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After spending two hours and crying my eyes out on this site, I decided to spill.
Well, I have 3 dogs (Milan, Landon, and Quincy), 2 rabbits (Mackey and Rex) , and 1 turtle (Isayiah).
Recently, last Wednesday to be exact, Mackey developed a jaw abscess. We're not rich and so I have to wait til Monday to get him treated. It has grew and I am trying to comfort him, although he's still doing binkies, eating like a pig, and biting me pretty hard (did I mention the kicks?). Anyways, I cried for two days straight, including at school, over my baby. I was reading online and there seem to be little hope and he would have to get euthanized. I've had my baby since I was ten and I am currently 15, going on 16 in January. I love all my animals: they don't judge and they are so sweet. I already have issues and the probability of losing MY baby really tears at me. My appetite went down and frankly, if he's suffering, I might as well be with him.
I've lost one turtle two years ago on Valentine's Day and I cried for two weeks. I got teased for crying over a turtle but THEY ARE MY BABIES. No one can understand that when someone you love is sick or dies, you don't care what they are. You love them and love is the same. No matter what they are, they are mine and any of them becoming ill makes me ill -- even Isayiah.
In 2001, I had to give away Missy, my lab/chow mix. I was very young and cried forever (She was and still is my baby). I still remember her. . .
At this moment, Mackey is eating hay and parsley on the couch, and half an hour ago he was chasing me (Rex is in his cage since he likes to start fights, the bully.)
I wanted to let this out because he is my baby and I have had no problems in health with any of my animals until now. I felt pent up inside; no one can sympathize with me and, because of this, my sadness has deepened, a sadness that never goes away. Losing another one of my babies is not an understanding thing for me. I won't let it happen. Two is gone from me suddenly and too soon. This is more than just me, too. This is about my little Mackey. I know he doesn't like that THING on his face and I rub it softly and soothe him to let him know it doesn't affect the way I'll pet him or treat him.
What's worst is that people say: "Oh. it's just a rabbit. I eat those!" "You'll be fine. Stop crying." "Geez, it's not human! Chill!" Ignorant. Gets me in a tizzy. I want to hide with all my babies with a load of money. Just. For. Them. Get them all in the best shape they have ever been in their lives. Better than how they are now. With the disadvantage of never going to check-ups, poor things.
I never knew hay was so important to their diet until recently since I was so young when I got him for Christmas (His name at the pet store was Bonecrusher and now I know why). No one did research. I'm undoing that mistake and it's all my fault for waiting until now to do research on ALL my babies. You have to do more than feed, cuddle, and clean your babies. You also have to do health check-ups, which I have never done in my life. I feel bad, but all will get better. Even if it kills me Mackey will get that creature off his face over the next month with binicillin. I've learned my lesson; in the future, I MUST have money for all my kiddies. Lord, forgive me.
He's so slick. He thinks I can't hear him trying to start trouble with the other pets - Dogs and all. I feel much better and now I must get him off of Quincy's cage.
Thanks for bearing with this message. If it's confusing, I'm sorry. I tend to let my emotions get the best of me, I'm not experienced with handling negative emotions that well. Even after these years and two losses.


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Welcome to this wonderful site!  You have many precious pets to love!! I am sorry Mackey has an infected jaw.  You are lucky that it isn't bothering him too much yet, but since you did check out the condition online, you know what can happen to him.  I hope you take him to the vet on Monday and he responds well to the antibiotic.  Does your vet know much about rabbits?  Many vets are not trained in their care.  I had a precious bunny, Christoph, for seven years.  He was the joy of my life.  He developed a mild case of wry neck but died from the complications.  I so understand how much you love your Mackey.  Bunnies are great pets, even though they are feisty and do like things on their own terms. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your bunny do a very high bink....very entertaining!!

Please keep me updated on Mackey's condition.  I will keep you and all of your sweet pets in my prayers.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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This is definitely one place you won't be judged for the live you have for your babies. A lot of people won't understand the depth if your feelings, but that doesn't matter. We love our animals like children, so of course when they get sick or pass, it is like your child has gotten sick or passed. Why wouldn't you be devastated?

Good luck; I hope mackey gets well soon.


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You are such a compassionate person, your pets are lucky to have you. I'm sorry for the losses you've endured, it's never an easy thing. Thanks for sharing your story. Everyone here understands how special pets are. They are the best. Take care.


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Hi vousetesmonmonde, I'm a rabbit lover too. I just lost my Dutch boy Biscuit. I'm so sorry to hear that your bun has an abscess. Please don't give up hope for him, I know a lot of rabbits who make it through jaw abscesses, so there is still hope. It is supposed to be very expensive to treat it, but maybe you can talk to your vet and see if there are any options to help you handle the costs? It's so hard when you're that age because you are still very much dependent on your parents to help with your animal babies. I got Biscuit when I was 14, and it was often a big hassle to convince my parents that he needed to go the vet and get care that he needed. Don't beat yourself up about it, most rabbit owners start off not having a clue about rabbits. I've owned rabbits for 8 years and I'm still learning loads about them and finding out that there are lots of thing that I shouldn't have done.

The horrible thing about owning rabbits is that they can get sick so quickly, and often times its hard to treat them. That's what happened with my baby, he was running around binkying all over the place and then the same day he got seriously ill and died. It's so hard. Anyway, don't loose hope for Mackey.

Don't listen to the people who say it's just a rabbit. I've heard that so many times since Biscuit died. These people do not know what special bonds rabbits can have with their humans. It takes a special person to develop a bond with a rabbit, and unfortunately most people think that they only eat, poop, and chew.

I don't know if you know about bunspace, but if you don't you should check it out. It's a site for rabbit owners and there's a lot of information about everything rabbit there. I'm sure there are people on there who could give you some more information on jaw abscesses and personal experiences of it. Oh yeah, and everyone on there is crazy about rabbits!

Good luck, and send my love to Mackey.

Posts: 48
Mare ~ Thanks for the warm welcome! The problem is that I haven't been to the vet for any of my pets beside for Mackey when Rex was ripping off the fur above his right eye four-five years ago (I thought he was stressing and Mom took him in since she was worried. Turns out Rex and Mackey were developing issues and Rex was displaying his dominance). I asked a clinic and they said they have a rabbit specialist so I'm hoping they weren't just lying, but the lady sounded so nice. . .I am so scared of wry neck for my bunnies! I pray each day now that I won't wake up and find them with that because that would be the end. I'm also sorry for the loss of Christophe -- he is such a cute little guy! Mackey is also still good. He's not happy right now that Rex is out and he's not and he's not too glad about Rex prancing in front of his cage (they are mortal enemies). This place seems nice already. I'm loving it. Have a good day/evening. =)
Melissa ~ You're right: many people don't understand and you're right: it doesn't matter. I need to stop worrying about people and what they say. Take care of yourself.(:
Kellie ~ Thank you for your very kind words! And for reading that long thing. . . .I'm sure your pets are very lucky to have you as their mama.(:


Posts: 48
MommaBiscuit ~ Oh, I will check on that website right now!
I'm so so so sorry to hear about Biscuit. Rabbits are special and I'm quite sad that it takes a near death experience for me to realize that. Yeah, if it was up to me my baby would have already been rushed up to the vets, but my parents love the dogs more than the rabbits and turtle, not to say that I'm blaming them for anything! Without them I would have no babies to care and cry for. I thank them for the opportunity to develop relationships with pets. Though I want a bird and a cat to add to my baby list. . .
Thanks for your kind words -- they helped me a lot along with the others. Take care!(:

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