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We lost our beautiful cat, Emma November 20, about 5 1/2 weeks ago, and I still can't think about her without crying.  A local TV station had an ad for the pet cremation service that our vet uses, and I cried for the next half hour, just missing her.  

At some point, my husband and I are likely to reach a resolution about declawing a kitten in the future (he's for; I'm against), but until then, we have agreed on no pets at all.  

I created a Shutterfly book full of pictures and memories so that it would feel like we hadn't lost her quite so completely, but it's not enough.

I will always love Emma.

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Have faith that Emma is at ease. There will come a day where you will think of Emma and smile, and maybe a happy drop will form in your eyes. Then she will reappear at the right times in your heart and mind. Kind of like taking a favorite book of poems off the shelf, and reading one of your favorites. You may know the poem well, but it does a heart good to revisit it. You held great treasure, that too few can understand the value of, and you will always have that. Some people should never own a good furry friend, some would love to, yet are unable to commit to the demands, and then there are those like all of us here, that hold onto our “treasure “ also. Never let go of that treasure, and when the right time comes, you will be open to expanding your family again, and some lucky companion will come your way. You will both be lucky, and you’ll know the right time. Hang in there and keep the faith. I lost my girl yesterday, so know the pain you feel, as go others here.

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Jeff, thanks, and I'm sorry about your loss too.  You're right, we will probably resolve that claw issue and get a new family member, but cats aren't interchangeable, and it won't be the same.  Right now I just want Emma back and I can't have her back.

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Hi Ann, 

I feel the same way - lost my beloved English Setter named Peety, on November 30. I feel like most of me died with him. We will get another one sometime this year, but I just want my Peety back. 

He was 13 but was very healthy except for a nerve problem that led to pneumonia... he was in ICU fighting it, then one of the shift vets decided to put in a feeding tube which.. complications of which killed him. I wish I could go back to that day and refuse the feeding tube, that vet did not tell us that Peety had eaten some food and was drinking water the night before and that morning. We did not know that. No one told us. So we approved the feeding tube... I feel he would still be alive if not for that. 

It is so hard - I hate this, it's not what I wanted or expected. But you and I, and all of us, just have to deal with it as best we can.

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Sunspark, I'm sorry.  You gave Peety 13 happy years, and you loved him every day.  We make decisions with the best information that we have at that time.  Peety knew that he was loved. 

That's what I go back to with Emma too.  I loved Emma every single day.  Someday I'll get another cat too.  It won't be Emma, but I'll make room in my heart for another cat.

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Hi Ann,

I am so sorry for your little baby. I understand what you mean when you say just want Emma. I feel the same way with my Cosmo.
I know we will have other cats but you’re right not interchangeable nor irreplaceable. They have souls and personalities.
No cat nor anything will ever replace Emma just like no other pet or anything will ever replace my Cosmo.
But when it will be the right time you may allow your heart to love another cat.
It’s a great thing that you made a book of Emma, we kind of did the same with Cosmo, and it helps a lot.
She will always be in your heart, she will always live in your memory.
I understand not wanting to declaw a cat, I could never do it. But maybe one day when and if you and your husband want to give a home to another kitty you could rescue a cat that was already declawed.

Warm thoughts for you and your family and Emma.
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