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Please send your prayers to Holly.  She is a female Podenco, who has just died whilst being sterilised.  I work on an animal rescue helpline, and poor Holly was waiting to find a forever home. 
Just a few prayers to light her way please as she had no owner to mourn her passing.  Bless you darling Holly. Di xxx

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I just lit a candle for Holly.  I know she will find love and friendship at the RB.



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I just lit a candle for Holly.She's running free with all of our furbabies.

                                                               Jingles mom

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Hi Basil;
So nice to see you back.
I am sorry that Holly passed.
What is Padenco?


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A Podenco is a Spanish hunting dog.  In the main, they have awful lives, they are so badly treated.  It is the same with Galgos.  My dog is half Galgo.  Lots of info on the web, very sad though, be warned.
Great to be back.  Di xxx

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I assisted my golden to the RB this past weekend so I know that she'll be there with Holly.  Being part of her forever family now.  My heart aches for all those animals without the love of a special human.

I'll be there on Monday to say a prayer and light a candle.

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I am so sorry for your loss MW.  Your baby was so lucky to have had your love.  It breaks my heart that there are so many animals that never have the chance of a loving home.  Poor Holly was found in the countryside by a kind soul.  Her pup was in a drainage ditch and Holly was trying to get him out.  It is such a shame that she never got a special home on earth cos she certainly deserved it. 
Thank you all for your kind words on Hollys behalf, and all of the candles.  I know that she has found her forever home now, and will never know cruelty and abuse again.
Love to you all, Di xxx

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I am so sorry.  Bless Holly.

Merry's mom

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Oh, Di, how tragic.  My God it upsets me when I hear a dog has passed while being sterilized.  It is extremely rare for that to happen these days, as anesthesia is so safe now.   One study I saw from a vet school said less than 0.42% of their dogs died during this type of procedure.   That is a better percentage than we have for humans who undergo anesthesia!

God bless and keep the beloved Holly. 


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Just read the post; am sure Peaches has greeted her already along with many others and now Holly has family far greater than she could have imagined here on earth. God Bless.-Jerry in Oklahoma.


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Dear Diane,
My thoughts are with Holly...Her story touched me. 
She┬┤s got a forever home in our hearts.
Love, Denise

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Dear Basil,

  I'm so sorry for the loss of Holly after having been found in such a sad state but on the way to being adopted and this happens on routine surgery.  My mother was Spanish from the basque region in norther Spain but I had never heard about the podenco breed.  That poor little one was an angel sent to earth to show us that even though his life was too short, he was loved a lot by someone who cared before he died.  My prayers and thoughts go to Holly a little angel that came to teach us about caring and unconditional love.  Glad to have you back again!  I will send a prayer for Holly and I know that his spirit was carried to heaven by angels.


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Oh basil I am so sorry. I looked up the padenco on the internet and oh my god what is wrong with these so called people. I have said it before eachone of them has to live as a feral cat or now I will say a Padenco dog for at least 3 months before they should be allowed to continue in society. Ghandi said it best "You can judge a society by how they treat their animals" or somthing like that and it is so rite.
She died being spayed?????Why??????? I don't get it. Was she spayed here or over there?
i am so sorry.

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Dear Loudpurring,
First of all I hope that you are feeling a bit lighter today.  I am glad that you looked up Podencos, most have such a sad life.  They apparently make wonderful pets but the Spaninsh dont want them as, in their minds they are work animals.  There are a lot of rescue organisations here in Spain, working on their behalf, but it is mainly the foreigners here that give them homes.  These people are also trying to educate the hunters to be more humane, I try to think that it is just ignorance, and not deliberate cruelty.
Galgos are also hunting dogs here, they are treated with the same contempt.  My Ben, who we got in Jan this year, after the loss of my old man, is half Galgo.  He is the sweetest natured dog who tries so hard to please, and for only 18 months, he is so well behaved.  A lot of Galgos are rehomed in the States and other parts of Europe, because of the problem finding them homes here.
Holly was being sterilised here in Spain, apparently the vet is doing a post mortem.  Maybe, because she was so badly treated prior to her rescue she just wasnt strong enough.  She was found with one pup, so who knows how many other litters she had.
I want to thank you all for responding to this post from the bottom of my heart.  This site and all of the people that run it, all of the people who post and answer posts, seem to bring light, into what seems to be a very cruel world.
May you always find peace and comfort and love here.  God Bless you EDW.  Much Love, Di xxx
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