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I am so depressed... i had 8 month cat killed and i am so hurt.. my children 12 and 8 year old were looking for something and they lifted the mattress of Their twin size bed and dropped it on cats head which snapped his neck. I am so angry, I blame them and I know it was a mistake my kids would not hurt him on purpose they said they did not see him... but that does not take away this pain in my heart. That cat was special he would follow you around the house like a puppy, he did not shed any hair he would sleep at the foot of my bed by my feet. Every morning he would follow my husband downstairs to the kitchen and sit with him ( he hates cats) but got to love this cat he even cried. He would wait by the door for us if there was no one home. I never felt this way for any animal I ever had I’m so broken inside I don’t know what to do. All I do is cry and stay in bed this just happened on Friday so is a fresh wound. Please some one give some advice on what to do.. thank you

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Lisa, I’m so sorry to read your message. It breaks my heart. I’m crying as I write this to you now. I lost my most special dog exactly 30 days ago. She was just like your special cat, followed me around everywhere , sleep with me, never shed, so sweet and waited for me at the door every time I return home. My husband who isn’t a dog person fell in love with her and couldn’t separate the two of them. We lost her so suddenly that I couldn’t explain in word how that pain feels. I understand you’re lost and I know what you’re going through. You are grieving and it’s unbelievable how painful that feeling is. It will not go away so easily. You’ll have to stay strong and focus on your kids, other things to ease your mind a little bit. Otherwise you’ll be so depressed and lost. You will feel better but it will take a long time. It’s just so fresh and raw right now. Your mind has ability to bounce back , for me I write to my dog everyday, I did do a memorial for her and tell her how much I love her, how sorry I am that I couldn’t save her from death. And that I’ll join her one day and we will be reunited. Your cat loves you and your cat wouldn’t want you to be feeling so sad. But it does get better. Take your time to rest, ease your mind, and go out to places where people are. Don’t stay at home because you just couldn’t stop thinking about your cat. I’m sending love to you. You’re not alone. You’re in the right place to share your pain, your loss and your grief. Your cat is still with you. You have her in your heart forever.

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Thank you so much I needed that.

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I can only imagine how that hurts! As someone whose pet died in the care of others, I can tell you, no one feels worse than they do. And you have to remember that you didn’t kill your cat on purpose and not even they did it on purpose. Accidents happen, gates are left open, collars unsnap. You have to honor your cat’s life by making positive changes and trying to understand what the lessons are about your family, it’s organization, and the love you shared—mutual love for the cat also. The cat knows it was an accident and you will see her and get to set things right with her some day.
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