound and come running!  And I must admit...Max usually always got what Max wanted - I was well trained!

Thank you - it's fun to share the happy memories!

MaxsMom - Joanne

              ~ Max ~
August 14, 1996-December 9, 2007
"Little Dog" ~ Always in my heart ~

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My little Hank used to share my yogurt with me every day.  didn't matter what flavor, it was just our little ritual.
He loved loved loved chicken, barbequed preferrably, but chicken in any form was just fine, thank you!  He also loved cheese- mostly cheddar, but also cottage cheese.
I think because he had some belly issues when he was younger, he got used to the plain yogurt and craved more.
Oh, eating yogurt in the am is just not the same without him.  Sigh.
Hank's forever  mommy, Heather

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Cats I have loved and lived with:

Furry: half melted vanilla ice cream, served on a spoon.

Jasmine: adored cooked brocolli- and sometimes grabbed it off my fork!  Also cantaloupe, and just about anything else.  Food was one of her joys.

Bartholomew: Gerbers meat baby foods, rare deli roast beef.  He'd also go next door and share dinners with the neighbors.  In the summer he'd eat little slices of fresh strawberry.

Bartholomew, Tiffany and Shalimar: peanut butter, plain yogurt, fish emulsion fertilizer.  I called the vet in a panic when I saw the three of them licking the top of the gallon jug!

Whitney, Houston and Julian: like to sip plant watering solution with Miracle-Gro in it. Houston is pretty much a dry cat food guy, Julian likes about anything except fish, Whitney is the most omnivorous.


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My Zipman LOVED bananas and yogurt....also he would stare you down for ice cream...I always bought him his own pint of vanilla and he knew it was his...I would come home from the store and he would sniff every bag til he found his treats... gosh I miss him    Toni


Posts: 199
Great post!

My Piggy got her name because she ate anything in sight!!!!  She loved anything sweet (cakes, donuts), crunchy (fried plantain) or dairy (including raw egg...yuck).  She even ate my vegetarian veggie sausages. She was truly a piggy.

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I LOVE this happy thread!!

Betsy--my sweet terrier: LOVED roasted chicken and hamburgers (my husband nicknamed her Wimpy).  She loved vanilla ice cream (all I had to do was shout "cream" and she would come running so fast she would slide into the refrigerator door), certain "gourmet" doggie biscuits, and Greenies (she didn't get them very often).  Oh,yea...this is embarassing.  She loved Pinot Noir wine.  I once spilled half a glass and she lapped every last ounce up before I could run to the kitchen to get a rag to wipe it up.   We had to really be careful after that.  ;-) 

Easy--our German Shorthaired Pointer:  LOVED white bread (he once unwrapped and ate an entire loaf), red beans and rice (he must have had some cajun blood in him), meatloaf, coffee with cream (When I first was dating my now husband, I made a cup of coffee with real cream and went to the bathroom.  By the time I got back, there were little splashes of it all over the coffee table, but no coffee left in the cup).   Easy loved treats....any kind.  And, he always sang and did a little dance before he ate.  God, I miss that.

Ralphie--minpin:  LOVES cheese, fajitas, steak, chicken, ice cream, and cookies (very rarely does he get a bite). He has a bad sweet tooth.  He once stole a Hershey bar out of my purse, unwrapped it ,and ate every bite.  It didn't even phase him.  Once, when he was three, at 1:00 AM I was changing a light bulb when it dropped on the floor and shattered.  He ate about a third of it before I could reach down and pick it up.  It sounded like he was eating chips.  I called the vet at 1:05 AM and screamed, "Ralph just ate a third of a broken light bulb!"  The vet, who was clearly half asleep, said, "Well, my three year old ate half of one the other day and he is fine, so I think Ralph will survive."  He did. 

Gracie--my black lab mix:  LOVES peanut butter right off the spoon.  She loves plain, cooked oatmeal.  She also loves chicken and steak and occasionally craves marshmallows and whipped cream.   Her favorite thing in the world is peanut M&M's but she only gets a couple every now and again.  We have just found out she is allergic to oats, barley, carrots, potatoes, and corn, so I will have to make treats for her that are free of these ingredients.   She thinks her mommy is going to open a doggie bakery now....NOT!

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Great post!

Psalty LOVED fritos, and anything fried. She didn't get fritos often b/c her momma could eat a whole bag so I didn't keep them in the house!
She also always shared my popcorn with me, and of course french fries.
After Belle passed away, we spoiled Psalty rotten with all kinds of treats. The last few months of her life she got just about everything we had.

