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It’s been almost a week now since I said goodbye to Jack, my 8 year old Alaskan Klee Kai. Last summer when he was getting ready to have some dental work done, the vet notified he had a heart murmur, and a pretty significant one too. We’d never been told he had s heart murmur before, so it was a shock. He had some more test done and found out he was in the early stages of heart failure. The vet put him on medication and said because we caught it early, he’d probably still live his full life expectancy (his breed usually only makes it to about 10). Around Christmas his started coughing, first at night, then in the morning too. We took him back to the vet and they said he’d progressed to congestive heart failure. We added more medicine. The coughing fits because more frequent, so we added more medicine. He had good days and bad days, but he was still my little guy, and my daughter’s best friend. Last we I was playing with him in our living room when his mouth suddenly hung open, and he started making uncontrollable movements with his neck. I called his vet, but they said it sounded too serious for them and to take him to an animal hospital. By the time we got there, the strange movements had stopped, he was foaming at the mouth and turning blue. They vet examined him and said he’d had a heart attack, and a big one from the looks of it. He also had fluid in his chest. They could drain the fluid, triple his medication and put him on an IV and oxygen, but she said he’d likely live out his last few days or weeks there at the animal hospital and never be well enough to go home again. It seemed too cruel to have him live in pain with strangers for what little time he would have left, so I made the heartbreaking decision to let him go. They let me hold him when they put him to sleep, so at least he got to die in the arms of someone who loved him. It’s been hard for me since. The have to be strong for my daughter which means hiding how I’m feeling. I keep forgetting Jack is gone. I still go to call for him when I come home. I almost bought dog treats at the grocery store yesterday. I’ve lost human family members before and not been as devastated as I as over the loss of Jack. I haven’t gone a day without crying since. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

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Hello Ast,
Talk about Sad !  Jack was very much a family member all round . Same with my wee chihuahua Perry, 16y, laid to rest a month ago. Regardless of their ages, pain IS pain and is absolutely devastating. I try to view his passing at the Vets as the... Final grace I can give for all the comfort offered during his Life and to end his suffering. My wee man, Perry Was indeed my World. I will go as far as to say... For all the years of unconditional love, this unbelievable grief is worth it in the end. Yes, emotions are still raw and I still long for him and miss his presence and Always will, after all he Was a family member. And so it goes, do take each day in stride, and allow yourself to grieve. How long it takes to establish normalcy in one's life, really doesnot matter. To each their own. Know that You are not alone, we are ALL on this Forum to speak of our losses and it does good to vocalise experiences. In short, once an animal has touched one's Soul-- Forever.   Peace to You in going forward,    Sherry/Perryx
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