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This is Baby Willow..Sister of the Dude...sent from Heaven by 'Manda to live with Us!

She is 2.7 lbs of Mischief and Love...Healing our Hearts and making us Laugh...We Love her.  Please welcome our Baby to the Family....

Love from Debbie,  The Dude,  Willow and 'Manda,  Always


Posts: 594
Oh my what a little cutie pie!!!  I hope you guys all have years and years of love together.  Welcome to your forever family, Willow.  You couldn't have chosen a better one if you tried.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)


Posts: 1,982
awwww, she's so delicate and sweet looking :-} and her name is just beautiful!
Welcome Willow - you are such a lucky little girl to have found such a wonderful mommy to love and care for you.  Be a good girl in your new home, I know the Dude will be your new best friend :-}


Posts: 1,901
you just made my heart sing there debbie! 


Posts: 1,901

shoot-i hit the wrong key.


  now you keep your mom and your big bro entertained and of course we want to hear ALL about you and your mischievious ways.    

Posts: 842
What a beautiful little sweet heart, and you can see that little bit of mischief in her pretty eyes.  Many blessings to both you and her.



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you're right there katlover.   she does have a look in her eyes that says, 'what can i get into next?'. 


Posts: 54
How precious!

Posts: 11,059
Willow is so sweet!! I hope she is with you for many years to come!!!


Posts: 452
Dear Momma's Family for Pet Lovers,

     I am Willow and I thank you for the nice things you've said  about me!  My Momma is very nice and The Dude is teaching me about Toys and not Playing on the Potty Seat.  I slipped and fell in that cold water,  one time.....Yuk!

     I am a lucky Little Girl,  and I will write often.  Thank you for being my Friends....



Posts: 1,901
watch out for that human potty box there willow.    it can be a nasty thing and totally unlike your nice kitty box.   but don't feel badly about falling in, though.     years ago i had  an odd-eyed kitty named petey pie.   one day he was on that human potty box and was fascinated with watching the water swirl around and around and around and keep going further on down.   he got so lost with his head moving to keep his eye on the water that he lost his footing and fell right in!   so it can happen to even a big kitty, too!

we all are very happy for you and know that you have a wonderful forever home now with a great big bro and a very loving and caring mom.    yes, life will be very good for you.    now you be sure and take good care of your mom and the dude.   be a good girl and enjoy life.   that's what it's all about.

love from your auntie dawn

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What a sweetheart!  I love the ears and the eyes!  May this precious little one bring you joy for many, many years!

LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)

Posts: 116

I hope she gives you YEARS of love, enjoy each moment.


Posts: 29
and she has a lovely mum xxxx

Posts: 1,901
well that you have had your new baby sister around for a few days i only have this to say to you,

hey dude


Posts: 1,523
Dear Friend Debbie,

Congratulations Mama! Willow is a Beauty! New life Debbie. Oh what Joy a Baby brings. God bless you, Pooh Bear, The Dude and Willow!

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

Posts: 452
Oh Family...

    What wonderful welcomes and gestures of Love!
    Lemon Tea...I wanted to tell you that your Little Tag reminded me so very much,  of my Fitty...gone to God at New Years,  this year.  There is nothing like an Orange Kitty.  We pray for him each day.

    Bobo...thank you,  thank you for your kind wishes.

    Rick,  she is petite and lovely...and so very Naughty!

     Mare and Weddingdance...Thank you for your kind thoughts...Willow sends her Love!

      Kathie/ REALLY have a good eye for Kitties.  Willow looks like a China Doll...inside,  she is a 4 year-old naughty Boy!

      Sandie...Friend of 'Manda...Willow and The Dude,  send their Love to you!!!

      Connie...what a wonderful thing to say...we love Willow and hope to give her the Best,  forever Home.

    To Everyone...I believe that 'Manda,  Pooh Bear,  is looking down from Heaven,  with her Brothers,  Abbe and Fitty...smiling at The Dude and Willow...telling them,  "Please Love my Momma".....she really needs someone to take care of!"  "Please take care of her until I can do the same,  some Day."


Posts: 452

   Oh Mayme......Many are Right!   New Life!  We love you...


Posts: 452
Oh My!.....Auntie Dawn....

   Dude,  here...I am sleep,  sharing Mousies,  making sure this Baby doesn't hurt herself.  PARENTHOOD!!!!  I need to go on a Kitty Cruise,   a "Parents Without Partners" meeting.....maybe a Hot Date at a Club!

   All that said,  I love Willow and I think I am her Big Brother...she makes me laugh!  She enjoys toys and making Potty and eating food...more than I can remember EVER doing.

   When I came here,  to Momma and 'Manda,  I felt loved and part of a Family.  When 'Manda went away,  I missed her terribly.  For a critter that looked like a Grizzly Bear,  she was kinda nice.  I love my Momma and if Willow should be here with us,  it's the least I can "show her the ropes"!
  Auntie Dawn...I AM The Man of the House,  ya know?

Your Nephew....The Dude

Posts: 541
WELCOME WILLOW! I know you have the best home possible with Debbie and The Dude. Keep them on their toes!

Congrats Debbie. She is so beautiful. I'm sure she will bring you much laughter and joy for years to come.
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