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It's Monday morning and I stayed home from work to wait to hear on my cat's biopsy results sometime today...We could not visit him yesterday,but our vet called us as he was holding his own still...she's preparing us for the worse I know...With all I've been researching and what she found when she opened him up,I'm so scared it's not going to be good news,but I'm hoping for a miracle..Please say prayers for my ^Tuffy man^..I only lost my poodle ^Sarah^ 9 months ago,my heart is breaking...
 The diagnosis were dreading is pancreatic adenocarcinoma..the prognosis is very poor because of the tendency for metastases to exist 81% of the time prior to diagnosis and has a very poor response to chemotherapy...

I took this picture of him just 2 weeks ago..He didn't get sick till the Sunday before Memorial Day and took him in on Tues am,they were closed on Monday,but I talked with the vet and gave him pepto for the vomitting,but it all came back up,he spent Tues there and she gave him blood work,which was fine,and x-rays which did not show treated with shots to stop vomitting and penicillin,etc and sent him home...He could not keep anything down,so back again on Wed. Thursday she did a barium test and that's when the mass,etc showed up in the stomach and pancreas,so she did surgery right away to get the biopsy's..he's been on fluids and getting some nutrition,but he has not eaten now for 8 days,they can't put anything in stomach with pancreas so irritated..we just need to get the results now to know what to do and what will be best for Tuffy.

Thanks for listening,my heart is breaking in a million pieces

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Tuffy is so handsome. He looks real laid back and I love his fur colorings.
The waiting is always so hard. Your mind is so un-easy and I think knowing is better than not.
 You just lost your poodle, Sarah, too. I had a miniature cocoa brown poodle as a kid--she was as smart as a whip and very well behaved (usually).
 Sorry for your loss of Sarah. And, now Tuffy is ill. It's just alot to deal with. Take care and keep us all posted.


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My heart breaks for you.  There's nothing worse than waiting for test results; it just increases the anxiety, I know.  Tuffy is very handsome!  His expression reminds me of my Merlin, who went to the Bridge nearly 7 years ago.

I have just said a prayer for you and for Tuffy, that the Creator please restore Tuffy to health.

Please come here any time you like; we've all suffered the same kind of pain, so you'll always find understanding, sympathy, and support.  And let us know what's happening with Tuffy (and you!).

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My heart and prayers are with you and your precious Tuffy. He is a very handsome boy.

Please know you have friends here who care and understand.

It so so hard to see our precious babies become ill. My cat Cheeseburger got sick so suddenly; I lost him on May 4th 2008.

If you should need to talk to me I am including my e-mail address.

Bless you Tuffy - what a beautiful boy you are.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


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Dear Tuffy's Mom,

I'm thinking of you and saying prayers for you and your little Tuffy.
He is such a beautiful boy.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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As you know, my heart and thoughts are with you and Tuffy right now. I know how you are so anxious waiting for news... However, please please keep in mind that even the worst news may not be "gospel". You may remember that Molly was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer, insulinoma, also. Very high mortality rate and very fast spreading. However, with the help of my oncologist, who practices both "Eastern and Western" medicine, Molly long outlived the original prognosis of 2 months. She lived, mostly healthy and happy, for almost 4 years with this diagnosis. Please do not give up hope just yet. Of course, I don't want you to have higher than high hopes, either. But there is a balance. And, Tuffy will let you know what is best for him once you have all of the facts. Another thing to remember is that, although we must rely on our vets for knowledge that we just don't possess, they are not infallible and they do not know everything. They go by past experience, trials, etc. And, are not always right. Just keep a bit of an open mind once you know what the results are.

Please know that I'm here for you for any and all support you need. I am worried about you and Tuffy and will send all the love and hugs I can.



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Sending my love and prayers to you and your Tuffy.  What a lovely looking guy.  Hang on in there.  Much Love, Di xxx

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