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My dear dear friends here at petloss and to all of you that posted at Tweenys Ma post titled “A Prayer for Rusty’s Mom,” I’d like to personally extend a thank you that is filled with the sincerest amount of gratitude that comes from the very deepest part of my heart.


It is friends like all of you that will see me through this awful time. They say (whoever “they” are,) that wonderful things can be born out of tragedy, and when you’re in the midst of it, it doesn’t seem like that, but it’s true; like discovering what truly amazing friends I have. And in this case, friends I’ve never even met. Of course, I’m sure you understand it when I say I wish I didn’t have to make this discovery, but this is what life is right now for me. I truly thank my higher power for putting people in my circle that I know truly love and support me. I feel such an outpouring of love, one of which, without I would have surely died myself.


You honor me with all of your words of support and they touch my heart. My mom would be so pleased to know that my friends are here to lift me up when I stumble, to provide that soft shoulder in which to cry, or to simply provide an ear to listen. I know it would make her heart less heavy.


To Tweenys Ma (Anna), Katebock, Emptynow, Kelseylen, dogrispamela, mykittygirl, gruntsmomforever, nuggestsmom (Alana), heleny, mrmeowgy (Donna), goofygirlinva (Kelly), benniesmom, rena, georgann (& Christopher), godenboysmom (Jo), herbiesmom, maxsmom (Joanne), woowoowoo(Melissa), whiteeyelashes (Pami) & loudpurring. . . and all of us . . . . I know all of our hearts have been so broken and our sorrow is profound when we have to say goodbye to our very best friends as they leave for the rainbow bridge, but yet, each of you put your own grief aside to say a prayer for me and my family. It touches my heart that this kindness of strangers, who are going through their own profound pain, can reach out to comfort others.

It is this bond, this circle of support that I will be forever eternally grateful.


For those of us that sadly share this bond of losing our mother’s, I wish I had great words of wisdom, but I don’t, except to say, I understand every single sentiment that was written . . . “I wish I had more time,” “I will never be the same,” “I’ve never gotten over it,” etc. I too have the same feelings and many more.  


I imagine that my dear sweet mom is now with my dad and Rusty and they are all watching over me, as I’m sure your loved ones watch over you.


To all of our loved ones that have gone before us . . . until we meet again . . . we love and miss you so.


With the most sincere thanks and gratitude –


Rusty’s Mom – Allison


Peace to all.


P.S. To whiteeyelashes (pami) – I haven’t had a chance to read through all of the posts, but I understand that the vermin that stole your babies ashes has been caught – The universe does indeed provide. Good luck and many hugs.



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Dear Rusty's Mom, Allison~


Oh dear friend, you were so kind to include a *p.s.* in your thread (concerning the vermin & his being caught)....especially, as you are going thru your own grief.

I wish I could be there to give you a *big hug* & try to add some comfort. I lost my mother almost 30 years ago & she missed out on so much of our lives....but, for the short time that we had her ~ she was so deeply loved. I can truly feel your *pain* & loss & I wish I could take some of it away for you.

Each day I thank the Heavens above for sending EdW to this earthy plane, so he could start a *life-saving* site for so many of us that are in pain. Not only do we help each other.....we make friendships that will last a lifetime & beyond! It was the *final gift* Our Precious Babies* left us.....this site & each other.

I hope each day gets better for you. I know the journey will be hard.......but, we are always here for you.


With much love~


Pami & Onyx's ever-lasting spirit


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Dear Rusty’s Mom (Allison),


You have become a dear heart to so many here that I guess we're not really strangers after all.  You mean so much to us and it hurts that you have lost your two best friends so soon together.  Like you, I am thankful for having found this circle through the tough circumstances that found us all here.


I found this site several years ago when a friend’s dear kitty went to the bridge, but didn’t spend more time until my sister’s beloved cat Lola passed in 2005, not knowing that my beloved Tweeny would follow just months later, with my sister being widowed between the two.


Your mom sounds like a beautiful person, and maybe she will meet my mother, whose birthday would be May 15, the day after your mother’s eternal birthday.  Most of us on this board will probably never meet in life, but I am hoping that we will all meet at the bridge.  Won’t that be a wonderful thing!


(By the way, the picture of the lilacs was taken on Tweeny’s bridgeday- you can see the weather was kind of muted- just like my mood)


We are all blessed to have you here, you have helped so many with your beautiful comforting replies, and we send you love in your very difficult time.


Love and Hugs, Tweeny’s Anna


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Allison, you are a dear, kind soul.  My heart is breaking for you as you have suffered so in the past few months.  I will be thinking of you as you mourn the loss of your beloved mother...and your sweet Rusty.

I will continue to say many prayers that you find strength and, eventually, peace, my friend.

Sending you a big hug and much love,

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