She always licked the end of the ice cream dish, and had to teach Belle how to enjoy that. As Belle was not one to lick a bowl that you'd even give her (she would have rather snuck and done it, LOL).

Both Belle and Psalty loved peanut butter. Psalty would eat it right off the spoon, but Belle never would, we had to put it on her biscuits or a chew bone.

Freeze pops in the summer for Lyndsay, Psalty and Belle was their favorite summer treat.
Of course they all three loved anytime they could sneak and get into the cat food.

And finally.....CHEESE PAPER!!!!!



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This is a great thread and it has made me smile so thankyou! Aren't our babies little characters?

My Nugget loved bbq chicken,  rump steak, Mc Donalds and I would only get a meal if Nugs got some too!! He also loved licorice, pizza, Weet Bix, ice cream! He would eat his Weet bix in the morning as I would eat mine. I miss that boy so much.


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What a fun thread!

Blackie loved chicken, turkey and tuna.  Whenever I'd eat chicken or turkey he'd just sit next to me looking at the food with a little tilt in his head and a look in his eye that said "I'd like some of that, please!"  He only seemed to want to eat it if it came off of my plate - if I prepared a special plate for him, he wouldn't eat much of it, it seemed as though he just wanted me to hand feed him some chicken or turkey and only if it came off of my plate, silly boy!  Whenever I opened a can of tuna he would come running from wherever he was in the house and just sit there and wait for me to give him some food.  The tuna I ate was usually too rich for him so instead I would save the fluid from the can and give that to him instead.  He just loved that and would gobble it right up!

Blackie loved to drink milk, especially from my glass.  He liked cheese too, usually only cheddar cheese.  Every now and then I'd put some of that Tostitos queso sauce on top of my food and Blackie would smell it and just come right up to me and start licking it right off my food, what a cutie!  He'd only lick the cheese part of the sauce and would leave the other things - the peppers and other items in the sauce - alone for me to eat.  :-)

Believe it or not, I actually managed to get Blackie to eat some lettuce.  I didn't realize cats liked lettuce, but he sure did, only in very small quantities (just like his Mommy, LOL!).

Blackie also loved Pringle chips.  I'm not sure what it was about them that he liked, but he would snatch them from off my plate if I wasn't watching.

Blackie also liked ice cream, but only in very small amounts because it was so cold.  But I think he liked it because of the milk content.

Unfortunately, I had to stop giving him these treats the last few months of his life because of his kidney disease.  That was a shame because watching him enjoy these treats was one of my favorite things to do and I'm also sure eating them was one of his favorite things to do as well!


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Great thread,

The Gourmet Doxies, all six of them loved and contineu to love Mangos, Strawberries, Wild Huckleberries and Passion fruit.

Silv, Moz and Kuggel love to visit the gourmet cookie and treat bar and that Doggone good Bakery in Eureka, Mt and shop and snif to their hearts delight.

When the boyz are outside and are being Doxies, the word groumet gets them in the door very quickly.

Hershey just loved the town of Lincoln where we stopped to get buffalo chip jerky dog treats. These are all natural. He also liked to dig up carrots and potatoes from the garden, bring them onto the deck and munch.

Sil , mozart and Kugs know the Dairy Queen Dog Sundaes, they share one and here in Montana they decorate the treat with three dog cookies.

Schatz just liked food as did Maedy. The Maed once ate 12 raw eggs with no ill affects and also a pound of Hershey kisses, she left the wrappings.

Mozart ate $400 dollars of Godiva chocolates and he did retrun those to me on the top of Rogers Pass in a blinding snow storm.

The Doxies all like chewies and three of the six love undies. Go figure that one out.

Needless to say, we are going to go have breakfast and then work in the garden.


Meri and the hounds


Posts: 317

I had to smile thinkig of my little ones,

Jessie, my beloved min-pin (that passed away), she loved almost everything!!! Specially ham, meat and chicken. Everytime we were at the table she was there and guess what? We could just not resist and we pampered her always. She loved also sweet things, just like me. Cookies, chocolate, icecream, cakes... hahaha. I had to be always careful with chocolate because even if Jessie loved it, she could not eat that. She would always come with me and ask me for a piece of my cookie and I would just share with her.

Lucy, min-pin (Jessie's daugher), She likes meat and chicken!!! If we are eating at the table she would jump onto my mother's chair and wait there until she could get something. She likes as well cookies but not as much as Jessie did.

Neko, european short-hair cat, he likes all kind of things, cheese and kitty's meat are his favourites. He loves milk and kitty;s treats. He has a "preference" for Whiskas cat food, hahaha. He's such a king. In the summer he eats (not that we like him to do that) flies, spiders and all kinds of insects. Basically everything that crawls and comes on his way disappears immediately.

