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Today i made the most hardest decision in my life. I place my dog to sleep. After fighting with lymphoma cancer for over 6 months, his body could not keep on going. Noble was very aware and very astute until the last hours of his life today. At 14.45 i called Dr. Webb from the Mississauga/Oakville Emergency Animal hospital to come in and proceed with the euthanazia process. It was quick and painless. My dog kept his eyes open until the end, and stuck his tongue out as in gesture of saying, " i'll see you soon again .. " .
I cant say much now, since this loss is extremely painful right now ... but i will write more when time permits me about my incredible dog and our incredible journey. Noble was 8 years old and one month. I honestly thought he was going to be with me for at least 12 years .. i feel i have been cheated from spending more time with Noble.
thank you

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I am sorry for your loss; I lost my Max today too. They are our greatest companions and friends and give us so much ... there is never a good time to say goodbye. Your friend is in perfect health now waiting to see you, never forget the good times and know that there are many prayers with you now to help you with your pain and loss.

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Oh, I am SO sorry for your loss.  Noble sounded just wonderful.  Believe me, I know how hard that was - to say goodbye to dear Noble, and, YES, he wanted to look at you for as long as he could.  You will see him again - that I know.  He is up there introducing himself to all the creatures on the Rainbow Bridge.  I can only hope that my beloved kitty, Ernie (nineteen year old FEISTY orange tabby cat) is being nice to him.  Ernie, once chased a pitbull down my driveway.  The day that I said goodbye to Ernie - they brought him into the room.  He had experienced a stroke and could not move - but - he raised his paw, three times, as if to say - goodbye - I will see you again.  SO, I know what you   experienced.
It is so hard - so painfull.  I was helped by sharing with many caring friends and I also visited animal shelters and volunteered for a benefit for a rescue organization.  My pain seemed as though it would never end, until, almost two years later, I met a wonderful kitty - Grace, who was rescued from a crack house.  Dear, sweet Grace was a mess - skinny, very little fur and no confidence - but she was the only one who could heal a broken heart.  Thus she is now known as Amazing Grace AND she is truly AMAZING.  She is full of confidence; she has gained weight (a bit too much, but that is just fine) and she has the most beautiful coat.  She will never replace Ernie - because she is Grace.
Bless you!!  We (Grace and I) wish you peace and want to tell you that Noble was a lucky critter to have you in his life!!!  BTW - Noble was my maiden name, so I feel a special connection to YOUR Noble.  Huskies are just the absolute most beautiful dogs - so regal and proud!!

Our best,

Gail and Grace

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I am so so sorry for the loss of your precious baby, Noble....he was called early to the Bridge as he was just so special. It is such a shock to have to lose our best friends, life will never be the same. Please know that your baby was so sick and you gave him the greatest gift of love you ever could possibly give: his health and his freedom. he is no longer in pain, now you carry his pain in your heart. Noble is still with you though and loving you and is so grateful that he is not sick anymore. Please tell us more about your boy when you are ready. You have come to the right place. We are all here for you.

A big cuddle to you,

Nuggetsmum Alana

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Dear Edza,
I'm sorry for you loss. Noble was so young... My little dog Jessie was also 8 years when she passed away. It was all of a sudden so nobody in the family expected it. Like you, I also hoped to be with her for many more years but unfortunately God call her back to heaven where I believe she came from. I think you boy Noble gave you lot of love and happiness during those 8 years. He must have had a wonderful time with you. Don't worry you will see him again, I'm sure!!!
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

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My heart goes out to you.  I am so sorry.  I know the loss of Noble is very painful.  I know you shared a special love with Noble and you will be together again one day. 

I understand how hard it is for you now but when the time feels right please write and tell us more about Noble and the great times you spent together and any feelings you want to share with all of us.  

I would take away your pain if I could, but I know I can't.  I will pray for you and Noble.  Noble is together with my little sweetheart Meister who went to Heaven on June 6, 2008.

Many hugs
Meisters Mom


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I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Noble.
I know just how hard it is to let one go we love so dearly for I also had to make that decision.
While I was lucky to have my Aurich till he was over 13 there is just never enough time with them no matter how long we have them.
Though my Aurich could no longer stand or walk on his own and had stopped eating and drinking he also was alert to the last moment and as I reached over to sigh  the papers for the vet he raised his head to look back  to make sure I was still there.
I remember so well telling him the same thing I had said to him the first day we met.
Don't worry Mommy won't ever leave you.
Cancer is such a devastating disease and has taken so many from our arms.
We just have to remember that the moment they close their eyes they are transported to the most beautiful peaceful place we could ever imagine.
One day we will see them again and they will be young and healthy and happy once more just like when we first met them.
Till that day we hold them in our heart till we can hold them in our arms.
Please come back and tell us more about your wonderful Noble and your life together.
Love and Peace,



Did you know how much I loved you when I held you that last time
Was there something else I could have done I had not time to do.
Had I shown you just how happy I was that you were really mine.
Did I ever tell you in this world there would only be one you.


Do you know how sad I was when I had to let you go.
That I cried so many tears for you and still they do not end.
Were there ever times my love for you I somehow failed to show.
Did you know in all this world you were my very closest friend.


As I remember our life together now I pray with all my heart.
That I never failed you in any way and that you always knew.
Tho now you have run on ahead and we are far apart.
My love for you shall always be forever strong and true


So go in peace and joy my special one to where you can run free.
To where the lovely rainbow ends and love will fill your heart.
Be happy there and know my love is real as you wait for me.
And  that one day i will come to you and never we shall part.


© ~Kathy Hayes  aka Katie 2008

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