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It’s been a week since I made the decision to euthanize my three year old cat. I’m still in stock and completely devastated over all of it. He woke up my boyfriend and I in pain at 1230AM, we had all gone to bed an hour prior. We noticed his hind legs dragging behind him so we rushed him to the ER. Within 20 mins, the vet called to say he had no pulses in his back legs, he was suffering from saddle thrombosis and he was in heart failure and his lungs were filled with fluid. If treatment was successful which was less than 30% chance then we would only have him for 70 more days. We couldn’t even be with him in the end because I work in healthcare and have been exposed to COVID patients. The vet used her own cell phone To call us so that we could say our goodbyes over the phone, it’s something I would never want anyone to experience, just to hear their pet crying in pain and not able to be physically there to be with them. I feel so broken inside and I just want this pain to go away. I wish I knew about saddle thrombosis. I wish my vet could’ve caught something at the yearly physical we had just a month ago. There were zero symptoms leading up to this which is just so heartbreaking because I wish I could’ve done something to prevent this. His last full day was a good day, full of playing with his favorite toys and snuggling on his favorite blankets, I try to find peace in knowing he had a good last day with us but it’s just been so hard especially at night and in the morning.

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I understand your grief,I’ve been there too,it’s hard to deal with the sudden loss,and I’m pretty sure that you’re in shock right now...
of course there was nothing you could do do prevent this,you have to get that out of your head.
Just focus on how much love you gave to this creature all these years,and how lucky he was to have you in his life.
I know it’s hard to believe it now,but as time passes,you will feel much the end,your loving cat is going to be a sweet will only remember the good days .
Stay strong and be patient.time will heal your soul....

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I'm so sorry for your loss and can only imagine the horrible pain you're going through. So young and so sudden, and to hear Theo in pain over the phone. I've noticed a few cases of saddle thrombosis on this site. In all my years with cats it's something I've never thought about or even heard of, and in many cases, I've read, the preexisting condition could only be found by doing chest x-rays or an echocardiogram. Not something anyone would think they'd need to do, especially with such a youngster. My friend lost a seemingly-healthy young cat while the two of them were in bed. The cat just fell off the bed and died. I'm not sure if it was the same condition, but another case of the last thing anyone would expect to happen, and so suddenly. I lost my big orange and white boy, Coco, 18 days ago. He would have turned 13 this month. He was my best friend. He had a huge personality and presence. He made me laugh and gave me so much love. Advanced cancer diagnosis 2 weeks prior to his death. It took me 2 solid weeks to get past the shock and numbness, then the tears really flowed as reality sank in. Every minute is painful still. For me the nights are the worst too, as well as getting up in the morning and not having him in bed with me and talking to me. Know that you did everything right and it sounds like Theo was truly loved and cared for, but of course for you the circumstances make your loss especially hard. It's good that you find peace knowing his last day was a happy one, and you were there with him. Try not to waste time with the "what ifs" like so many of us do. Grief is bad enough by itself, and Theo wouldn't want you to go there.
Take care,
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