Diana, Jessie's mom.
Jessie en Lucy

My babies together

"The king" Neko


Posts: 1,328
My Husky girl--also eats citrus fruit as it falls off the trees, lemons (ick) and oranges (well okay there). Eats right through the rind; never acts perturbed by the lemon taste, but prefers oranges (some common sense here).

Munchkin--she was stray when I found her and the first time she came home, I had a pot of vegetable soup on the stove, so I gave her some of that (for starters) took out the onions (I guess they can cause anemia in cats) and she loved it. As she became more accustomed to living with us--she found out there's better stuff here than vegie soup.

I had a cat, Peanut who carried a loaf of gourmet white bread from the kitchen counter (must have taken it w/his teeth and carried it that way)and took it under the bed in a spare room. I kept asking my husband, "Have you seen the bread?" "No."
 I thought I must be finally losing it. I found part of the cellophane wrapper near the bed, a hole chewed through it and 1/2 piece of bread missing. Peanut was a cat, too. Strange.


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I've had some surprisingly omnivorous cats as well as omnivorous dogs. when I as a teen, our first standard poodle,.Caesar, had a liking for almost any kind of fruit (we wondered if his previous owner had named him for farm labor orgabnizer, and lifelong vegetarian nonviolent activist Cesar ChaveZ?) and would take avocados and plums if they were out.

as for my cats with omnivorous tastes...well, I had two kitties, Java and Neko, I adopted as young adults from the local animal shelter in Grass Valley CA who would take the pinto beans, lettuce, AND tomatoes off our plates if we were eating tacos. and Java-cat (a really pretty little Red Colorpoint shorthair, creamy colored and blue-eyed like the Siamese they mostly of my housemates called him the Pink Panther - he was a funny cat!) would stick his head in an empty can of anything that smelled tasty to him, tip his head back with the can on it.

a lot of cats like cantaloupe...I've heard cats don't taste sugar, so it's probably the texture that attracts them, kind of meaty...and Java and Neko liked other fruit as well, including some fruits that are too acid for most cats; cherries, pears, plums.

nutritional yeast wasn't safe around Java the Pink Panther for a minute; if I brought it back from the store in a plastic bag, the smell drove him to bust the bag open. what a mess.

and several of my cats like tortilla chips and will take those (watch your plate!) and munch them (*and leave a trail of crumbs) most of the cats I;ve had, and all of my dogs, like roasted carrots and potatoes. (and they sure don;t mind olive oil or butter.

Gainjin, my chocolate lab/pointer cross who came to me after a snowstorm, ahd been the :low man on the totem pole" as a stray who hung around the COuntry Store in a very snowy year in the Sierras, and he was shy about eating if anyone was in the room. he also never got over stealing food that was left out...part I think of havbing had to scrounge for his meals when he was a stray, and he may have been abused before that, or dumped off at the Country Store...who knows? anyway, he could smell cheese, even when it was cold and wrapped well, at the bottom of a grocery bag and often would take it out and eat it if left alone in the car. ditto with fresh muffins from the bakery. but once I got him a brand of dry dog food he didn;t much care for and he managed to drag mot of a 50-pound bag of it...a perfectly acceptable food, Iit was Field and Farm from Purina - this is before th4ere were aal-natural pet fods commonly available, especially out in the country where I lived. - outside for the raccoons to eat (and ordinarily he hated those furry rascals who liked to steal into the house and at dog food, peanuts, fruit, and whatever they could find...

seems like cats especially come in two eating modes...a) totally finicky and rejecting any unfamiliar brand or flavor of prepared food or b) adventurous and almost bizarre in their omnivory. come to think of that, children are the same way....either total "neophobes" who wont try anything with an unfamiliar taste, texture, or color or very bold in their eating tastes. my daughter was one of the bold ones (she weaned on a slice of raw red onion, ate mashed pinto beans with salsa and tomatoes happily at 8 or nine months, shouted
"guacamole!" with delight when seh saw it on the table, and her second complete sentence at age 19 months was "I want Chinese food!"

so maybe it, uh, runs in the family? I eat leftover pasta ,steamed veggies with rice, or whatever is around for braekfast fairly often, and so will my pets given the chance..

