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Precious little doe, I promised myself that I would write a tribute to you each month, at least for the first year.   It is not easy, believe me, as I have to stop often and take deep breaths, and wipe away my tears.   As soon as I think I am recovering from this devastating loss, memories come flooding back, and I hurt all over again.  I am at peace knowing that you ail no more, and that you are running free, instead of struggling to walk. Also, surprisingly, I am able to find comfort in the smiles and eyes of other fur babies, especially goldens.   Ever since you left for the bridge, doggies of all shapes and sizes have approached me, wanting to be petted...did you send them sweetie to let me know you are OK?  It is uncanny really how many dogs have appeared in my path.   You know that this summer I will find a new fur baby, not one to take your place, that could never be, but one to love and share a home with, one to remind me of the wonders of being loved by a little furry one.  This makes me cry, just writing about it, how will I be able to go the shelter without reliving the day I found you, and the day I had to give you back.  Nike, give me the strength to do this, as it is the right thing to do.  I still kiss your photos every time I leave or enter the house, and every night before falling asleep.  I even took a picture of you to Italy recently to keep by the bed.  You will always be part of my heart and soul, and you will always be part of my life.  Ten months without God, how I ache to hold you once more, and then once more again after a good girl Nike, Mommy loves you so much.   

I have missed you every single day of these last ten months.  My beautiful little doe, my sweet pea, my precious golden girl.   Please come visit me Nike, I need that so much.  I LOVE YOU, xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox   Mommy


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The only thing that makes their loss understandable or bearable is to know that they are well and healthy again. You know they would never have left us if not for God wanting then back again. That being said, we still miss their wonderful precious souls, the love they gave us and the love we gave them.

It is so hard to imagine that it has been 10 months for your precious little Nike, the time just keeps going by and we somehow manage to move through each day without them. We can sometimes do this with a smile and sometimes with many tears but we do move on. That does not mean we forget them, it just means we move through the days as best we can. They are with us every minute of the day.

I am glad you have the strength to bring another into your life, that will give you some comfort. I know the hurt about thinking of another because it means that Nike is not here.

Wishing you could hold Nike one more time, for a long, long time. Wouldn't that be wonderful? 



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I came here for a different reason this afternoon but I'm glad I saw your post.  It's hard to believe it's 10 months since your little doe joined my Samantha at the bridge.  Today they were joined by a precious black cat.  I'm sure everyone gets along at the bridge so no worries there.  I know about going to the shelter after losing one so close to your heart. Nike will be with you and you will be strong.  You are correct that it is the right thing to do for what could be a better way to honor your baby than by taking in another that so desperately needs the love you have give?  I also know about that ache..oh to just once more hold them, look at the smiling golden face, into the brown eyes.  I'm sure we both know once more wouldn't be enough.  The once more we ache for will happen but that "once more" will be "forever more".  Joyous eternal reunion beyond our imagination.  Bless you Jan and your beautiful golden girl Nike.  For each day that you have missed her she has smiled knowing that the day of reunion is one day closer. 

Steve1492 / Music Wolf

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Dear Jan,

Your monthly tributes to your little doe, Nike, are always so beautiful and touching.  There is a lovely song by Diamond Rio titled "One More Day" that Georgeann mentioned in one of her replies on another post.  Have you heard it?  If only we all could have just one more day with our beloved ones.

Thinking of you and wishing you peace,

Betsy's forever loving mom

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Dear Jan,

My eyes are filled with tears after reading your poignant and loving tribute and letter to your Beloved Nike.  And I also went to her memorial site which added more tears.  I love that you call her your little doe, she is so beautiful. 

I believe that her spirit may come to you in the little ones who have crossed your path.  I have had this happen to me, too, and I see the spark in their bright eyes that speak of my Beloved Grunt.  They come to me, their tails wagging, and it makes me happy, and I hope you feel the same way when it happens to you.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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You were both blessed to have each other. I understand about the recovery it has only been nine days since my Peach departed, thank you for your thoughts on my post. But I have found that visiting this site and responding to those who are going and have went through a loss of a special friend companion and soul mate has helped me cope with my loss. I am sure you will make your next companion just as happy as Nike was with you. God Bless.


