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Tonight I was feeling particularly lonely for my babies.  I had just finished tending to their graves, as I do every night, adding another stone, touched by daddy, filled with love, to let them know that I think about them always. 

Henry, the Irish Setter from next door has taken to visiting me occasionally over the last few weeks, somehow knowing that I need a fur-baby fix, but also showing up for the dog cookie that I give him when he comes over.  This time, he actually met me at the graves.....something he's never done before.  He looked into my eyes and sat by me, waiting for his ear scratching, but there was something different tonight.  He looked as though he knew my emptiness, and he stayed with me the entire time I was outside.  I can't explain it any better than that.  He even walked with Sharon and I for a brief time tonight until the rain started and we headed back in, and he headed home. 

I looked out the window as the rain started to subside.  It was strange looking, as the tops of the pines to the east were bathed in sunlight, but the sky was black behind them.  The break in the clouds from the west caused the effect, but also produced a very nice rainbow, the center of which seemed to fall above my babies resting place!  I smiled at this sign from them, and recounted the comfort that Henry had given me just prior to that.  Thank you, my precious pups, for once again showing me that our bond will never be broken!  I love you both so much!

Have faith, my Petloss family....your pets are still with you and will love you through eternity!  Rick


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Thanks Rick for encouraging me, you can write very well. I wanted to read more! Somehow they know were in pain. 

My friend has 3 dogs, when I dropped in - the dogs all charged me and gave me kisses, then ran and got there favorite toy to share with me. My friend said, that's strange, "they never share the toys..not all 3 at the same time". I started crying and his pug was licking the tears off my face. Very healing.




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What a wonderful story, Rick. It must have been amazing experience.
You can bet that Henry knows how you are feeling and what is going on. They're way ahead of us...


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What a nice story; thanks for sharing it.

I still haven't seen any signs that my girl made it there safely. I would give anything to see her and feel her again. I miss my Sadie bug so much.

I wish my friends could understand the pain. Most people think I've lost my mind. :(

aka Sadie's Mommy

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Pattie, it's OK for us to feel like we are losing our minds over the loss of our precious pets!  No one except those of us who have actually been through it, and who love our babies to the degree that we do, have a clue!  I believe that those of us who love animals are a different has huge rewards, but also huge negative consequences when we have to part with them.  The love runs deep!

What I've found about the signs is that they appear most often when I'm not looking for them....that is, they have a way of finding me rather than the other way around.  It will happen for you!

God Bless!  Your Sadie bug loves you dearly!  LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)

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Rick, what a beautiful story.  It is sad, but has a happy tone to it also.
And I totally agree with SunShineGirl; Henry, the dog next door knows your grief and your sorrow.  He is trying to comfort you and also show respect by visiting the graves.  Animals are so wonderful!!!!!!  The world should take a lesson from our animal kingdom.  And I am sure that your two babies have communicated to Henry to take care of their "Daddy".  No doubt about that.
The RainBow was also a sign sent from your two babies.  They are trying to send comfort to you.  
Thanks for sharing this story with us.

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Dear Rick,

I am so happy for you that God sent his comfort in such a beautiful way. I agree with you, we are a different breed. I believe that we are "chosen". I think as time goes on, that blessed people like us, will be giving testimony and understanding to the unknowing world. They say that we cannot understand the heights of our joy until we know the depths of our sorrows. We do know. But we see life in such a different way now... and Beauty and Joy have a new meaning for us. Our Father has used a Rainbow as a promise and I think He used one for you. God bless.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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Bob, I think what you experienced with your friend's dogs was another sign from your dear April!  I think that Clara is right when she says that there can be communication between our Bridge Pets and those beloved pets still living on this earth.  As my Luke and Lil have been passing messages on through Henry, your April has likely prompted your friends dogs to give you a tongue bath and shower you with toys. 

The bonds of love are so strong and run so's very clear that those bonds remain between you and your precious April! 

God Bless!  Rick

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Luke's Dad, sorry for your loss.
The love does run deep indeed. I haven't loved many people the way I've loved my pets. They were always my babies and got treated like that. They were all spoiled, too, but so what?
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