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I see so many going others through the same  pain I am tonight.My yellow tabby "Barney"
ate his tuna treats.. went out like he had
done  many late afternoons and  sit on  the
van I could usually see him  while I was in  the  kitchen...that  was 11 days ago and I  have not  seen  him  since. The  next day
I begin to search for  him but he  has just disappeared....I  still look and call shelters
and  vets. The hardest part is I think  I  know what happened to next  door  neighbor either killed him or took him  off. Barney  was  a  social  creature and  he  didn't fear people.The neighbor just built a patio type  area right by our yard
(of  all  place)with bird feeder, bird  bath, and  he   put out  corn  which  drew droves  of he was tempting them 
I am afraid Barney went over there.
..he  either grabbed him or set a trap
and  Barney got in  it. Another cat 
had been coming around  after  dark in
our  yard but he was very  wild. I  had  been putting out food for him for weeks and every  night I would put the food out and after I went back in I would watch and he would  come to  eat.
He(she)went missing earlier that week.
I put the food out several nights and
he never came back. He could have never
been caught any other way than a baited trap. So  this  makes me feel  so helpless.
He  had  threatened earlier to kill our
cats if  they were coming into his yard
so we bought animal  repellers and
put on  the  edge of  our  yard  and  the
others don't venture from the carport mostly
house  cats.  Barney was more a free spirit 
when he came to us and he always wanted
to be out for a  little  while  each  day.
He normally would  have  come  back in
to eat again by dark. We were busy that night and  when  we checked  he  wasn't out there.
I can't prove that he did  away  with  him..but I am tempted to  try  to look in  his  backyard  shed to see if he has a trap. I would not want to meet up with  him back there though.
I know never, never would  Barney have left on his  own. He was  one  happy  cat  with  a
very  good  life and  he  was  appreciative 
of  it  all. Barney  adopted  us  17  months
ago, one cold January  day. I  heard what I  thought was a  kitten at the  carport door.  I got up to go see and there was Barney with a bird in  his  mouth like he  brought me a  gift. I  opened  the  door he walked  into
our  heart and  lives that  day. He was a  grown male,neutered, yellow tabby and had  been around the  neighborhood a few weeks I found out but no one ever claimed  him. We had 2 cats but he  made  himself right  at  home... got  along  with them. Nothing  he  loved  better than  hours of sleeping  with  his paws in  the  air. He  always  chose  our  bed  at  night.
Like other I can't have closure..was he
killed..taken off and thrown out....he was
delawed  when he came  here  so  he  couldn't
climb  to survive in  the  wild. My  heart
literally  hurts ... I have buried a dear
husband  and I  know  grief  takes
your breath  away. Barney  was  family. I
am  home  all  the  time.  I am  retired
on medical  disability  and  Barney  was a
constant companion...a  sweetie.
So  many  people  can't understand  your
grief  for a pet. The last weeks  have  been
hard I have  been  dealing  with my  32  year  old  son  going  into  renal  failure and
having  to  be  put on  dialysis  and  we
now are going  through  the  process  of  being
evaluated  to  get on a  transplant  list.  ...he  has  been  so sick and  many  decision  to  be  made. I  know my  friends  wouldn't  understand  how  I  could  be   griefing  for a  cat  when my  son is  so I haven't  said  anything to them  about how bad I hurt.
I just  wish  I  had him to bury in my
backyard  and  then  I  would know for  sure
.....but he is will always be buried  in my  heart.
Still praying for a miracle but as the 
days go by I am losing hope.
Thank you for listening to my story.Sorry, I
know it has gotten longer than I intended,
Blessing to  all who are griefing the loss
of their pet.



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What a terrible time you are having coping with so much grief.  I am so sorry about Barney, it is so awful, the not knowing.  Please dont give up hope yet, you never know.  I am thinking of you, I know how much pain you are in.  Much Love, Di xxx


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Oh My Gosh {{{{{{{Jana}}}}}}} I'm so sorry you're going through so much right now. Of course, I can certainly understand how heartbroken you feel about your dear Barney kitty with your son so ill in renal failure. This is a time when Barney would be such a comfort to you as you care for and worry about your 32 year old son.
I feel your pain in that you love Barney so much and he may have been hurt or worse. I see that you posted very early today and Barney has been gone for 11 days. Is Barney neutered? You said he adopted you about 17 months ago as a kitten. Many times male cats that have not been neutered will take off for a couple weeks at a time or even longer while seeking mates. That's another possibility. 
Please know that you, Barney and your son are in my most urgent thoughts and prayers. I'm sending many Healing Hugs and Much Love your way!

Angel xoxoxox
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