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Hi friends, it has now been 3 + weeks that dear little Andy (chihuahua puppy) came into our lives after losing my sweet old Bennie in June. Andy is now 10 wks old and pretty much consuming my days (and nights!). I came here instantly after bringing Andy home *panicking* for getting in over my head with a PUPPY(!).I was the one who swore up and down I'd "never get another PUPPY" (!)Thank you to all who advised me to just give it some TIME:) All in all it is going well (the housebreaking is getting better) and EVERYone and I mean EVERYone who meets Andy is instantly in love with him! He is our 1st chihuahua after always having big dogs and I have to say I am completely enchanted with him. I've seen other chihuahuas but my husband and I think that Andy is somehow "special" and extra't we all say that about our own babies!
Yesterday Andy even acted like a big boy and walked with a harness and leash! I was SO proud of him.
Berta, I hope you are reading this b/c I have so many questions to ask you about chihuahuas!
My one big concern is I am not working right now and able to spend most of my days with Andy. He is already completely attached to me (and vice versa :) I do leave him in his crate once or twice a day for about 2 hrs each while I run errands , go to the Y, etc. But if I go back to work in a couple of months, will Andy be OK if he is alone for 6-8 hrs? I've had to go out of town twice since Andy but have been able to take him with me...tricky but doable but I am sure the day will come and I will have to go out of town and leave him. Even tho he is very social and friendly with all he just seems so dependent on me.
We still talk about Bennie all the time and I miss him and sometimes call Andy "Bennie". I am convinced once again that BENNIE somehow set this whole Andy thing up and sent Andy to us. I see Bennie's spirit in Andy all the time even tho they are as different as night and day.
It IS possible to love again and I like to picture old Bennie lying there watching....wagging his tail at Andy's antics :)

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Oh Liz, I am so happy that you and little Andy are doing so well. I was so afraid that first post that you were going to take him back. LOL! Chi's can be a handful, but yes they are certainly enchanting and will keep you on your toes. I have no doubt that Andy is special and extra cute. Please post a pic of him when you can. I would love to see him.
I can't speak for all chihuahuas of course, but Chico was very dependent on me and I just hated leaving him. He would not eat or even go to potty sometimes if I wasn't there. The first time I left him overnight he did neither for 24 hours. He usually spent the whole time looking out the window for me. He did get a little better as he got older. He got used to me going to work and knew what time I would be home. I'm sure Andy will adjust to your work schedule, too. Those 11 years I just wouldn't go anywhere I couldn't take Chico because he grieved for me so badly. I had to go to a 3-4 day seminar once a year for work and it was horrible to leave him, even though my friend would house-sit and treat him like a king. I don't know if all chi's are this dependent, but mine was.
Maybe you could gradually leave him for a little longer each day before you return to work to ease him into adjusting to your absence. It is great that you crate him. I never did that and Chico would destroy the house while I was at work when he was a puppy. I am sure Andy will be fine for 6-8 hours.
Liz, feel free to PM me anytime if you want to. I'm so glad you have fallen so hard for your pup (and him for you!). They are truly a blessing to a wounded heart. And I bet Bennie really is there wagging his tail..

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Berta, Thanks so much! Today I actually left Andy for about 3 hrs and the poor little guy pee peed in his crate :(   so of course I felt guilty(!). When chihuahua people say "chi" to abbreviate how do you pronounce the "chi"  ? Is it chi rhymes with why or chi rhymes with tea?
Lol. Of ALL the thngs I could be asking this comes to mind first.
PS...don't think I'm so great about crating.....I only use it when lvg him alone in the house during the day......he sleeps in the bed with us and burrows under the covers ...but always touching me :)   I am still taking him outside middle of night usually twice.
It's amazing that not quite 3 lbs of puppy could be such a handful! I am glad you understand!!

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Is his crate too big for him?  If the crate is just the right size, usually dogs will not relieve themselves in their own crate.  If it is too big for him, and he has room to relieve himself and still has room to lay down to sleep, then the crate is too big.  Just a suggestion.  I think it's great that you got him.


Posts: 541
LOL Liz. I have no idea how to correctly pronounce chi. That is a good question. Anyone know?
Lord, I would hate to have to be getting up and taking a pup out twice a night. Bless you!! I am so glad I adopted a 2 year old. I am too old for that. I hate to even get up to take myself to the bathroom during the night!

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Lol, Berta....prob the reason this works is b/c I am always getting up sev times during the night for myself anyway!  :)   
Oh, the "crate" I use is actually our cat carrier! That's how tiny Andy is.
You all cannot believe how much I love this little bundle of joy and love (and energy!) :) *I* did not realize how much I needed this after Bennie died. But I am so happy Bennie sent Andy to me :)

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Chi, as in gee. I'm so glad you're bonding with Andy. He was heaven sent.


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Thanks Rottiesule!


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Hi Liz, 

A puppy shouldn't be left in a crate for more than a couple of hours at a time. The idea behind a crate is that a dog won't mess where they are sleeping - but as a puppy they can't hold it for that long. 

If you are in the US - Target has a very cute doggie playpen on their website. The small one is 3 ft by 3 ft. Or even a playpen for a real baby works. Put some paper or a wee wee pad in a corner. They can see you and you can see them. And if you are gone for the day - if they have to go, at least it isn't too hard to clean up. And they have space to walk around. 

Good luck!!

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