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When Princess passed away, I wanted to do a memorial service.

It has been almost 10 months and I have done nothing! I think it is laziness on my part, as I wanted to do 2 of them: one across the street in the little park where I found her abandoned and another at the dog park we used to love to go to.

Planned on having framed pictures of her, her collar,  leash, hat and toys. I even was thinking of doing some invitations. I would also spread some of her ashes, but not many. I even wanted to invite her best dog friend in the world Annie. I still do.

Today, I finally picked up her toys off of the living room floor! They are in a canvas bag with other toys. 9 months it took me to do that!

One day I will have a memorial service for her. Some people don't understand how much our pets mean to us.


Posts: 5,100
I am so sorry about your loss of your best friend and companion Princess.   I can tell your pain has been so intense.

But, you know what?  It is NEVER too late to do a wonderful little memorial service for her.  Invite her best friend, Annie, and a few of yours and celebrate your little girl's life.   Release some heart shaped balloons (or something more eco-friendly) and have a toast in her honor.   Sing her a song.   Do anything that will help you memorialize her.  I did this for my Betsy and took pictures and it really helped.   We released heart-shaped balloons with messages written on them to her, and my husband (with tears in his eyes) strained as he watched each disappear from view.  

Sending hugs,
Betsy "WooWooWoo's" mom

Posts: 1,198
I completely understand when you say it has taken so long for you to take the toys off the floor and to have a memorial service. My Blackie left me a little over 6 weeks ago and I still have some of his things lying around the house. Like you, I haven't held a memorial service for him yet. For me, it is not so much laziness but more because I just cannot bring myself to actually hold a memorial service. I know in my head that I should do this, but if I do, it will mean I will finally have to face the awful reality and truth that he is gone and will never be coming back home again. That is so very painful and right now I am not sure I am ready to truly accept that he is gone.

Don't feel you have to hold a memorial service, at least not until you are ready for it. Perhaps once you have found peace in your heart over your Princess' absence then you will be ready to honor her in the way you want. As Melissa said, it is never too late to have a memorial service for her. I've always been told that funerals, memorial services and similar ceremonies are for the living, not for the dead. They are a way for us to honor and remember those that meant so much to us. I am sure you will hold one when you are ready and that it will be a wonderful tribute to the life you had with your precious Princess.

Take care,
Blackie's mommy


Posts: 48
We attend the memorial service here at petloss every Monday night and light our candles to honor our Sheba. It would help you with closure if you had a memorial service I believe. The service in the park sounds wonderful. Who cares what other people think about these things, what is important is what you think and feel. There are many, many people that feel as you do. You loved your Princess very much, now go and do what will make you feel better about her passing. Please let us know what you decide. You could also do a memorial page here at petloss and then you would always have a place to come and be with her and you could share Princess with friends, family, and your petloss family here. There are many people here (Wolves) who would be happy to help you with a memorial page. Take care!

Posts: 763

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Princess. I understand how you feel. Having that memorial service, picking up the toys, spreading some ashes, etc. will bring the reality that this has actually happened! It is easier to be in denial, I know. I had the memorial service, have pictures and toys around, saved everything. I can't order the little grave marker though. Just can't do it yet. Give yourself all the time you need. You will someday do all these things in tribute to your darling Princess. I think you will feel better when you do. Princess will let you know when it is time. Peace and comfort to you. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


Posts: 846
Oh I agree - it's NEVER too late to have a memorial service.  My husband and I haven't had one for our girls Luna and Gypsy yet either, and it's been almost 16 months since Luna passed.  The only thing I've done is draw Gypsy's portrait - but I did that before she passed knowing that her time was coming.  There's no way I could do that now.  I still have to do Luna's portrait somehow, some day.  We just haven't had the will to have a service for our girls yet, even though we really want to.  We'll probably do something private for them.  I love Melissa's idea of the heart-shaped balloons - I just might copy that!!  Do whatever feels right in your heart and I know your Princess will love it.  Sending you prayers and hugs today.  God Bless.

Gerlie (Luna and Gypsy's forever mom)

Posts: 258
Dear PrincessDogDad,

I think that when and if you are ready to have a memorial for your sweet Princess you will.  And it is never too late.  I love your idea about the service in the park!  But you know, a memorial can even be very private.  I lost my ShihTzu, Max, back in December.  I haven't had a memorial service for him, but I did make up a little memorial box of the most precious of his things (the rest are stored away in a crate) and I keep it out in my room and go through it often.  It's just a pretty box with a little snowman on it (Max died just before Christmas).  I do plan to plant a little garden in his honor, because he was my best gardening buddy, but haven't been able to bring myself to do so yet.  Take whatever time you need. And do it however works best for you.  Maybe something just for you would feel more doable until you feel up to a more involved memorial service.

Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you miss your heart dog, Princess.

Many hugs,
Joanne ~ MaxsMom

Posts: 7

I'm so sorry about the loss of Princess.  Please don't feel bad for not holding a memorial for her yet.  It's been over 2 years since my beloved kitty Reagan went to the Bridge and it's only now that I feel up to having a memorial for him.  As Kelly pointed out, memorial services are for the living.  Your memorial for Princess should be something that brings you comfort and healing, no matter when that time may be.


Posts: 847
Dear Princess' Dad,

I think many of us have a hard time removing our babies' things from sight or where they left them.  I still have some of Tweeny's food left in the freezer, still have the last pajamas we slept together in hanging on the bathroom door (pill still in pocket) and didn't wash some of her last dished she ate from.  Two years now.  Many wouldn't understand, but I don't care. 

Since I really only have two close people left in my life, when Tweeny died at the vet they let me use a room to spend time with her for the rest of the evening.  My fiance and sister came and we had a little gathering with Tweeny, that ended up feeling a lot like a human funeral visitation.  My sister also came for our private cremation and had a little visitation beforehand.

You said it's been almost ten months, you could possibly do some kind of memorial on her one year bridgeday, and that could be healing on an otherwise very difficult day.  There are some lovely poems on a link on the main page of this site you could read.  One I had brought for my sister's cat's burial, I was too emotional to read it (The Cat's Prayer) and asked the pet cemetery worker to read it.  After he read it, he just pressed it to his chest and asked if he could have it.  It was very touching- he was very moved by it- I'll never forget.

People here have made good suggestions and I know that whatever you end up doing, however large or small, Princess will be happy and honored.  Peace be with you.

Love from Tweeny's ma
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