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i ran across this board after the loss of my baby last week. i thank god for finding this place. i have read some of the posts until i couldn't any longer. even given all the pain i am in ,it has touched me to see others with the same heart for their babies as i have. i will check the boards when i feel i can for now, but for now it is a comfort to know that there is someone here if i need a loving comforting moment.


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This is indeed a very special place to go to when the pain is real and sometimes hard to handle.  I have had a recent loss too - just 4 weeks ago.  Tell me a little about your loss - who is your baby at the Bridge?

There were many nights when I just couldn't take much more grief and I needed a place of my own to just 'let it out'.  I found solid comfort and understanding here.  And for that I am most grateful.

While I still cry and hurt each and every evening, things do get a bit easier.  We do not ever forget; we just learn to accept.  Keep me posted and please let us know more about your furbaby.




Aug 19, 1991 ---- Sep 22, 2006

Love and miss you always, my beloved Snuggy.



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I am happy you have found a place to grieve.  I am very sorry for the loss of your baby.  You are still in the very raw pain stage of grief and my heart goes out to you.


Yes, everyone here at Pet Loss has the same heart for their babies.  Be gentle with yourself and I can tell you that things will get better.  There are many stages to the grieving process and being in a great support group is one of the best ways to find healing and comfort.


Come and tell us about your baby when you feel up to it because talking about things is also beneficial.   You obviously loved your baby very much and sharing memories is helpful for the wounded spirit.


God bless you in this time of great sorrow.




Rhoda (Maggie Rose's Mommy)



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We're glad you found us, though sorry that you had to come.  All of us here have suffered the pain of losing a beloved furchild (some have lost several), so we understand your pain. No one here will tell you to "get over it" as some people do. We recognize that our bonds with our furkids are unique and special; their transition to a new life, though great for them, leaves us bereft - and so we come here to comfort each other.  Because we've all suffered the same pain, you'll always find understanding, sympathy, and support.

When you're up to it, please come again & tell us about your furchild; we do love to see photos, too!


May the Creator of All hold you gently in the palm of His hands, comfort you, and lead your heart to peace.


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thank each and every one of you so much. eventually when i can i will tell you more about my poohbear. but just reading today has been a big comfort. right now it is a little too painful for me. god bless you all. i will definitely keep in touch with all of you. i read about the balloon day on the 28th. are we still going to do that or has it changed?  have a blessed day


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Dear Rufusa,


I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved little one. The first few days and weeks are just so achingly hard and I truly believe having to let our beloved babies go on ahead of us is one of the hardest things we will ever have to do in our lives. I understand well your not being able to talk right now. Your terrible pain and grief are so new and it is so hard to even be able to breathe in the beginning. It took me 6 months before I could even post my Punkin's picture. Please don't expect too much of yourself right now. Try to physically take care of yourself and rest as much as you can. Even though it is hard to believe this I know, when you can, you will find some comfort in sharing more about your beloved baby. This is such a long hard journey we are all on but it is made that much less lonely in coming here where people understand and share our sorrow. 


One of the things which has helped me most was some sense of ritual in my babies' honor. And although I had memorial services for each of my babies, it need not be anything religious. You asked about Balloon Day on the 28th and I know many people have found it comforting to send their love this way. It also seems to me to be very comforting to know so many other people will be joining us in this at the same time wherever they live.  If you feel this is something you also want to join in and need some help with time or have any questions, please e-mail me or post to the thread about it. If You Are Interested in Another Petloss Balloon Day...  


Again I am so very sorry for your loss of your beloved baby and I will be holding you in my thoughts during these difficult days.


Many, many hugs with my great sympathy,




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I'm so sorry for your loss. I can also understand how coming to the board can be bittersweet. Sometimes writing to others who truly understand how you feel can make the grief more piercing. It's good you know when you need a diversion.


Again, there are no words that will hurry you through this process, other than to add my name to the list of folks that care and pray for your time of healing. It does take time. I posted a poem about my Baxter a few days ago. Our pets really wrap themselves around our hearts don't they? Please remember to take care of yourself through this time.


Christine - Snuggy looks so handsome. What a beautiful face and he has an "all knowing" look and dignity about him. 


Rhoda - I have a special place in my heart for calicos. Your Maggie Rose is beautiful. I still deeply miss my calico Katy. She will have been gone 10 years in February. It's strange, but I had a difficult time this week. I had to replace the worn bedspread that Katy used to lie on. Even now I would often run my hand over the place she used to lie. It seemed like another milestone of her absence that I didn't want to mark. Our love for them never diminshes does it?

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