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Jan, I sit here crying after reading your beautiful words to your beloved Nike. I love your nickname for her... your litle Doe, oh how precious is that and Sweet Pea, that is what we often called our Peanut. It is truly amazing to me the soulful, spiritual connections that we can make with our sweet furbabies and how those will remain with us forever.  Your words show that so clearly, the bond you have with your baby and how much you both loved each other.  I feel sorry for those people in this world that have never experienced that type of love with an animal. It is hard though too because once you have had that type of love it is so hard to go on without it.  I miss my sweet Peanut so much every single day and I look at her pictures and lately they just make me cry because I know I can never hold her again.  I would never have traded a moment with her for anything in the world. I always knew it would be very difficult to live without her but never could I have imagined how hard or that the pain always stays with you.  Please take care and know that your sweet little doe is happy and healthy and running and jumping at the bridge with all of her new buddies. My brother's beloved golden Kanobi is up there with her as well as my Peanut. I am sure they are all buddies.  



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What I tribute, as I sit here and read it I can feel the love you shared.  That kind of bond is never broken and will always be with us.  I too have a bond with my beloved golden, my comet girl, mommies dog.  My hope is that one day I will be able to pay such a special tribute to her because she deserves it.  Your Doe will point you in the right direction when it comes to another.  Believe that she will help you pick your next beloved animal.  She knows what your love is and knows just how lucky a dog is that can ever come close to so much love.  She'll send you another to love, hug and play with to help you with your pain.  Never doubt that. I told my golden that I will love her with every beat of my heart and when my heart stop beating we'll be together again.  I believe that and I hope you can find so comfort in that for you and your Doe.


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Dearest Jan:
Your Tribute to Nike is beautiful and of course made me cry.  I could feel every ounce of your pain as I read what you wrote.  I know what a difficult Journey this has been for you as we have traveled the same path.  The pain never subsides and I know it will be with us forever.  I know that your bond with Nike was the same as mine with Christopher.  That is why our lives have changed Forever and will never be the same without our babies.  I am not sure how one moves forward without a soul, but I guess we will have to find a way. 

I too kiss Christopher's picture every time I leave the house and every night before I go to bed.  When I look into his sweet little eyes I simply cannot believe he is gone Forever.  I am sure you feel the same.  I also take Christopher's picture with me when I go out of town.  I cannot stand to be anywhere without him next to me. 

We are all so fortunate that we have found each other.  Hopefully some day we will find the end to this dark and painful road.   I know that Nike and Christopher are at the Bridge waiting for us and I know that they miss us too.  May God's Angels watch over Nike until you can be with her again.  You and Nike are Always in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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Jan-- Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this 10-month Bridge day.  I'm dealing with my 7th today and it's not getting any easier.  Your beautiful Nike looks like such a precious and special soul.  I know how much you must miss her.

        HAPPY 10-MONTH BRIDGE DAY, DEAR NIKE.  Please send some signs for your Mommy to know that you're young and carefree at the Rainbow Bridge.

                     Many hugs---Teddy's Mom

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Dear Jan,
Whenever I read something you have written about your golden girl Nike, there is sadness that comes through because you miss her so much and yet there is this wonderful loving energy that seems to flow from your heart for her that overshadows the sadness. She will make sure that many dogs will find you and she will pick the one that needs you the most and that you need the most. They are very wise Jan and they know instinctively just what we need. Peace will find its way into your heart and Nike will be sure to be watching over you and wanting you to smile again.
Max's mom Jo


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I'm so sorry to be a day past Nike's 10 month anniversary.  I know how awful these milestones are.  For me as time passes, it just makes the loss of our babies that much more final.  I definitely think that your beautiful Nike has put these babies in your path.   She knows how much you hurt still and she also knows that when you are ready, you'll give a very lucky kid a wonderful home.  Still I know that this is a very difficult step.  I just know that my Golda and your Nike are the best of friends.  Big hugs, Golda's mom
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