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It is 5:50 AM here in New Hampshire...   My Vet doesn't open until 9 AM....  That is 3 hrs....

I'm so sad and crying because it looks like I'll be brnging Wizzy (Wizard) to the Vet today to help him to the bridge.  I hope I'm not doing it too soon and this is just a bad day for him like we all have, but I hope I'm not doing it too late and he's been in some kind of pain all night....

3 Hrs....  I only have 3 hrs left to hold, love and see my handsome all white Wizard and his sweet face and two different color eyes.....  He will still talk to me when I talk to him, but only very little and from time to time and it sounds so sad....

These will be the shortest 3 hrs in history because they will go so fast and I'll never see Wizard again until my time comes....  Bu they will also be the longest 3 hrs because I feel I waited too long and I hate seeing him like this.

This is so hard.  I'm miserable....

Because of my depression I have a theripist appointment today at 9 AM, but that is when the Vet opens so I'll have to miss it....  I could really use to talk to my theripist today....  I'm worried, scared, feel guilty, full of sorrow, and grief....  My last kitty and my most favorite and bestest friend of ALL TIME will be leaving me in 3 Hrs.....

He's in my lap, like usual, and I keep stopping to pet him, wipe my tears and gently talk to him reassuring him how much I love him and will miss him...  I tell him how much he means and how special he is....  I love my Wizzy Kitty soooooo much.....


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Oh Bob . . Know how you feel . .
"the greatest GIFT you can give to one you Love, Is to take away their pain"
Help him cross
tell him he'll be seeing all his buddies and meeting new ones soon . . and it's GOOD!
Leave a message at your therapists and see if you can reschedule for today
I too see a therapist for 2 years . . they understand . . that's why they're Therapists!
Believe it or not, you'll be stronger after this . . won't feel like it I know . . but you WILL!
And who knows what new little life is out there waiting JUST for you . .
Breathe Bob, be brave for The Wiz!
and give yourself credit for seeing it through !
Oh boy are my thoughts and prayers with you!!
Katherine 7:51 am Toronto

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Bob, I too know exactly how you are feeling. I had that horrible appt made with the vet and knowing that there was an exact time that everything was just going to end was so painful. The clock tortured me and all I could do was count down with it. I kept envisioning everything that was about to happen and was convinced I didn't have the strength to go through with it. Somehow within that last half hour before that time arrived I had gathered as much strength as I could and gathered Fifi in my arms for one last time and climbed into the car. I'm so sorry you have to go through this... I know the pain and anticipation is unbearable.

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Hi Bob, I promise I'm not a stalker...I've replied to all of your threads and understand your grief.  I've told you in the other threads that my Kirby's time is near as well.  He is a husky mix and on the cusp of turning 14.  But he's still hanging in there, but I can tell the "spark" has gone.  He eats, drinks, but the only time he perks up is when I take him for his walks outside. 

If the arthritis meds don't kick in soon, I fear I will have to put him down.  He tries so hard to get up to follow me, but I know he's struggling and it's not fair to let him go on like that for my selfish reasons.

We're here for you,

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I feel so sad for you. I know how much you love your darling handsome Wizard.  I am going to light a candle for you and your baby under WIZZY. I wish you peace and comfort. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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So sorry for you, just think of the time those three hours would mean to many of us who were not fortunate to have the time to do what you are doing; saying your last good bye. I had time with my Peaches before she crossed the bridge one week ago today. We spent her final night in her favorite chair, her curled in my lap and me petting her and telling her what you are telling your Wizzy, how much I loved her and how much she will be missed. But your Wizzy like my Peaches will always be with us in our hearts. Be strong and be there with her on her journey to the bridge. God Bless.


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10:26 am, Toronto
Just checking in to see how you're holding up

Lots of Love and Light,

Posts: 820

Sorry for what you are going through.  I called my vet at 9am and he only had 1.30pm appt that day.  I couldn't believe I only had a few hours left with my Rupert.  The vet was in surgery and got held up until 2.15pm when he came here.  When he walked through our side gate I was almost hysterical but I found a strength and you will too.  It will be a long healing process to go through.  Go to the therapist, you need that first.  Please don't feel guilty.  You have done so much for Wizzy and he needs to go home now. His cat friends are waiting for him and hopefully one day we will see them again.

A wonderful book I read is called " Coping with Pet Loss"by Robin Grey. Published in Great Britain by Sheldon Press 2006. Look it up in you library later when you feel up to it.  It helped me cope with the GUILT that goes with this.  If this one is not available there are others on this web site.

Best thoughts Ruperts Mum
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