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My husband and I miss him so much. Everyday I wake up and I don't hear his little bell I cry. He was always there to greet us. And in the nights... he used to lay with daddy or mommy in the couch. Sometimes he would laid on "his" own couch... (we have three) in the most funniest ways... I still don't understand why God took him from us... he was only 3 years old. He was our baby... just after missing Jessie now we have to miss Neko...
Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of our sweet cat Neko...
Diana Jessie and Neko's mom.
Neko with daddy...

Neko and daddy Neko as a kitty

Neko kitty

Neko's first birthday

Neko 1 year

Neko laying in one of his funny ways...

Neko our clown


Posts: 199
Oh goodness, Neko is sooooo adorable!  I always had a thing for orange cats and your Neko is just so cute. 

God bless him - I'm so sorry that you are mourning the loss of two of your babies. I can't even imagine what that's like. I'm so sorry


Piggy's Mom


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Neko is adorable. So sorry for your loss.


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Oh, Diana, Neko is just so precious.  I will never understand why the young ones have to be taken away from us.  I see it all the time.   I lost Arthur, the little mininature schnauzer I was trying to rescue when he was only two.  I guess heaven/Rainbow Bridge needs young ones for something special.

Thank you for sharing such sweet baby pictures.  I especially like the one where Neko is lying on his back on his little bed!   He looks like such a special character!  I can tell how very deeply you and your husband loved/still love him.

So sorry you have lost him.


Betsy's mom

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Dear Piggy's mom, I also remember to see a picture of your Piggy, your baby was also gorgeous. Neko was my second orange cat. The first one I had when I was like 8 years old and he also died young and the same way as Neko... he was really a special cat.

Dear Nancee, thanks. Everybody here loved Neko. Even the vets always said he was so cute and healthy. Gosh... I miss him so much...
Dear Melissa, yes Neko was such a personality, I never saw a cat like that. He was our special fur-baby.

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Hi Diana,

YOur baby is such a little cutie. Thankyou so much sharing. It has made me smile and giggle when I am missing my Nugget so much. I love the one of her lounging on her couch. What a little character! I can see why you loved her so.

I am so sorry for your loss.

A big cuddle to you,

Nuggetsmum Alana

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Yeah, he really was funny and sweet... just everything you would like in a kitty... ahhhh how much I miss him... I like to think he's now playing with other kitties, he loved so much to play...
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

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Oh, Diane

I am so terribly sorry.  I didn't realize until this a.m. that you suffered another terrible loss.  I had not been on the board for a few days, but went back and read your original post about Neko.  My heart is breaking for you.  What a tragic loss.  I live on a very busy country road, cars going 60-70 mph.  I lost a dear kitty many years ago on this road, so we now keep our kitties inside.  We do have two outside dogs though, Max, a black lab and Beauregard, a blood hound.  Last fall Beau was hit by a car.  Luckily, he was not seriously injured, a dislocated hip that is now completely healed.  Whoever hit him never stopped.  I don't know how people can be so heartless.

The pictures of your sweet Neko brought me to tears.  What a precious boy.  I have a special fondness for orange kitties.  My Gus was an orange kitty, the first one who ever adopted me.  What special, funny little cats.  They have so much personality.  My Gus was only 3 yrs. when he died too.  It seems so unfair to lose them when they should have so much life yet.  Maybe someday I will understand, but that doesn't help the pain right now.  We will always miss them, but we try to find comfort in knowing that the 3 years they had were wonderful loving years.

Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 763

I am so very sorry for the loss of your darling Neko. He is just gorgeous. I love his coloring. I don't know why such young babies have to leave us. It is that much harder when they are so young. Maybe God just wants his babies back. Thank you for sharing your pictures of beautiful Neko, I enjoyed seeing them. I wish you and your husband peace and comfort. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


Posts: 9

Oh, what a precious cat! I use to have a tabby like that years ago, and he was so special.  We just lost our German Shepard over the weekend so, I understand the pain and the emptiness. God watches over the animals, so I am sure he is safe now.


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What a sweet precious one little Neko is.  How much it must hurt to be missing both but I'm sure Jessie is taking care of Neko and showing him around the Bridge.  Sending many hugs to you.


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Dear Diana
I am so sorry that you have lost your little baby.  I know that you were still grieving for your Jessie, I know how hard it must be.  Thinking of you both in this time of what must be intense sorrow. for you and your husband, Much Love, Di xxx

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Oh Diane,
Neko's kitten pictures are so cute.  I feel for you and your husband.  There is something truly special about the orange tabbies.  So much personality, so much love.  Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.  My heart is truly with you.
Heather, Hankie's forever mommy

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I love you and miss you

Mommy and Daddy,

but I am happy and healthy

at the

Rainbow Bridge.

Love and Kitty kisses,






Love and blessings,



Posts: 317
Kate, thanks for your message. We actually live in a very quiet place you would not think someone can just kill a cat... Neko was mostly playing and exploring around our house, he never went so far... only the last days he it was getting warm and I think that's why he just wanted to go a little bit further... to the green fields close to the mill. I also have something with orange kitties... Neko is not the first orange I lost this way, when I was little we have one that was killed just in front of our house...
Donna Mr. Meowgy's mom, I'm glad you liked the pics of Neko, I should have made more, he was such an artist, he really knew how to make us smile.
Sandy, I'm sorry for your loss... it is so difficult to realize that your fur-baby is not at home anymore. We are still waiting for Neko to come at the door... just like he did when he was alive.
Donna, yes, I like to think that Neko is playing with Jessie. He must have made by now lots of friends, he was such a friendly cat...
Di, it hurts so much... and my husband miss him so much. He used to lay often with him on the couch if I went to bed, and I always thought Neko "looked" so much like my husband. Neko's personality always reminded me of my husband...
Heather, orange kitties are my favourite, though I like all fur-babies... Neko was such a wonderful example of the great personality an orange tabby can have...
Carewolf, Thanks so much for the picture of Neko in the Bridge... that's just how I like to think of him... he loved so much to go outside and lay in the shadow...

Posts: 909

I'm so sorry that the wrong picture posted for Neko. I saw that I had spelled his name wrong-changed it -deleated it from photobucket-yet it still posted the wrong spelling??? I redid it again

and posted it to photobucket and it finally worked.

I think Neko was sending you a message-"I'm OK here at the bridge."


Love and Hugs,


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