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Taro was a once in a lifetime cat. He was a little Bengal that despite having terrible herpes from early age was the most gentle cat. He had to spend a lot of time at the vet and had to endure pokes and prodes to his eyes and never once did he complain.

He would wake me up every morning and as soon as I came home from work at night he would run to the door to find me. 

Unfortunately in December he was diagnosed with cancer around his left eye. The vet recommended that we do surgery, and it have to be quite invasive. They would have to remove his left eye, and then do a skin graph from his shoulder to make a flap to cover the eye socket and area that the cancer was.

The surgery went great, they had clean margins and despite a few days of hiding while recovering he was back to his old self.

By the middle of January he looked great his fur had returned, the wound had healed and he was back to running around the house, playing with the other cats and waking me up an hour before I actually had to get up. And as soon as I came in the door he would run over to say hi and start to roll around on his back. 

The end of January he started to get a little red bump above where his eye was, it look like a very small pimple. I thought maybe one of his brothers had whacked his as they do play a little rough sometimes. 

A day or two later it kept growing so I took him to the vet. The cancer was back. The vet informed us that there was nothing left to do except put him on palliative care. 

We thought he had a few months left with him. The tumors grew so fast. It started above his eye, and day by day they spread, until a week ago. The tumors were large enough that they were starting to seep blood. He was spending his time away from the other cats, and us,. He would allow us to comfort him for very short periods of time before he would go back to a corner and sit. The stress of it all caused his herpes to flare up and for the last week he has been blind in his good eye. 

Yesterday we had to make the choice to put him to sleep. His wounds were just getting worse and worse, but he was still eating and drinking. That was all he would do, he would leave the corner of the room twice a day to eat, and then spend the rest of his day in the corner. 

He is finally free from pain and suffering, but I am hurting so bad. 

Coming home last night and knowing but still hoping he would run to the door, and then when it hits that you know that will never happen again. I just sat on the floor crying. 

And all night I waited in bed trying to sleep, hoping, but knowing that he would no wake me up.  Rationally I know this pain will subside in time, but emotionally I hurt. 

Goodbye Taro, I love you so much, and I am so thankful for the 12 years we had together.

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I am so very sorry.  You did everything you could to help him be a healthier cat and showered him with love as he did you.  I too have had my sorrow this week but am glad that my Alice no longer needs to suffer with pain.  Each of our angels has put an indelible mark on our hearts which will remain there forever.

I wish you much peace.

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Thank you Jean,

I am very sorry for your loss also. The love these animals give us is beyond what I can even comprehend. 

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Thankyou for sharing the story about Tara, a silent tear at this end........
I,too have raw emotions, my 16y chihuahua laid to rest.
Treasure the precious memories of 12 glorious years, think of the lifespan as a whole and not the final snap of Tara. From Our Lives-- Not Our Hearts.

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It must be so difficult to go from diagnosis to hope to catastrophe in such a short time.  I hope you can be kind to yourself in this traumatic and sad time.

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Thank you everyone for the kind reply's.  I can not believe he is gone and I miss him so bad. I am happy to know he is not in pain anymore, but the grief is consuming me. I know he was going to die. There was nothing else to do, I still just can not bear the fact that I had to make the choice to end his little life.

And yes PosionIvy we went from he had clear margins so he should have a normal kitty life, to maybe that bump is just an infection, to he has a couple weeks to live. Heart breaking to say the least.

Thank you all again.

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He was very lucky to have you for a mom. He knew you love him very much. I had two "once in a lifetime cats" that are both gone now. I know the feeling of coming to an empty home, no one to cuddle with, so empty...
I know and feel as you do. I understand. This too shall pass. Eventually....(((hugs)))
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