*sigh* just lost a cat, WIllow, to what we think was a severe anaphylactic response to food allergy, so this is somewhat muted.

and I'd also like to issue a mild warning about dogs and mushrooms... I';ve a mushroom-lover who knows many ediuble species...but whether you love mushrooms or hate them, please learn to recognize the few very toxic species such as Amanita phalloides, and remove them from your yard 9tyhey often grow under oak tress) if you have a dog. there have been a few cases here in California every year for several years, of a puppy who chewed a lethal Amanita and died...and sometimes dogs chew things that are rotting and would smell way too putrid to us...

also watch decorative tree bark in the garden if you have a chewer. we lost that sweet standard poodle guy, Caesar the fruit-eater, when he chewed up a chunk of and developed an intestinal blockage... RIP.

my dogs used to steal our chocolate brownies when we were kids without getting ill, thank god... they were medium- to large -sized (usually 50 to 80 pounds). guess I;ve never been that great at teaching dogfs not to swipe my food, and neither were my parents, heh heh...I remember one night my husband acted "guity" because I ahd just hand-whipped some cream for strawberry shortcake, and our pointer Dogwan jumped up and ate the whole bowl's worth...


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My persian cat Beau was a very picky eater, I tried many different kinds of canned food before finding one he liked.  He ate some things I never dreamed he'd like, such as clams.  He liked char siu (barbecued pork) or anything with bbq sauce on it.  He enjoyed fish too.  He was never much of a meat eater, in 15 years I don't think he ate any of the beef I offered him.  This sounds kind of weird, but whenever I made dinner I would put my plate on the floor so he could see what I was eating, since cats are social eaters.  He would sniff around all the food but he wouldn't touch it, he would turn away and pretend he wasn't interested.  After I ate, I would put the plate on the floor again and he would lick whatever was left, more out of a sense of obligation than hunger. 

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In a nut shell my beagle Peanut LOVED ALL FOOD. When she was healthy she even loved just plan old dog food. Anyone with beagles knows their nose gets the better of them all of the time.  Peanut really loved steak or chicken, any kind of lunchmeat, licking the ice cream bowls, spray can whipped cream in her mouth.

One time she de-shelled an entire bag of salted in shell peanuts. She had eaten all of the peanuts and left a big pile of the shells.

Another time she consumed and entire Easter basket full of chocolates and jellybeans, wrappers too. We were so worried about the chocolate and called Poison Control but when we added up what she had eaten and how much they said not to make her vomit but to watch her closely. A few hours later she was laying on the bed with me looking like a stuffed sausage and very uncomfortable. I called her to come to Momma and she did and then she had a massive projectile vomit of creamy milk chocolate all over the bed but it was just like milk chocolate and I just tossed the blanket in the washer and she was like a puppy after that.

Another time when we were bringing our x-mas tree in the house one of us left the front door open. About 15 min later we realized Peanut had gone out the door with no collar on as I had just given her a bath. We panicked and went searching for her. I was a crying mess and turns out my husband found her about 1/2 hr later in a neighbor's trash about 5 houses up from ours. She was in the trashbag and she didn't come when he called her, he heard the bag rustling and saw it moving and then he saw her tail sticking out of it. The woman had put chicken parts/bones in there and P was going to town. We got her home and she was sooo sick for the next week passing chicken bones and not wanting to eat, etc.

We always said she had an iron stomach because she was always getting into things.


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Well, her favorite word- CHEESE!


Just the sound of that word got Tweeny excited.


She had always been a little cheeser and I would always make her little balls when I ate cheese. 


When she was already ill, I was eating tacos and gave her a portion of cheese as I always did.  When she was done, I was going to give her more, but she started walking away.  I said “Wait! Hold on! Stop!”….keeps walking…..”CHEESE!” and she turned around on a dime “prrt?” and came back for more (another word she liked: “More?”)


Also when she was sleeping two rooms away, I didn’t want to disturb her, so when I had a need for cheese, I quietly opened the refrigerator and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y opened the wrapper, humming while doing so as to mask the sound.  Well, I looked down and there she was. 


She also loved to have a lick or two of frosting.  In fact, that’s how she got her name.  I was eating a generic Twinkie, and she licked some of the filling, and so, she was named Twinkie.  But when my mom had radiation ‘treatments’, they messed up her throat muscles, so all she could say was “Tweeny”, and Tweeny liked it, and Tweeny it was. 


She also loved vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, whipped cream, cream from Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt and pudding.  She would lick the tops of the pudding cups and the inside of the cups as we would share.  To this day I have not been able to buy those- two years later L


I remember being in the pet food aisle trying to discreetly shake cans of cat food to see which ones had the most sauce, to mix her medicine in- and getting caught by people passing by.


Though I had switched her over to “healthier” brands of food in her later years, her last meal ended up being one of her old-time favorites: Friskies Mariner’s Catch.  And it is still in the fridge.


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