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i have been searching for answers as to why some people feel animals may not go to ehaven  but in the bible there are many many quotes that say different.

there are many but here's one:

Ecclesiastes 3:19-20

mans fate is like that of the animals the same fate awaits them both. As one dies so dies the other, all have the same breath, man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place, all come from dust and to dust all return.


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Yes, there are testaments all throughout the Bible regarding animals going to Heaven. We are all God's creatures. Those who don't believe, well, they'll find out eventually, that's the way I see it.


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And it was St. Francis of Assisi who said something to the effect of "Wherever I go when I die, it won't be heaven unless the animals are there."  [I garbled that one badly, sorry.]

There are literally dozens of passages in the Bible that indicate "animals" and humans share the same spark of life and the same destiny.  Over the years that I've been on this message board other people have listed  them and provided links of them for us.

Not being a go-to-church kind of person any more, I "picked it up by a different tail."  We know that our furred ones are capable of giving and receiving love. I cannot conceive of *any* other way for love to be given except by a soul!!  No chemical process can do that, we know that.  So.... knowing that, our furred ones have souls, and souls are immortal.  As Einstein put it, and who am I to argue with one of the greatest minds ever, energy cannot be destroyed. 

I live in just north of San Francisco, and every year the Catholic churches there have a Blessing of the Animals Sunday.  That is recognition of the beauty of their love and its importance in our lives.  And the past few years, I've been absolutely delighted to read in the obituaries of the furred survivors of those who have passed on.  Sometimes the furry companion is the first one listed.  As it should be!!

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I wholeheartedly agree with St Francis....

Heaven wouldn't be heaven without our babies.


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Thank you so much for this!

yes, it is infinitely true. it has to be. it must be...
to think that ALL of this... EVERYTHING that is... all started TOGETHER in a tiny marble, before the big bang... without a doubt we are all one. and ultimately forever stay as ALL ONE. embedded with and clinging to each other through every corner of the universe.

I believe that souls and their soul mates inherently cling to each other and stay together throughout time. much the way hydrogen atoms attract to oxygen etc to create water, our souls possess wonderful magnetics (love) that attract us to our soul mates- that are born from the same seed and so in common with us.

"LOVE" is everything. and always will be.

Pat (Daisy's daddy)


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Pat,  You're welcome!  I too believe that love bonds cannot be broken.

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