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I am still in shock about Romeo.  Two weeks ago today I was working on the computer & he bugged me like he always did. I kept having to push him gently off the desk so I could work. As much as it could test my patience, I really loved that he loved being so close to me. Then two days later I opened a can of tuna & poured the water off & gave it to him. He threw up everywhere, but seemed okay. Then on Memorial Day I noticed that he seemed to be lethargic. I feel guilty that I didn't notice before that he was not acting like himself. At the time, I was tired & was thankful for him not waking me up at 4AM meowing & purring.
Now looking back I can see that the changes in him were subtle over the past six months. At Thanksgiving he got out of the house. He'd never been out before. It was two days before I noticed as I was depressed.  I eventually found him the day that I realized he was gone. He was hiding in the carport below my apartment. He was so happy to be home & also shocked at being outside. His return forced me to put things into perspective. I was so thankful that he was home I didn't care what else happened during the holidays, my baby was back. My dog, Max, started hanging out in the closet for some reason. Since Romeo passed he is now by my side. They often competed for my attention.  Romeo did not sleep with me the last week or so that he was alive. He usually did, but sometimes he would give me a break & actually let me sleep so that didn't seem unusual at the time.  He'd also stopped chasing Erica, my other cat about three weeks ago, which didn't seem unusual as sometimes he'd give her a break too.   She seems to being doing better. Last week when I played a video Mario took before Romeo was pts, she ran over to watch it when she heard him meow.  She was really angry when I tried to talk to her about him, but now she is sleeping by my side. 
I read some information on feral cats & I felt better about Romeo. I felt good that I have always trusted my instincts about how to raise a kitten. I  have always given my cats a lot of love & affection as kittens so that they are friendly. It is a miracle that Romeo lived as long as he did. I feel guilty that sometimes I would get annoyed with him, or regret not showing him how much I loved him when he was a tiny kitten. A few times I would see another cat & think "well I can't get that cat because I already have Romeo or maybe I'll get a cat like that next time".  I never regretted having him for a day & my love for him only grew deeper over time, but I am very good at beating myself up for being anything less than perfect. 
I have to say that of any cat I have ever had, the bond was strongest & the love was the deepest with Romeo.  We went the distance & I love you so much for all that you taught me about how to love unconditionally. Bye for now, my sweet little boy.

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i imagine Romeo always knew - i think they sometimes know our hearts better than we do - i imagine he peeks often into the reflecting pond to catch a glimps of you and to see how you are doing, likely bragging to any of the other bridge angels he can get to listen  "see, that one is mine, and is so very special and perfect"

May peace and tranquility walk with you,

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my deepest sorrow for Romeo.  I know how much it hurts.  My 11yo darling puppy daughter passed 5/7.  I'm sure they're keeping company at the Bridge.


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Dear Kevin
Your Romeo was such a special guy.  You will always miss him.  The bond of love can never be broken though, he will live on in your heart, and you in his.  May you soon find peace, Love Di xxx These are my guys and they always will be xxx

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Everyone, thank you so much for all your support. Diane thank you for sharing your tribute to Sorcha with me. It is beautiful, inspiring & brings peace & healing.
I know I still have tears to shed as my love for Romeo is so deep, just his love for me is very deep. However, fortunately there are so many good memories and so much laughter for me to treasure also.

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Hey Kevin
I am glad that you are remembering the good times and the happy memories.  I know that I will meet all of my guys when its my turn, thats what helps me.  So glad that you like Sorchas page.  The little ginger boy with her is my wee Basil.  There is also a page 2 showing my other guys.  It is at the bottom of the page marked Jacks page.  The wolves did the pages for me.  They are so clever, I just love them, they give me such comfort seeing all of my guys together like that.  Perhaps when you feel able, they would do one of your Romeo.  May you soon find peace in your heart, much love, Di xxx
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