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Occasionally we like to post an explanation of the Wolf Names to the new people here so that there are no misunderstandings. There is also posting under the FAQ's on the main page HERE.


The WOLF names are volunteers who spend time on the messageboard and in the chatroom to offer grief support. Each of us came here for love and support just like you because we too have lost a beloved pet and soul mate. We have committed to come here as often as we can to give help and support to others who are hurting. We try to make sure that the chatroom is never empty so that no one is ever alone here. If no one is currently using the chatroom and you need to chat with someone, there is a link after you click to enter the chatroom that will notify a grief support chat volunteer to join you in the chatroom.  Please never hesitate to reach out if you need to talk.  

Not all wolves use this name and you do not need a wolf name to offer comfort and support to others.
We are just people who care and want to help. Anyone here who loves animal babies and wants to give support is already a WOLF at heart.


Lobo's wolf "Pooky" and Magicwolf's "TroubleSSS" are the inspiration behind the Wolfpack, and both are at the Rainbow Bridge welcoming our babies. Please join us in the Chat Room for the Candle Ceremony---- it's every Monday Night at 10 pm EST. We are here to lend a helping hand and a strong shoulder to lean on.


The WolfPack, as well as EVERYONE here at are a Circle of Caring People who help each other and others. We do our best to have a compassionate heart and a shoulder for those who are hurting from the loss of a beloved pet. By sharing our personal stories and heartache, we can help others who are feeling lost and alone. We are not judgmental, but simply be an understanding voice that reaches through time and distance to give comfort. It is our aspiration to never have the chatroom empty when a hurting heart reaches our for help. The WolfPack was started by Lobowolf as a loving gesture to his beloved SilverWolf. Every word of love and comfort we give is inspired by a very special wolf named "Pooky".

UPDATE -- Our Petloss Family has suffered a great loss.


Donald Lee Dade aka LoboWolf15
August 16, 1941 to January 31, 2017

It is with immense sadness we announce the passing of Don Dade aka LoboWolf15 in the Chat Room.
Don was a tireless healer of hurting hearts here for over 15 years.
He truly made this world a better place.
He is now reunited with his beloved Pooky and so many others at the Rainbow Bridge.


For Pooky...


~ Dreams Of Silver ~


I Saw The Silver Lining, But It Did Not See Me

It Must Have Been Because I Stood Behind The Old Oak Tree


I Saw The Silver Lining, Stretched Out Across The Sky

I Thought That I Could Touch It, If Only I Could Fly


I Saw A Silver Cord, Descending From A Cloud

The Secret Of It's Origin Wrapped In A Silent Shroud


I Saw A Silver Cord, That Reached Out To The Land

I Closed My Eyes And Hoped That I Could Feel It In My Hand


I Heard The Silver Bells, They Echoed Through Mind

They Seemed To Draw Me Closer, Yet Kept Me Just Behind


I Heard The Silver Bells, Ringing Loud And True And Clear

The Melody So Familiar, But Still Foreign To My Ear


I Saw A Silver Wolf, Standing Strong And Tall And Bold

His Coat Held Silver Tear Drops, Some New And Some Were Old


I Saw A Silver Wolf And He Whispered Through The Trees

"Any Time You Need To Find Me, Just Listen To The Breeze"




~ TroubleSSSS Up Ahead ~


Across The River And Past The Sea

Is A Promised Land That's Trouble Free

But Through The Mist And Frosty Air

You'll find that "TroubleSSSS" Will Be There


A Midnight Silken Glossy Coat

A Splash Of White Upon Her Throat

Her Eyes A Startling Shade Of Blue

That Touch Your Soul And See Right Through


She Sits Upon Her Bed Of Grass

And Welcomes All The Pets Who've Passed

She Shows Them Heartache, Pain, And Strife

Are Not A Part Of This New Life


"Fear Not New Friends" She Says With Glee

"The Only 'TroubleSSSS' Here Is Me

Go Run And Jump And Eat And Play

For Us It Is A Glorious Day


As For The Ones We Left Behind

It Is Up To Them The Truth To Find

They'll Know We're Never Far Apart If

They Stop To Listen With Their Heart"





With Love,






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