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I lost my girl Sadie. I thought I would be getting better, not worse. But as I begin to realize that this is not a bad dream that I will wake from, it's sinking in. I wish I could reach up to heaven for one last touch of her fur, a kiss, to hear her tail wag. I'm so heartbroken. Most of my friends don't want to be around me in fear of "upsetting" me. Sadie always cuddled with me when I was sad, and she would try hard to make me laugh. I can't laugh anymore.

Why couldn't a miracle have saved her and brought her back to me?

Sadie, I will love you forever.


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I was also hoping for a miracle when my boy became ill.....I prayed that he would stay with me for many more years, but it wasn't meant to be. I know how lonely it is without your Sadie. It truly is hard to find the joy that once filled your heart and home. I am sorry that Sadie has passed on.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~

Posts: 21
Thank you, Mare. Just having been lucky enough to have Sadie in my life is a miracle. She was a wonderful friend, and I will carry her in my heart forever. I hope someday to be the person she always believed I was.



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I too wanted that miracle for April, but it wasn't to be. I prayed, and prayed and prayed, heck I even said TAKE ME!!!

Sadies_mommy, shes playing with April and all the beloved pets of the people that come here. I really believe that, our pets lead us here, watching and waiting. I just know they want us to be happy, remembering the life we gave them. Maybe even showing mind pictures of their owners to each other.



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i know that you're heart is breaking.    it is so very hard to allow our furbabies to run off to the bridge.   please don't expect much from yourself at this point.    the emotional roller coaster ride that we are now all on is a very bumpy one with alot of ups/downs to it.    be easy and gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel what you feel when you're feeling it.    the heart ache will gradually lessen but it won't be a day by day thing.    a couple of months from now you will feel differently than you do today and 2 months after that you will also feel differently.   it takes a very long time to ride out the grief process.   cry when you feel like it, smile and laugh when you feel like it.   and yes, one day you will laugh again.   just be patient with yourself and the universe and let the love that you and sadie shared be a guiding light in your life now.


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I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for everyone who is coming here in those first days in so much pain and a newly broken heart. I know that they are beyond the comfort of words at that point and I also know that for many, the pain has only begun and that it will worsen before it gets better as it did for me too. My grief peaked at 3 weeks too. As judesmom said, there are lots of ups and down and you will feel at times that you are beginning to heal, only to be hit unexpectedly with a new wave of emotions. It is all part of a process that is bewildering and exhausting, but it will get better in time, slowly but surely. My thoughts are with you.

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That's such a wonderful picture of Sadie; she looks so noble. 

I believe that Sadie went about a week before my Moose.  I thought I was doing a lot better until I started to look at some photos of Moose this weekend.  I thought I was ready - I wasn't.  So I put them away and realized that I need more time.  Give yourself lots of time, sadiesmom.   Someone at work compared grief to surfing (I live near the ocean) - in the beginning each wave knocks you off your feet, but over time you learn to ride the waves of grief and maintain your balance.  That's what I'm hoping for. 

Wishing you peace.

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