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Samantha, One Year Bridgeday

Samantha was my “foster failure”. In the fall of 2000, my fiancé Joe’s cat Middy snuck out of the house when company came over. We were searching the neighborhood, put up signs and checked the local shelters. Joe told me of a cat at the shelter that was snorting, and I wanted to go there and see him.  The next day we went to the shelter and I took along the cat carrier, but was told that he was adopted! I said “Well I’m not leaving with an empty carrier” and told Joe to bring out a cat- any cat. I waited in the lobby (was not brave enough to go inside :( ) and my breath was taken away when he came out with this beautiful tabby/white kitty! I signed the papers and took her home with the intention of fostering her until I could find her a home.

I took her home and put her in the spare bedroom and she settled right in on the bed. What a sweetheart! I lay on the bed with her and she snuggled right up to me. After a few days it was becoming apparent that she was going to stay.  She was just a gentle, well mannered girl. What to name her? She looked like a Samantha so that became her name.
Samantha's first night at her new home, 2000

Middy (the missing cat) did show up on the front porch 20 days later, as we were pulling up on Thanksgiving night.

Unlike the strays I’ve taken in over the years, Samantha was not familiar with this neighborhood so I kept her mainly indoors, with supervised time in the backyard which she enjoyed. I do not have air conditioning in my house, so in the summer she loved getting hair cuts which helped to keep her cool. Whenever Joe came over, she always remembered him as the one who got her out of the cage in that shelter.

She also watched from the window as I did yardwork, and she rubbed her head and cheeks in circles along the screen as I came up and rubbed my finger along the screen in circles.  You can see her with her "summer haircut" in the left picture below.
[Sammyphone250-IMG00012_zpsjuabopae]   [Samantha52707-250pb_zpssai6olam] 
Samantha with her "summer haircut" (left)

Time goes by so fast and it is awful when you have to work so many hours and miss out on all the times that could be spent making more memories with loved ones, including my Samantha. In her later years, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and did fairly well with treatment. She was such a good patient at the veterinary office, and loved exploring the office. She was under the chair I was sitting in when I put the camera in front of her- Oop! Surprise!
[Sammy122811-5-250_zpsn43lyzuv]  [Samantha3116-250pb_zpshexrlszw]  

She was declining last winter and spring, and that last Friday I took her in for another checkup. It was a nice warm, spring day and when we got home I opened the window for her.  She was watching the birdies and sniffing the air, and had a good day. The next few days she declined drastically, and had to make that dreaded appointment as I could tell she was getting ready to leave. I spent the final hours brushing her fur, which she enjoyed, and singing her song to her. The appointment was at 4:40 pm and Joe left work early to be with us- he was to be there at 4:15. I lifted Sammy up and put her in the carrier and tried to have her as comfortable as possible. Her breathing was starting to get more intense after being very calm. A few minutes later, she lifted her head and looked into my eyes for a few moments... she then opened her mouth, threw up, gasped a couple of times, stretched out her paws... and... left her home… she has departed....ran off not long after Papa Lobo....peaceful journey my precious little girl~~** Oh my God, Sammy we are going to miss you.
[SamanthaMonica2-250_zpskx2agckr]  [SammySunset250_zpsdbeavupq] 
Thank you to my dear friend Monica for this lovely pic......................................Peaceful journey, precious girl~~**

Beautiful One Year Bridgeday, Precious Samantha

Thank you Ed, moderators, wolves and for being a refuge for 25 years now for countless broken hearts. So many wonderful people and many have remained friends with for years, sadly lost some, and many yet to meet...and as Papa Lobo always said we are all connected by a Silver Cord...



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Thank you for sharing Samantha’s story. I wish you comfort on her 1-year Bridge Day. I love the story of how you got her (and am very glad that Middy made it home too). What a beautiful girl ❤️

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What a beautiful memorial you have made on this page. I love the pictures. And they make it all the more easier to understand where you are coming from. Thanks for sharing them and your sentiments and thoughts... and sending peace to your heart.

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Samantha was so cute and too sweet; I don't know how you couldn't have adapted her. That reminds me of how a family friend fostered two cute pupies who were sisters a few months after they lost their dog Brady. The fostering part only lasted two weeks, maybe less till they adapted the cute sisters. One of the sisters was put to sleep at the age of 8 because she developed mouth cancer that cemo therapy and medications did nothing for. But her sister is still alive and they now have a Golden Retrever named Bentley who is two years old.
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