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On January 10th I lost my beloved dog Bella and then 4 days later on January 14th, I lost my sweet baby Lucky.  I didn't know how I was going to get through the pain of my loss. 

The wonderful, warm, caring hearts that beat through the posts on this website truly helped me more than I can express.  It was a real source of comfort for me and for that and the sweet words that were written to me during that time, I thank you with all my heart.  I haven't been on here for a little while now. 
I guess I am coming to terms with what happened although at times I'm still dumbfounded that they were both taken so close together and there are times that I almost forget that they are gone and expect to see them and the nagging ache comes back to remind me that my puppies are at the bridge. I know that they are happy at the bridge but I do miss them.

I still have my other pup Newman and my cat Rachel and they have been wonderful.  I am thankful for them everyday.

Just wanted to let you know how appreciated you wonderful people are and how much you helped in my healing.
Warmest wishes to you all.

Susan Allan, Bristol, RI

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Hello Susan,

Many years ago I worked at Camp Hoffman in RI. It is located on Minesterial Rd and there was Pete the Beagle who also worked at the Camp.

I am so srry for the loss of your two fur babies, especially so close together. My youngest fur baby, 4 month old Kuggel is being an imp first class right now. Silv, Moz and I lost our Hershey on the 4th of Dec 07. It was a very unexpected death and I am just getting over the shock. Our baby is doing a lot to help in getting us back on solid ground.

We hope that good memories will replace the sadness in your heart.

Peace and hugs from the wind blown city of Great Falls, MT

Meri, Sil, Moz and Kugs

Posts: 686
Dear Susan

I am in a similar position with my grief.  I use to come 2-3 times a day when my Gus first went to the bridge.  Now, I am also coming to terms with the loss and do not sign on every day.  I have many good days, but then for whatever reason, something triggers the memory of the loss and I know how deeply I still hurt.

I agree that everyone at PL has been wonderful.  I don't know where I'd be in my grief without the love and caring I received here.

Thank you for reminding us of how much everyone here means to those of us who are newly grieving.

Kate (Gus's mom)


Posts: 251

Hi Susan,


That must have been so hard for you, losing your babies so closely together. One is traumatic enough, but two, you poor, poor thing. Do you ever wonder if maybe they wanted to go together, to be together? I don't know, I am probably just being silly.


This website truly is amazing. So many amazing people have comforted me when I felt I couldn't get any lower. It is nice to know that we are not alone.


Take care and be good to yourself xx


Nuggetsmum Alana


Posts: 37

I cannot imagine doubling the grief. I am facing something similar. I lost my Bart on 3/6 and I had my other dog (his brother) at the vet last week and they said he has an abdominal mass. I scheduled an exploratory for 3/31 and they said they would remove the mass if possible at that time. After hours of research on the internet this past weekend, I think I'm going to cancel. I just don't like what I'm reading.

I know what you mean about this board and the people on it. It's been a huge source of comfort for me and I can't imagine going through this without it.

I've asked myself a hundred times how I'll get through the death of Chilly so soon after Bart. I cannot imagine the pain you're going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Posts: 1,015

Dear Susan,


I can’t even begin to imagine . . . two earth angels leaving so close together.  I don’t think Nuggetsmom is being silly at all.  As much as we love our babies, I think their siblings (by blood or not) hold something so special and strong.  Bella & Lucky made their transition to the bridge so close in time that you can rest assured that they are together. 


I too feel that petloss has been a lifesaver for me.


I’m so sorry for your loss . . . in thought. . .


Rusty’s Mom.


Posts: 48

Susan I am so sorry for your double loss. My two furbabies are comforting me also while I am going through this. I feel so bad for you, no words can express! Take care, love, Michael


Posts: 1
I just registered this morning....boy I wish I knew about this site when I lost Max my cat (the love of my life).  I recently lost my mixed breed beagle of sorts ; ) "Barney".... I am just heartbroken....most people would think I was crazy but I know I was truly the love of Barneys life......

I am really very depressed right now...although I have to say reading the posts here I get such a chuckle....despite the fact I am a pet lover....I do not know the lingo at all!  I love "furbabei" !

I am so lonely right now.....I am not married....I don't have any children, although right now I think I would love at least one...I really want to get another dog, I just don't know if I could love another one like Barney.....I feel like he lives inside my heart...I don't know how else to describe it. I ache every morning for him....I dream at night that he is alive....and I just want to sleep longer because I am so content when I am with him.

Its funny how our animals fill the void in our lives.....ironically an old friend of mine out of the blue started texting me.....I think he wants to date, and I feel so torn right now....I don't know if I am ready for any relationship yet. I am afraid I will scare him away if all I talk about is Barney ( and Max!)....
I feel like I am picking daiseys " biological clock, puppy, biological clock, puppy, puppy, biological clock....Has anyone had this dilemma???

Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories...right now it is such a comfort to me....I know people thought I was nuts when I showed my Barney picture book to everyone.....and now that he is gone....I find it harder searching for support when I need it the most!!

Love to All
Kelly ( Barney's Girl)

Posts: 5,100

Hi Kelly (Barney's Girl),

Just came across your post and wanted to say how sorry I am you have lost your precious boy, Barney.  I know how much it hurts.  Although, I am married now for six years, and have a grown stepson, I had no other children but my dogs for most of my adult life.

Do you know you can start your own thread?  Just go to the top of page one of Grief support (the board you are on now) and click on Click Here to Add New Message Subject.   You can tell your story there and will get replies directly addressing you.

Again, I am so sorry for your loss.  I know it hurts so badly, and everyone grieves at their own pace.  The important thing to know is that you do not have to grieve alone.  We will be here for you.

Betsy's forever mommy

    My Beloved Betsy Noodle

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