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Last night has got to be one of the painful nights I have ever experienced.

My partner was washing our bed spread and I remember talking to him while he took it out of the dryer. It was still a little damp so I remember him putting it back in and turning the dryer setting to high. We both went back downstairs and and started having an arguement. I don’t remember how long exactly had passed but we both continued going back and forth shouting next to the dryer because of how loud it is. The arguement ended and I started walking down stairs. I heard him open the dryer to take out the bed spread. “Oh, my God Fiona!” he screamed. I ran back upstairs and saw my partner unrolling our 4 year old Sphynx cat Fiona. I dropped my drink and ran to her and picked her up. She was barely panting but still alive.

Crying as I type this now because this is the part that I’m sure will haunt me for the rest of my life. She was BURNING UP and had a bloody foam coming out of her mouth. Her face was red and beat up. Her being a hairless breed, I could see everything. It was 12:30am, so we called the nearest 24 hour vet and got in my car together with her wrapped up in a wet towel. We got there in less than 5 minutes going I want to say 80 mph in a 35 mph zone. I’m surprised we did not get pulled over. She died in my arms before we got there. In denial and not wanting to believe it at the time, I stopped my car and got out with the engine still running and ran with her in my arms and banging on a side entrance door. There were two nurses and one ran to the door and let me in. “Help her, help her, help her!” is all I could say in tears shaking. They grabbed her limp body and put her on the table. Realizing I was in an employee only area I went to the front where my partner had come in and was standing in the waiting area.

The look in his face. He knew. I could tell he was still processing everything that had just happened in less than a 20 minute span. He was not hysterical like me. I guess he deals with stressful situations more calmly than I do. He always has in the 14 years I have known him. “Is she dead?” he asked the man at the front straight up. “Yes, she passed,” I remember him saying. Immediately after that one of the nurses brought her out to me and all I remember is putting my hands over my face and dropping to the ground in tears. She took me to a room and said to take as much time as I needed with her. I remember her giving me a very long hug before leaving me with her.

My partner did not want to see his baby like this so his mother came and picked him up and they left. I sat in there with our baby wrapped in a towel for at least an hour crying probably the hardest I have since I was a child. I know this sounds crazy and it probably is but I even tried breathing for her because I thought maybe there was a chance I could bring her back. I know, right? I sat with her looking at her beautiful face. Rubbing the inside of her ears like she loves. Watching her color turn paler. Her body go from warm to ice cold. I kissed her and told her repeatedly that loved her and how sorry I was. After a good hour or so, I finally handed her over and walked out still sobbing profusely.

I have had many cats in my life. I’ve had ones that were great. I’ve had some not so great that I still loved. Out of all the cats I have ever met or owned in my entire life, Fiona was BY FAR the most special and intelligent. She was an angel. I always wondered how long she would live and dreaded the thought of how and when she would die. How painful it would be for my partner and I. Never in a million years would I think she would be taken so soon and in such a horrible, slow, and painful way.

So here we are coming up on the 24 hour anniversary of her death. Neither one of us went to work today. We are still in the same clothes. We have not eaten or left the our bed. All we have done is sleep. I have woken up several times to cry realizing that this actually for real.

I keep asking myself how could we have stopped this. She did have a history of being found in the dryer so why did we not check? Why? Had we not had wine, would we have noticed? If we were not caught up with our argument that was not even important, would one of us noticed her sneak in? We will never know. All I do know is seeing her coming out of the dryer like that and having her die in my arms will be forever burned into my mind for the rest of my life. As of now I am not sure how my mind will cope with what happened last night. I do not think there will ever be another cat like her. And I would not want there to be another like her because it is NOT her.

So my main reason for getting up to post this to you guys is to please always check your washer and dryer before you turn it on. No matter how much of a hurry you are in or whatever distraction there may be, you can prevent this from happening to another animal.

I would greatly appreciate some comfort or words of wisdom from you guys. Thank you for reading.DF5-AD7-B8-5-D63-4595-A4-AD-D6-C16-BFFB1-D6

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I am sooo sorry for your loss. I am sorry for pain. It is evident that you loved your Fiona dearly. As much as we don’t want to think about it, bad things happen, accidents, tragedy, loss and pain, don’t make sense.... are so beyond our control, beyond explanation etc. We will never understand. You can’t blame yourself; you can’t let the guilt overcome you. You will get through this. It is so brave of you to raise awareness already. I know nothing will bring your Fiona back, nothing I can say or do will stop the hurt and pain you and your partner are feeling now but I am so sorry. You loved Fiona and gave her a good home and soo much love. She knew it. This was just beyond your control. I am praying that you and your partner will find peace and comfort soon, that you will overcome, and start remembering the love you shared with Fiona. Please take care. Hugs.

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I have no words to say that help with your loss as I'm new to dealing with this myself, but as someone who's owned plenty of pets, I can tell you loved your cat and know you gave it a good life. Accidents happen, and while that doesn't help much, it's the truth and something every pet owner knows all to well. Somethings you just can't see coming or prevent. Thoughts and prayers to you and your partner.

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Good Afternoon, Jeremy,

I am so very for the loss of your beloved Fiona, and I am especially sorry for the heartache you and your partner are going through.

Dearest Jeremy,  if I may, may I first say to you to please know that what happened with Fiona was an accident, no malice or unkindness intended. Sadly and truthfully, accidents happen with our beloveds, as these wonderful creatures who come into our lives also come with an independence and freedom of thought and action that sometimes eludes us. In no way does their free spirit and independence undermine our love, caring, and loyalty to our beloveds. Nor in any way does it make us any less able to care for, love, and be responsible for these wonderful beings.

Dearest Jeremy, I wish for you to know that all of us here in this wonderful community know so very well that you and your partner clearly love your Fiona so very much. Yes, I am using the present tense, because Jeremy, what I also wish for you and your partner to know is that while you Fiona may have made her journey Home, in no way does it mean that you are forever separate. Quite the contrary, Jeremy. Right now, your beloved Fiona is with many wonderful beloveds whose lives are shared with the people of this wonderful community, and I am so very sure that she is sharing her loving thoughts of the two of you with her new friends, knowing that one day in the future, you will reunite, and be able to continue your journey together. We all make the same journey together, Jeremy. Sometimes, there simply comes a time when one member may move on ahead, waiting for the others. But I can also promise you that in her way, in the future, your beloved Fiona will let you she is still with you, loving you, and letting you that she is fine.

Jeremy, as many here will attest, the first days of a beloved making their journey Home are so especially hard on those left behind. I can understand. When I first joined this community, my little buddy Van Gogh (A true gentleman of a  Maine Coon Cat)was sent on his journey because he was simply to ill to endure the treatments with no success. I could not even function those first days; like you, I  couldn't eat, sleep, and at work, I would sometimes have to leave my tables because I would think of him, and the tears would flow. I understand, Jeremy, so very much. But if I may dear spirit, time passed, and helped. I still thought of, and think of my little buddy every day. I still share a tear or two when I think of him, but there was one day when I thought of him and instead of tears, I felt myself smiling. It's a wonderful thing about memories, Jeremy. They have a true gift for helping transform grief into pleasant reminiscing. I promise you that in time, your beloved Fiona and her memories will guide you through this transformation. Until that time, dearest Jeremy, please know that you are not alone. You and your partner have many friends here who share your pain, and are here for you. For now, dear sir, please know that personally, I offer to you a heartfelt hug, my thoughts, hopes, and prayers, for you, your partner, and of course, for your sweet Fiona.

All is well with love,

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