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Ten years ago I adopted a cat, me and my sister named her Cookie.
She came from an animal shelter, she was very little, manourished, well not the prettiest cat. 
She grew up, and every time we needed to move place, Cookie would come with us. 
She waited for me at home every day, she slept in my bed everyday, she woke me up everyday touching me with her paw in my face everyday (that was very annoying but I miss it so much). And so many more things I loved about her I could write. 
I moved to my parent's house 5 years ago, and of course she came with me. I tried as much as possible to have them in the same space for them to feel familiarized with each other. Eventually they got used to each other, was not love, but they wouldn't harm each other.
Yesterday I fell asleep after work and woke up to a lot of noise.
They were attacking her and I don't know why. I quickly yelled at the dogs at grabbed her. She seemed hurt on a leg but ok, I picked my things to go to the vet, but she started to breath in a very strange way and not reacting to my voice. I rushed to the vet, trembling all my self, he said it was very serious, her heart was stopping, he needed to give her a shot immediately, and asked me to leave the room. 
When he opened the door and looked at me, I couldn't believe... 
She did not survive. I feel devastaded, I miss her so much, I am always waiting for her to jump in my bed at night, to wait for me at the door.  
I am trying to forgive my dogs, because they are animals and I love them... but I can't even look at them... 


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Hi Julie,
First let me tell you how very, very sorry for your loss I am. I feel part of your grief.
Secondly, I want to tell you about two dogs we had as kids. One was a mutt named Ben. Ben was a sweet little guy. And we had Cheyenne, a beautiful, intelligent German Shepard. They got along great even though they were both in tack males. They never fought UNTIL ... sweet Ben started having seizures. Cheyenne would freak out and growl and bite Ben. After the seizure when Ben was back to himself, there they were buddies again. Cheyenne even grieved when we had Ben put down. I have no idea what happened to your sweet Gretchen but it might have been a case like that. Think about how some people panic in situations like that. Animals can do the same thing.

Honestly, you will never know exactly what happened and even if you did it eouldn’t make it hurt less. The loss of a dear pet is so hard anyway. Let yourself grieve. Come here as much as you want. We have all been in a relatively similar situation and are here for you.

May you find peace.

Paula- Raider’s mom

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Hi Paula,
I think you’re Message was for me. Anyway, thank you for your message. I am trying to focus on how much Cookie was loved, she was more than just a cat for me, I had some challenging moments in my life and most people would find stupid because she was just a cat, but for me she was so much more, she was a member of my family, I absolutely know she loved me as much as I loved her and her presence turned my day better. I am trying to move on but I miss her so much, it breaks my heart not to hear her in the morning asking for food ir waking um with her sleeping on my arm eventhough I fell asleep with her on my feet (she scratches me once sleeping). I can only tell that I loved her so much and she is really missed.


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I am glad it helped a little. I know what you mean. She was not just a cat. Raider was not just a dog. I would tell him to “go to bed with your brother”, “come here to mom’s room”, etc. He even had the same middle name as my youngest son. :) Can you guess who might have given him that middle name? Yes, his “little brother”. People who don’t get the opportunity to love a fur baby like that miss out.


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I am so, so sorry for your loss. My friend went through a similar situation a few years ago with her sister's pitbulls and her bichon. They had always gotten along so well, but for whatever reason, the pubulls attacked and killed her bichon one day while everyone was at work.

It's so tough to understand why animals do the things they do. I would say that there was NO WAY for you to know that something like this would happen and you cannot blame yourself. Animals are instinctual creatures and it's tough to predict what they'll do.

I hope that you find peace soon, Julie.

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To the posts from #10 on, they have been added in the last 2 days to a topic from 2013 and I'm not quite sure why, as it's not following the original post. But because in 2013, I replied to the original topic and indicated I wanted notifications - your new topic of the reply #10 and the following ones are all triggering emails of your posts to my email address which I do not use and made me think my account here had been hacked as having visited for ages - years. If creating a new topic, for new members here, do initiate a new thread topic and don't just tag onto an older message where it doesn't relate.
Thank you. I notified Ed about my concerns of a ?hacked account of mine here or that his website had been hacked as after all these years, the notification email was not anything recent for my not being on for years now.
Thank  you.

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