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I went on vacation and left my little cockateil with a pet sitter.  I used her services before and thought she was reliable.  Three days later when I went to pick him up and brought him home, my husband as he was cleaning his cage noticed dark dried blood all over the rails of his cage and on his white perch.

This was just monday the 12th of may.  I called the sitter, and without accusing her, simply asked if she noticed anything peculiar.  She said no.   I told her about the blood and she acted as if she was totally surprised.  Then she said, she had to leave him home for a while to go to work.  This lady has 4 dogs and a Cockatoo.  I didn't bring my poor little bird there, to be left with animals he wasn't familiar with.

Furthermore, I don't see how she could not have noticed the blood if she were feeding, watering and changing the lining of his cage.

I am hurt beyond belief. 

I paid this woman to care for my friend because I couldn't take him with me on this trip.  I called her the day after he died and she kept saying I'm so sorry.  I don't believe it.  Not even a card did i get expressing sympathy.

I buried my little feathered friend Saturday, May 17th.  It was the saddest day since I buried my terrier 4 years ago.  I put him in a little 10 x 5 box and interred him to the ground.  I wept uncontrollably.

I am so angry.

This poor little creature suffered.  The Vet told me he lost way to much blood.  And this terrible person had the Gaul to tell me she didn't notice anything.  I am so heartbroken.

No one would ever believe how I aquired this little creature.   He hissed, tried to bite, was not trusting.  He was kept in the dard constantly by previous owners.  All that stopped with me.  He came to trust me.  Through much time and patience he would give me kisses and cuddle up to my face.

I am truly heartbroken.

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Your post brought tears to my eyes.  I am so very sorry that this terrible thing has happened to you and your poor cockatoo.  I feel that you should look into this pet sitter and her standing with the better business report and when you later feel up to it file a complaint.  This person should not be allowed to get away with this.  I can't even begin to imagine what a shock it was to place your baby there for a few days while you were away thinking that he was going to be safe and cared for and then coming home and finding out that your healthy baby bird has just died.  I feel so bad for you and hope you keep posting here because people here do understand and want to help you through this.  I lost 2 cats in 6 months time this year so I know how big a whole they live in our hearts when they're gone.

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)

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Oh, this really breaks my heart. I am so deeply sorry for the lost of your baby.

What a wonderful thing you did for him - being patient and loving when he had a rough start in life. You can be certain that your baby knew you loved him and would not intentionally harm him.

As for the pet sitter - what a heinous thing to do.  How horrible to trust someone to take care of your beautiful angel and for that person to betray that trust in the worst way.  I would file a complaint or something of the sort because I would not want someone else's baby to suffer.  Absolutely unacceptable.

Please know that we are here to listen.

I will pray for you and your baby.


Piggy's Mom


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Dear Milda,

I'm so very sorry for your tragic loss of your baby cockatiel.  It's shocking that he was so neglected by the pet sitter, and it hurts to think of it.

He certainly found a forever home with you, where he experienced your love and enjoyed a wonderful life.  I will say a prayer for you and your little one.

With deepest sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

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Milda, I am so very sorry for your loss of your beloved cockateil. I can't believe that the Petsitter would give you no explanation for all the blood on the cage. Did the vet say what happened. Was he attacked by one of her other animals or neglect. It wasn't really clear in your message. Did he die at the Petsitters or after you returned home. In any case I am so very sorry. I would definately file a report with the Better Buisness Bureau and anywhere else you can think of so that people think twice before entrusting their beloved pets to this negligent person.  Your sweet cockateil was so lucky to have you as his mommy and it cleary shows that a alot of love can really make a difference. Please take care and do not blame yourself for going away and leaving him, this is not your fault. Guilt has a way of really eating at you in different ways if you let it so please keep it away early on.  I am truly sorry for your loss.



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Sorry for your loss--the circumstances around your loss make it more difficult for you.Take care.


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I understand your anger. My fiance and I were taken advantage of by the Vet and I have yet to find the strength to deal with it.
Don't let the anger you have take over your emotions. Sometimes it's easier to be angry than to be sad.
What this woman did was irresponsible and neglectful, and cost the life of your dear friend. I'm so sorry.
I know your sweetie loved you so much and was thankful to have found love and companionship. The trusted bond you formed with your baby will always be there, even though you cannot be together right now. You rescued her/him, and gave her/him a life he/she would not have had otherwise, and taught her/him to trust. Don't blame yourself. You could not have known this woman would be so neglectful.
Best of luck to you.

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Thank you for everyone's wonderful heartfelt sympathies.

I wish I could take this horrible woman to the BBB, but she works for the Vet I currently take my 15 year old dog to.  He's a trusted vet and has treated my babies well.  Unfortunately, this Vet is unaware of what has happened because he does not specialize in Exotic animals. 

I took my baby to an Aviary Vet.  The vet that treated my poor little boy, said he had to remove 5 blood feathers, which was terribly painful, and apparently prior to getting him to the Vet he'd lost to much blood.  He had a raging infection by that point and while being stiched up his little heart stopped.  The Vet said something probably spooked him and he thrashed about in the cage, to the point he hurt himself horribly.  The pet sitter has 4 dogs and a Cockatoo, so I could see my little cockateil being spooked.  I don't know if she put him in another room, which would have been the logical and responsible thing to do.  But in all likelihood that's not what happened.
I am so, so ANGRY!

This horrible woman hasn't even tried to call me once, since I called her to tell him my little bird died.

How dare she?  I come to a house where I'm hoping to hear him saying Hellooo Birdie.  He would do that just for me when I walked through the door.  He'd do this little happy dance from one end of his perch to the other.
Oh my god, I have tears welling up in my eyes right now.  I' m never going to hear his little chatter or feel the little cuddles he'd give me when he nestled up to my cheek.  I don't know how this could have happened.

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The more I read everyone's post the angrier I get.  It seems we all trusted someone whom we thought was going to help us.  My vet didnt tell me that IMHA is deadly and that she wouldnt make it.  In fact she said lets keep her overnight and start transfusions in the morning and then decide what to do.  i totally trusted her and I lost my best friend.  I am so sorry that woman betrayed you.  You just wonder sometimes if anyone can be trusted and how they can hurt an innocent little animal.  I am so sorry!


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milda--I'm so sorry about the loss of your beautiful cockatiel.  How awful to put your trust in someone, and then be betrayed by them.  I hope that soon you will be able to find some peace in this sad situation.  I know I would be a mess over it also.
     I will be saying some prayers for you that you will start your journey toward healing.  Please show some pictures of him and let us know his name.

                            Many hugs--Teddy's Mom
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