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My Dear Sweet Sammy,

18 Months now since you went into the Arms of Jesus. I would give just about anything to know what you are doing. The Wonders you are seeing. The Love you are Engulfed with. Every night when Mommy is putting everyone to bed, all tucked in safe and tight.... My Heart reminds me that one of us is missing. I miss you running up the stairs trying to beat Mommy to the top. You always won!!! I miss hearing you say Mommy. Jazz is learning to say Mommy. And he is trying really hard. When I mention your name, Glory's ears still perk up. We all miss you Mo-Mo. The tears still come every day. But Honey, I still feel your very essence. Your Love My Boy. Oh how I Love you Sammy.Dance with Jesus and show him your Funny ways. He would like that. I promise I will be Home to you one Glorious Day My Love. In My Heart today and in My Arms tomorrow. That is what keeps me going Sweet Sammy. Until then My Love.

Love Your Mommy



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Beautiful tribute sending hugs and prayers for peace and happy memories, signs from the bridge.


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As always, your words of love to Sammy touch my heart, and he feels them too. I'm holding your hand in spirit on this 18 months. Hugs, Lori

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Thank you so much Suzanne, Ghatten and Lori. I can't seem to get the tears to stop today. But you My Dear Friends hold My Heart as well as my hand. You are my Dear Family. I am forever Thankful for you.

Lori, I am anxiously awaiting My Copy of Your Book. I am so excited. I also visited your Blog, what a wonderful Interview. If anyone would like the info on ordering Lori's Book, please PM me. I got it for $8.22. So let me know if you want to know where I ordered.

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What a beautiful post. My heart is with you today as you cherish all your happy memories of Sammy.


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    I too just asked my Gizmo last night... What kind of a day did he have and what he was doing. Did he play with his friend Muttley who arrived at the bridge before him ?  I may not feel his essence as you do sammy, but I think he is with me helping me to make better daily decisions.  I especially like your Phrase: "In my heart today and in my arms tommorrow." That was great and is what keeps us going. As always You and Sammy are in my prayers each night at Gizmo's grave. Perhaps I will mention to Gizzy about Sammy's 18 Months.


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Mayme, now remember, the book you ordered isn't my book. I only wrote one story in an anthology of many other women's wonderful stories. But, thanks for sharing about it. I'm sure you'll enjoy the stories. They are all heart warming.

Hope you are feeling better from the comforting words on these boards on Sammy's 18th bridge day.



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Dear Kellie,

Thank you so very much. There are so many Happy Memories of My Boy. I just can't wait to pick up where we left off. As your Beautiful Poems goes that you received for your Precious Sneakers... "There will come a Day". God bless.

My Dear Friend Jeff,

Thank you My Dear Friend. I know that Gizmo is having so much fun with Muttley. What better way to spend his time until you are with Gizmo again. Please do mention Sammy to Gizmo. I know they are fast Friends by now. And Jeff, I know they pray for us too. They Love us so much. Thank you for your prayers Dear Friend. You are in my prayers also. God bless.

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Ok OK Lori lol. But in my heart, it will always be yours and Piezon's. I promise to read the whole Book and then my Review lol!!!! I feel better now Dear Friend.


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Dear Mayme,  What a beauty your Sammy was/is.  I'm sure he is dancing with Jesus and having a grand time at his 18th month bridgeday.  I know how much you still miss him and wish for you peace until the day you meet him again.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge 8years

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Oh my dearest friend Mayme,
     Another spectacular tribute to your sweet Sammy Mo-Mo.  I love when you said 'in my heart today and in my arms tomorrow.  I just love that.  Sammy has quite the personality.  I know you can still feel your baby near you.  Sammy is so lucky to have a Mommy like you.  You have so much love to give and I'm sure Sammy's cup is overflowing with love for you.
                        Sleep peacefully,
You are so photogenic and so very loved.

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Thank you so much Diane, so very very much for all you do for us. The Peace is slowly starting to replace the pain.

M Dear Friend Pam, I cry everytime you talk to me about My Boy. You know my Heart so well.Thank you Pam. It's the Love that keeps us so close to Our Babies.

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Oh Mayme I loved your tribute to your own gorgous boy!! sammy is surely winning the heart of Jesus and everyone in Heaven!! I Hope he found Lenny.. who liked cats !! 18 months.. flew by yet feels like forever.. I hope you have better days..your words inspire me and often keep me going. ((((hugs)))) Katie Lennys Mom


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well there sammy-i hear that you and Jesus are cutting a pretty good rug up there in Heaven.   You just go ahead and enjoy yourself as much as you want to!   that is what love and Heaven are all about..................much the same  as it was when you were still on this earth and in your mommy's arms dancing with her heart.       please keep watching over your mom and let her know when you are around.     hey!  i got an idea here..........why don't you just waltz up to that pretty little tortie kitty named jude and have a dance or two with her.   then she can  whisper in your ear the secret to leaving chunks of your fur around for your mom to find when she is least expecting it-particularly when she just passed that spot not 2 minutes ago.   that would make her heart sing and dance such as you have never seen.   

i know mayme that  when you reach that glorious and beautiful bridge your arms will be outstreched and one very handsome tabby boy will come a running full tilt boogie and jump right into them and purr in your ear the sweetest song that you have ever heard.    


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Dear Sweet Katie,

Thank you so much. I am sure that Sammy and Lenny have found each other. They have a Special Bond too. They are Family just like we are here at Petloss. Love is so very Powerful, it keeps us all Bonded together in Heaven and here on this Earth. I pray your Heart is having a Good Day.

Dear Friend Dawn,

Thank you so much for your Beautiful words to My Boy. I think Love carries the messages we have to them. They know. I know Sammy has had a Jig or two with a Special Tortie. He really likes Torties. My Glory Kitty is a Tortie and Sammy Loves her so. Glory has a check up with Doc Welsh tomorrow and I got the Kitty Crate out. Sammy was the last to ride in it. I looked inside and there were 2 sheddings of his Precious claws and 3 strands of his fur! Sammy has unmistakable fur. I just can't wait to get my Hands on him! I could see everything you said to me in my minds eye as I was reading. You have no idea how you touched my Heart Dear Friend.
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