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I wanted to post that Splatter's one year at the bridge is coming up on tuesday 19th.I can't believe that he has been gone that long allready.I had some very bad days the last week ....just start crying for no reason.I know he is in a better place,he's not having all those seziures for days at a time .But i'm still very sad & mad and hurt that we couldn't save him.....i know if he would have been with the breeder she would have inhumanly euthanized him so i know i done that right thing by getting this beautiful pup that is with Phofer's help.And would do it all over again...for such a sweet and loving aussie baby.I just hope one day i can get over this hurt and pain that is still in my heart...........Splatter-patch.

Dogs come into are lives to teach us about love and loyality.They depart to teach us about loss.We try to replace them ,but never quite succeed.A new dog never replaces an old dog,it merely expand the heart. If you have loved many dogs.....your heart is very Big.I love you & miss you my Bobby.. mommy.

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You are crying for a reason- the grief for losing your Splatter.  It's been one year, you will always miss Splatter- even in ten years you will still miss him.  You are right, a new dog will never replace the ones that we lost.  NO matter what, it will never happen. 
I know I will be missing my Foster forever and thinking of him, just like  you will always think of Splatter.
I am glad that you saved Splatter and did everything you could for him so that he didn't have a bad life or be put down inhumanely.  We all want to save our pets, but we never can, can we?  We just have to try to get through it - and it is a hard thing to do.  THere is always guilt and "what if's".
You are a great mommy, never forget that!

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As the first year anniversary of the passing of our pets, all sorts of thoughts come to the surface again.  You tend to relive the last days of their life and are filled with overwhelming sorrow.  When my bunny's first year came around, I forced myself to think about the good times we shared and not his leaving.  It wasn't easy, but I did manage to get through the day.  Life continues to be empty without our sweet fur babies.  I hope Splatter will have a very special day on the 19th.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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I am so sorry about your Splatter.  I remember his story well and how heartbroken you were and how hard you tried to save him.  You are in my prayers as you come up on Splatters one year anniversary.  I know that you  had him for a short time but he has certainly left an indelible footprint on your heart.  God bless you and the spirit of your beloved Splatter.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)

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Splatter is always with you, and always loves you for what you did releasing him from those seizures. I know, Zacky had Epilepsy and had the seizures. Now you have a new pup, which Splatter blesses, and with out a doubt, had a paw in the finding of your new pup. Splatter probably had these words to say to you:

“Don't hold the love that you have within yourself.

Give it to another like me and then I will live forever.

For love never really dies, and you are loved and missed

as surely as we are.”

May the gentle wind called peace always find you
Godspeed to you and Splatter

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