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I lost my lovely little cat Tigs on Friday 16th April 2010, she was hit by a car at only 2 years and 2 months old, id owned her for one year and I miss her so much, I haven't been able to give her a special funeral because her body has been picked up, I cant put my mind at ease, I just wish I could say goodbye I never got that chance the last time I saw her was 4 days before her death as I went on my own holiday leaving her with my Mother, stepfather and younger brother and our two other cats Sooty and Sam. I found out and I was heart-stricken.

Ever since dear Tigs came into my life, we have always been quite close as Tigs was a very nervous cat, and I was the first to feed her.

It all started around a few months before march, Tigs was seen in our neighbours garden trying to get into there door, she had a collar on but was extremely skinny we never saw Tigs for a few weeks afterwards. Until one day, she was in our garden, no collar even skinnier I could no longer leave her like that.

And that was it, I fed my little angel and she kept coming back and we decided to take her into our home. Little did we know, our lives would change forever.

Tigs settled in quite quickly, she was my best friend she followed me every where, everybody loved her as she was so sweet and always willing to sit on your lap and purr her little heart out.

We had many good times with Tigs, I cannot even begin to tell you, it hurts to much. Maybe in a few years I may be able to without the hurt I recieve now.

We settled into a normal routine. Tigs was always home before 10pm and never stayed out at night. Ever. She normally came in around 8:30pm and came and sat with me gave me a cuddle and laid on the brown blanket that lay on my bed, in which Tigs claimed as her own. She would go to bed downstairs with our other cats Sooty and Sam and in the morning she would eat her breakfast and go outside. Then she would return for her tea at 5pm and out she would go again. I owned her for a nearly a year.

The week I lost Tigs was like any ordinary holiday whilst I was on spring break, I went to my grandparents house on monday, Tigs went out as normal and she carried on with her normal routine whilst I had gone.

I stayed at my Grandparents until friday when we met up in the supermarket car park near to our town. I noticed my stepfather was looking sad so I immediately asked my Mother what was wrong, her reply was " We might of had a bit of bad news" I demanded to know what. Mother was reluctant to tell me but I got it out of her.

The words " We think one of the cats have been ran over" I broke down demanding who it was when she said " Tigs" I started crying my eyes out I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my beloved little angel was not going to be here to greet me anymore nor to cuddle up onto my lap and comfort me when Im feeling down, I felt like I was in a bad dream and willing myself to wake up.

It has been 4 days since I lost my little angel, I think about her all the time I have reminders of her everywhere and I feel upset even just seeing her hair on the brown blanket that lay on the bottom of my bed, looking at pictures and videos of her which I am unable to look at as it hurts so much.

My Mother threw her food bowl out as she was no longer able to look at it, where our dear Tigs had eaten out of it. We cannot talk about her in our house as we all feel deeply upset and I feel like I cannot rest as I dont know where her innocent defenseless little body is.

Ive tried my best to try and get an animal communicator to talk to her for free as I simply cannot afford to pay. I wish she would come back. I cannot believe shes gone.

I feel I had to share my story.

R.i.p Tigz 28.02.2008 - 16.04.2010

Age 13 years
United Kingdom.

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Beth, I am soooo sorry about Tigz.  That is heartbreaking and I know you miss her so much.  There is not too much to say that is comforting but please know that despite this horrible tradgedy, that wonderful animal knew it was loved and cherished and that she was important to her human friends.  It is hard to lose and animal at all, especially so suddenly.
Please come back to this site.  The wonderful, caring people on this site will help you grieve and honor your beloved animal.  We really do feel for you at this difficult time in your life.

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I am so sorry for your loss of your kitty Tigs!! My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Until You Meet Again. Sending you ((((((((((Beth&Tigs)))))))))).

Thinking of you,


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The body either whether human or animal is just a carrier of the Spirit which is all we are...............

Please do not be upset about your little girls body............she is not...........she is with you anyway......

In a short while you gave her so much love and happiness......did you know that the very special spirits human/animal only have to be on earth a short time........please feel blessed that she chose to spend that time with you.

Enfolding you in love and hugs and listen to your heart cos she will always be there.............

Di xxx..............shes sends you so much love...............

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I'm so very sorry about your kitty. I too lost my angel at a young age. He was 3 1/2. We all understand your pain. Animals have a way of touching our lives unlike anyone else. I too believe that Tigs is with you in spirit. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and is safe until she can be reunited with you. I will keep you in my prayers...I know how very difficult this is for you. ((((HUGS))))

Ace of Spade's Mommy~Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3/6/10

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I am very sorry your precious Tigs has passed on.  Losing a pet due to a tragic accident is so painful, and Tigs was so young.  Thank you for sharing her story.  She sounds like a very loving cat and I know you will miss her dearly.



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Thanks so much for all your kind words everybody. You all helped me alot. Hugs back to everyone!


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Tigs is with you, as our bodies are merely the vessels we need while we are here on earth.  They are no longer needed when we pass on, so please do not fret because you could not bury her.  What a fortunate cat she was to have such a loving person as you!!  I have no doubt she knew how lucky she was to have you.  And it is apparent how much this loving, precious little bundle of fur meant to you.  Please come here when you need to, we truly care and want to help with your grief.  Please be good to yourself-Tigs would want that.  My dog Bug passed on April 1st, I am sure Bug and Tigs have met at the bridge- healthy and happy.  Hugs to you,God bless.

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Beth, you have come to the right place.  We will all help you get through this tragic and heartbreaking time in your life, because we are going through very similar emotions.  No matter what the circumstances, whether we are with our beloved pet or not, we experience a grief unlike any other...we love our fur babies so fiercely.  Tigs knew how much she was loved.  She didn't fear death and she is safe and secure now, without the need for her body.  She is ok.  We, as humans, have a need to have something tangible, see their body, to have some closure on their death.  In this case, you may have a more difficult time dealing with your grief.  Like some of the others have stated, the body is merely a vessel we need while here on earth. 

I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Tigs.  I lost my sweet angel cat, Little Bit, 3 weeks ago and I know this grief too well.  Just keep coming to this site, Beth.  We will all get through this together and in time you will begin to feel peace and comfort.  In time, the circumstances of Tigs passing will fade and you will smile when you remember the happy memories.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Dear Beth, I'm so sorry for your precious angel Tigs. What you did for her was so wonderful, saving her life like that and giving her a home. Such a gift! She'll always know the importance of it and I'm sure she'll teach my Sashimi how to play and to be happy around other furry friends. She'll be ok and so will you. A big hug from Portugal. *


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Im so sorry to read of your loss. My heart goes out to you.

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Sorry Beth,
I'm getting used to this boad and a new computer. pressed enter too soon.  To finish my thought.  The others are right. We are just vessels. Your baby's body will be replced with a better healthier one at Rainbow Bridge.  Cling to that thought.

Spooky's Mom forever

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Everyone says so many nice, uplifting and encouraging things here, that I'm left speechless. What a wonderful, caring and loving family everyone in Pet Loss is!
The only thing I can think of to say is Tigs felt loved by you. And the love bond between you and Tigs can never be broken. She carried your love for her to the Bridge. She felt your love. She knows you loved her. And love is the greatest gift of all. You'll see Tigs again someday. You watch and see. I'm positive you will. 

Miss Kitty's friend
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