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I want to thank all of the wonderful people here who have offered me comfort since losing my baby girl, Phaedra.  You've all been so nice to me and it has meant so much to know there are understanding people here.

I'm still missing my girl so much.  Sneezy and Phoebe are getting a little better but still looking for her.  Phoebe (her litter sister) is missing Phaedra a lot.  However they are both still eating, which is a good sign, I guess.  Phoebe and Phaedra (always "My Girls") have never been separated in their life.  I adopted them together from a rescue group when they were only 5 weeks old.  They even got spayed together, they've never been apart and Phoebe just can't seem to figure out where her sister is.  She brings me Phaedras favorite toy mouse and looks at me like "Where is my sister??" 

I've spent so much time hugging her and Sneezy and crying into their fur.  I know it can't be good for them for me to be so upset for so long. But it's so hard to stop.  I miss this precious little girl. 

So many here are suffering and in pain and my heart just goes out to everyone.  Yet you all seem to have the courage to try to help others, you are all so brave and kind.  Thank you all.

Peggy, Sneezy & Phoebe


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I am so sorry I missed your first post regarding your loss of your beloved and beautiful Phaedra.  I love her name.   What a beautiful girl she is!

I am so happy to hear Sneezy and Phoebe are still eating.  My heart broke for you when I read that little Phoebe brought you Phaedra's favorite toy mouse.   You know, maybe Phoebe was saying, "Mom, Phaedra would want you and me to play with this mouse so we can all see you smile again."

I am wishing you peace and many, many happy memories of your girl.

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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Dear Peggy,
You are doing all the right things for your babies who are left behind to miss sweet Phaedra.
Her sister will probably miss her the most and she is wanting to share that with you when she brings you her sisters favorite toy.
They do have their ways to speak to our heart.
They understand when we cry and they are usually our greatest source of comfort and we theirs.
Just let your heart bond even closer with them as you are doing now.
Phaedra will be watching over you all and smiling because she knows you are all together and never alone.
Don't forget that she led you here to share your pain with all of us so you would have people who understood to help you along the path.
We are all here for you and so glad you can share with us.
Love and Peace,

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Dear Peggy –


Oh our babies, they are as sensitive as we are. They know happiness, joy, sadness and grief.  They also are so very smart and they absolutely know when we are experiencing the same feelings.


Here’s a story about my kitty Rusty who left me 10 weeks and 2 days ago . . .


Rusty was about 16 or 17 years old when this happened. He was extraordinary & had a keen sense of picking up on feelings. 5 years ago on New Year's Eve, we lost our beloved Bernese mountain dog, Bingo.  Bingo was really more my husband's dog than mine, though I loved her just as much.  When we came home from the e.r. vet hospital, after Bingo was pts, Rusty could sense our sadness, and as my husband & I spooned on our bed, Rusty joined us, spooning into my husband's chest, something he had NEVER done before.  From that day forward I don't think a day went by that Rusty didn't provide comfort to my husband.  EVERY night after dinner Rusty would sit in his lap or lay on his chest (until his little clamshell bed became his most comfortable and loved spot.) EVERY night at bedtime, Rusty would curl up into my husband's armpit (until he stop coming upstairs.)  Although Rusty was "my" kitty, he knew my husband needed extra love and he gave it to him, unconditionally of course, until the end of his sweet, wonderful life.


We all miss him so much, and my other fur babies, my kitty LuluBelle and my dog Bam Bam, they continue to look for Rusty. LuluBelle sometimes sleeps in Rusty’s bed. I know they feel their own sadness as well as mine.


Your Phoebe is letting you know that she too misses her sister and that she also wants to play and bring joy to you at the same time.


Phaedra is watching over all of you with warm loving eyes and she’s knows you’ll be there for one another, providing comfort and love as you move forward.


Warm hugs,


Rusty’s Mom.

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