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I just wanted to let my pet loss friends know that Splatter ,has had a seizure.I was woke by spook my other aussie and i found Splatter at the end of my bed with his head under it and was having a seizure.I was so in shock that this has happened again,he has be seziure free for over a year .It didn"t last long ,about 15 seconds but it was a bad night mare for us .God please dont let the sweet pup have anymore.He had been so healthy and has grown so big and is a joy for us ,after the sudden loss of Phofer my heart& soul.So if you could please say a prayer for him.Thank you so much ,love to all Ronelle.


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Dear Ronelle-- I will say many prayers for Splatter that he'll get through this OK.  It's so scary to see these things happen, and we all wish it was us having to deal with a seizure instead of them.

         All my thoughts are with you---Teddy's Mom

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Dear Ronelle,

Sending many prayers and healing energy for Splatter in hopes that he will be fine. And hugs to you.



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Dear Ronelle

You and your sweet Spatter are in my thoughts and prayers.  Hopefully, this was only a one time thing and there won't be anymore.



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Dear Ronelle,

Seizures are extremely difficult to watch but remember that the animal is not in pain because of these.  We found out when my girl (golden) was 5 years old that she had a seizure disorder and was put on medication.  I just recently put her down and she was 6 weeks short of 15 years old.  Talk to your vet to see if you can get meds if there is another episode.

Your Spatter is in my thoughts and prayers today and so are you.  I would need to take the day off to recover from my girl's seizure.  She recovered pretty fast and I don't think she even knew that anything was wrong.  She was a little disoriented right after for about 10 minutes and then life was normal again.

I hope you and Spatter never have to go through this again.


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Dear Ronelle,

I keep you and your precious Splatter in my prayers, and hope that he will never have another seizure.  I can only imagine how frightening it is to see your baby going through this, and how helpless you must feel.  I hope you can get a medication to keep him from having anymore.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

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God Bless Splatter, I will keep you in my


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Hi I'am really sorry to hear your sweet Splatter  was having a  Seixure,I know how scarry those things make you feel,My dog Sammy sus had them when she was about 1 or 2 yrs old I took her to our Vet. and he put her on  medication,after he did some test and after the test came back clear,she started taking the meds. and never had another Seizure again,and lived to be almost 18 yrs. old  she wa actually 17 yrs.& 8 months old when we had to help her to the bridge ,that baby girl was like my own daughter. I think your Splatter will be okay,if you vet puts him on meds.Good luck and  my prayers will be said for you & sweet Splatter.
JoAnn Sammy Sus's Mom


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Oh, Phofer (Ronelle),

It was so good to see your name on the board here, but I am so sorry to read about Splatter.  I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope this was an isolated incident rather than becoming a problem.  I think you may remember that Molly had seizures, too.  She was seizure-free for several years before she became ill again, so I hope that Splatter will remain seizure-free for a long while, too.

Take good care, and please keep us posted when you can!

Big hugs to you (and Splatter),


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