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I am new to this page and I figured this might be the best page to vent about my hard time I’m going through to get the support I need.
My husband and I had to surrender our two cats yesterday and I feel heartbroken. I hate not knowing what is going to happen to them. Let me just give some background. (I’m sorry it’s so long)
So the cats belonged to his mom and dad, they divorced and his dad took them. I moved in with him and his dad several years ago and not long after, his dad ended up moving out and in with his new girlfriend, abandoning the cats with us. Well me being a vet tech and having done rescue work in the past, of course I wasn’t just going to kick them to the curb so we took them in and just let it be.
Well over the past two or so years we gained 2 dogs and recently had a baby.
That being said, both of the cats were not adjusting well to these changes. They were slowly starting to tolerate to the dogs, but when the baby arrived it really took a turn for the worst.
One cat already had urinary issues, she had to be kept on a prescription diet for chronic UTI’s. She started peeing on all of our stuff. (Clothes, beds, inside the laundry hamper, under my sons crib, everywhere). We tried a special litter to attract her to the litter box and that didn’t work. We tested her over and over for UTI’s and she didn’t have any. We tried a calming collar to help her stress, didn’t help. We tried moving her litter box to the same room she slept in so she didn’t have to leave that room, didn’t help. She was just so stressed in our house. I discussed it with our vet and even he said it’s a behavioral issue and she needed to be rehomed.
The other cat actually developed stress induced feline pancreatitis. He was constantly nauseous and anything he ate he would instantly vomit. So our options were to rehome him, or keep him and spend tons of money on drugs to calm him down and treat the pancreatitis and even that wasn’t guaranteed. And that just wasn’t feasible for us having a baby we have to worry about financially.

So I have been searching and emailing and calling for the past 2 months to try to find rescues to take them but of course it’s kitten season so everyone is full, and honestly I didn’t want to stress them out here anymore so I almost had this feeling of “we were running out of time”. I don’t know. I just want them to be in a better place. So we took them to a shelter. But I can’t help but have this nagging feeling that I just sent them to their execution and it kills me inside. They were really sweet cats and they would do so good in a home with no dogs or kids. It made me so physically sick yesterday after we dropped them off, that I couldn’t eat. and when I tried, I just got sick and threw it up. I just absolutely hate not knowing what is going to happen to them. 😞


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I don't know if this will help at all but 3 years ago I adopted a 6-year-old cat that had her teeth extracted due to periodontal disease and tested positive for FIV.  My point is that people do adopt cats with chronic illnesses.  I'm living proof. Sadly, she just passed away yesterday. 

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I feel for you. I am in a similar position. I had to put my dog back in rescue, because he bit a child and then bit me, both on the face. I couldn't trust him any more. I still love him and I'm torturing myself knowing that he will be missing us. Today, I'm really questioning why we put him back in rescue and I feel terrible.
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