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Greetings Petloss Family,

I'm late in posting this. Worked a long day today, and kept wondering what I could say to do justice to my beloved English Bulldog, Sidney Lee, on this 4 year anniversay of his passing. Life has changed so much since he left, and I have thought about him everyday. The gut wrenching pain has subsided but still rears its ugly head every now and then.

Sidney was a darling bulldog I got as a puppy. It was October of 1993 and I had just moved to Manhattan after graduating from college. My then boyfriend and I took a train out to Long Island (Manhasset) to see the litter of puppies. They were only 6 weeks old, and most where just laying around. But not Sid, he got right up and came over and "growled" and bit my finger! My heart swells and the tears flow thinking about that instance, I knew I wanted THAT LITTLE BROWN ONE. He came home with us a month later. I could never have predicted how important a soul Sidney would be in my life story.

The boyfriend and I broke up, and I got custody. Sidney and I were a neighborhood fixture, and were known to folks who we didn't even know! He made everyone smile! I couldn't get down the street without everyone wanting me to stop so they could pet him. Seriously, the guy was a total hunk!!!! He knew it, too ;)

I reflected this weekend on our nearly 11 years together. He saw me through so much. During my time in Manhattan, he was the only constant in my life. My little love. And oh, I was just so PROUD of him. I would think to myself "How did I end up with the cutest dog in the world?". My heart would swoon everytime I looked at him.

So, here I sit, 4 years later, reminiscing about my special guy. Some may not understand, but many here will. There is a special bond between us and our special creatures. One that, I pray, can never be broken. I hope Sid knows how much I love him, and think of him, and treasure those years together. God, may we meet again...let it be so!

Thanks for listening everyone.
Candice, Sidney's Mama

Candice, hope it's okay to add Sidney's great pictures - Barb/MaxAndHazelsMom


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Dear Candice

Sid sounds like a wonderful boy and quite a character!  These anniversaries are so hard.  They bring such bittersweet memories.  I hope you find comfort in knowing that Sid had a wonderful life filled with you love.  He will always have a special place in your heart.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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4 years? It hardly seems that much time could have passed - yet i look at the calander and i know it has. Your bond with Sidney cannot be broken - and i can imagine both your bridge angels sitting by your side talking to each other  (and an occaisional "I taught her that!" from each of them).

No life is ever truly lost – its course is only altered to travel a distant shore.

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Dear Candice

What a great guy, he sounds a real darling.  Many of my babies have helped me through so many bad times, and I hadnt realised it until I looked back.  I often think of them and wonder where I would be now without their love.  These special babies are sent to us to be our little fur earth angels, and when they leave, they still watch and protect us.
A quick story.  My Labrador had been gone only a couple of weeks and it was my birthday.  I was feeling pretty sad, as you can imagine, then to top it all, I got stopped by the police on a routine check.  All of a sudden from the back of my car I heard him bark, and I felt him so strongly.  I was sent on my way with no problem.  I think Jack saw them off.  Di xxx

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It seems almost impossible that 4 years have passed. It has been almost 6 since Max has gone on to be with all the very loved furchildren at the Bridge but isnt it amazing how much they touched our life with their Love. Sidney came into your life and brought you through so much and was and is still a constant in your life. He was meant to be with you and you brought each other all the Love both your hearts needed. He certainly was adorable and has an aura about him that showed in your photos and that aura is his soul which still lights your way Candace.
You have always been so understanding and caring when my heart was hurting and have been a dear friend.
Peace to you as you walk through this 4th year of your adorable Sidney the handsome little man at the Bridge.
JoMax~My True Companion

Happy Bridgeday Sidney. I know you are watching over your mom with so much Love as you always did and always will until you meet again.


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Dear Candice,

Four much time and yet so little time.  It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that four years have come and gone since you first arrived at Petloss and introduced us to your incredible little man.  It's all the same, though, isn't it, since love is eternal and knows no boundaries of time or anything else...

Your comforting presence has been a part of my grief journey, and I thank you for that.  I hope that you are happy in your life now and that the memories bring you joy.  Never doubt, my friend, that you will see Sid again - it will happen, and the bridge will ring with his barks of welcome and love.

Take care, dear heart -



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I really don't have much else to add to the great responses to you as they say it so well and so beautifully.

I will tell you my impressions of Sidney's pictures, as they are all we have left of our loves. When I look at those great pictures I see so much love and so much humor, they bring a smile to my face and that is hard to do right now. I can imagine the stories behind each of those pictures and what they mean to you. I can see why people wanted to stop and give him pets.

Thank you for sharing his lovely pictures. I know how hard it can be even at 6 years. The length of time makes no difference, we miss them forever.


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Hi, Candace - How good to "see" you again!  Four years!  Hard to believe; time really does fly.  I remember Sid's photos - how they always made me smile (and still do).  I hope you find some consolation in knowing that he's safe, healthy, and happy, waiting for you.  You *will* be reunited - not a doubt in my mind.  (And how is the "puppy" - whom I know is no longer a puppy.  I remember there were some medical problems with him; I hope all is well with both of you.)

Happy, happy bridgeday, Sidney Lee!!!!

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Dear Candice, aka. Sid's mom forever!
What a perfect way to end the day today, photos of Sid, my most fav. 'boy' of all time! His cheekiness, spunky nature show so well in all the pictures. Like he's saying, 'Look at me, I am loving, sweet, handsome beyond words and love my mom, Candice, soooooo much!'
Your words remembering all the years you shared with him as you travelled your years through your 20's in New York were never-to-be-forgotten years. Sidney Lee made it all bearable, the tough times, the lonely times all rich with the support and love of your special boy.
Now he's been an angel, such a special angel in your heart, where the love continues to grow in memory now.
Bless you for your mother's heart, willing to love after Sidney Lee left your side, giving love to dear Annabelle and then after she left your side, now to Gunner. But, Sidney Lee began that journey of yours loving him so much that you simply couldn't go without sharing love again with Annabelle and now Gunner. He taught you well, didn't he?
So, these four years later, Candice, we are friends although living miles apart and in different countries. Through our shared sorrow, shared memories and shared understanding of love through loss, friendships grow here at Petloss. I feel honoured to call you a friend.
Blessings to special angel boy, Sidney Lee, also angel girl, Annabelle and hugs and kisses for Gunner.
Wendy (Decker's mom)

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Dear Candice..........I've read your post a couple of times the last few days and had a huge lump in my throat each time....AND, I've looked at the photos of your dear Sidney (each one of them burned in my memory from the days when you and I and many others huddled around our computers day after day after day..........)
It seems like a life time ago and yet only yesterday that we had our soulmates with us here on earth........We've made it through those horrible times of pain when we thought we certainly couldn't make it through another day....
But, we did, and memories of them will be with us forever...You are a dear friend who I will cherish as long as I live......You threw out a life line to me on many occasions, and I'll always remember burning the night oil together with our other friends here as we healed one day at a time....
I hope this finds you doing well and still enjoying Houston....Know, Candice, that you are often in my thoughts!!
Blessings to you, Candice.........Kelsey's Mom  (Ruth)
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