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Today is my Cicio's birthday..she would have been 13 years old.   And it's also her 6 month Bridgeday anniversary.  I feel like I can barely breathe today.

My sweet kitty came into my life when she was 6 months old.  She was the most beautiful animal I had ever seen as she sat in her cage at the Humane Society.  I couldn't comprehend how anyone could have given her up.  So I took her home.  

I renamed her Cicio (chee cho) which means "little cutie" or "little sweetie".  She graced me with her gentle presence and and her sweet voice sounded like she was singing whenever she greeted me.

She fit so completely into my an old friend.  And although she fought one illness after the other I could see how important life was for her and most of all life with me.  She always looked to me to protect her and trusted me completely.

I took care of her without effort..she was so important to me.  She balanced me and brought peace to my life.  She taught me so much about the strong and loving person who existed in me.

Her absence has created a huge void in my life...I miss her so deeply but I know we will be together again.

Happy Birthday my kitty girl....I wish you all the tuna you can possibly eat on your special day.  Thank you for being born within my lifetime.  I LOVE YOU.  I miss you.

I am blessed to have known you.

Your mama always...


The Traveler

by James Dillet Freeman

She has put on invisibility.

Dear Lord, I cannot see --

But this I know, although the road ascends

And passes from my sight,

That there will be no night;

That You will take her gently by the hand

And lead her on

Along the road of life that never ends,

And she will find it is not death but dawn.

I do not doubt that You are there as here,

And You will hold her dear.

Dear Lord, I thank You for the faith that frees,

The love that knows it cannot lose its own;

The love that, looking through the shadows, sees

That You and she and I are ever one! 





Posts: 1,198

What a lovely tribute to your special Cicio. It is heartwarming to hear your stories of the special bond the two of you had. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Happy Birthday Cicio. I hope you are happy where you are and that you will find a way to enjoy the day.

And (((hugs))) to you too Donna. May this special day be filled more with smiles than tears.

Blackie's mommy


Posts: 540
Dear Donna, I am so sorry for your loss of Cicio and I know her birthday and 6 month bridge day today is really hard for you.  What a beautiful girl she was and such a sweet little face. This grieving thing is not an easy thing to live with and tends to be such a rollercoaster ride every day. One day you may feel a little better about things and then the next you feel such pain and sorrow and guilt. The story of how she came into your life and you into hers is so sweet. Someone brought her there so that you all could meet and be lifelong friends and companions. You both needed one another and had the perfect fit from the very beginning. She was a very lucky kitty to have such a loving mommy and I am sure she knew it and was very thankful.  Yes when she left you she left a void as well. I too am dealing with that same void in my life and have been for the past 10 months.  It is the hardest thing to deal with because they are our lives and then they are gone and we have to figure out how to continue without them and it is not easy.  A piece of our soul dies right along with them I think and we will probably never truly be the same again. We will find peace in the future, however we will always have them in our hearts and souls until we see those sweet faces again one day.  Take care my friend on this difficult day and know that your sweet girl is looking down on you today and thanking you for giving her such a wonderful life.



Posts: 909




Happy Birthday Cicio


I know you are having a wonderful birthday

at the Bridge.


Sending hugs for six months

at the Rainbow Bridge.


Love and Hugs,

Carewolf aka Carol


I know how much you miss your

girl-especially on special days like this.


Posts: 1,093
Oh, dearest Donna,

I am so sorry for this hard day. I do hope that Cicio celebrates her birthday "in style" with all of our babies at the bridge. I know that my Molly could never pass up a party, so she will be there to help celebrate...

It is so hard to face these days, though. It seems that we get a bit better, and then all of the sudden, a day hits, or a thought, that sends us right to the beginning again. Last night, I looked at Molly's photo in my hand, and again just fell apart. I cannot believe that she is truly gone -- that I have gone over one year without her. But, I have. Through all the heartache and tears, I have gone on. I try to remember that and to honor her memory by living the way she did: in the moment, and with all the joy one can have...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so very sorry for your loss of beautiful Cicio and all the heartache that comes with it...



Posts: 29
hi donna,

she was (is) a beautiful girl, and that was a lovely, lovely poem you posted...
she was lucky to have such a loving mommy....and i am still so thankful for your reply to my post. my girl was my world well, thinking of you at this sad time, wishing you peace./vickie (vag48)

Posts: 17
Hi Donna,

You have been in my thoughts today as I knew what this day was for you. Anniversaries and birthday's are so hard and you have both of them to face today. I know how much you loved Cicio and how much you miss her now. She gave your life a sense of purpose and love. I don't think the void will ever leave us but I know we are much better people for having had them in our lives. Much love to you and Cicio.

From Max and myself (Jen)

Posts: 1,355

Donna - What a beautiful girl Cicio is!!!  I'm sure she had a spectacular party with lots of new friends.  It is just hard for us "moms" when they are not with us - my girl Kina just had her 1 year at the Bridge and made sure I didn't just spend the day crying but also remembering some of her funny antics.  Hugs - JoAnn 


Posts: 699
Dear Donna,

Your Birthday and Bridge Day tribute to your darling Cicio is so touching and beautiful.  What a lovely little kitty girl!  It makes me smile to see such a pretty baby, but some tears come too because your words tell of how much you love her and miss her, and I feel for you.  One day you will see her again, and hear her sweet voice.

Thinking of you today, and sending you hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

Posts: 317

Dear Donna, Your message let us see how much you love you sweet girl Cicio. She was so special and to miss her must hurts so much.
Happy 13th Birthday Cicio!!! I hope you're enjoying with your news friends and thinking of your mom on this day!!!
Diana, Jessie's mom.

Posts: 131

Happy Birthday to precious Cicio. She's just a doll.  I know it's a difficult day for you. Today is also my baby Pookie's birthday, he would be 8.  Yesterday
was his 2 month Bridge Day. It's just a sad sad day for me and you.

Carol - that is such a beautiful picture you made of Cicio for her
birthday. You are a wonderful person.


Posts: 909
Dear Andee,
I am happy to do that if I have a picture. She does look so pretty.
Happy Birthday to Pooky.
I know how much you miss your baby.

Love and blessings,


Posts: 131

Carol, Pookie & I thank you.


Posts: 686
Dearest Donna

Your Cicio is so adorable.  What a wonderful tribute to your special girl.  You are so fortunate that you found each other.  We are so lucky that God sends these special babies to us--even if the time is too short and we miss them terribly.  Cicio is always with you in spirit and in your heart.

Thinking of you,
Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 881
To Kelly, Karen Robyn, Vickie, Jen, JoAnn, Katharine, Diana, Andee, Kate, & Carol....I want to thank and hug each and every one of don't know how much your support meant to me. Yesterday was an extremely hard day for me.

And to Carol...the picture of Cicio celebrating her birthday was so made me smile and think of a happier day..thank you so much for that.

I wish all of you happier days as well. My thoughts are always with you.



Posts: 5,100
Dear Donna,
I am so sorry I somehow missed this post.  I can tell you are still struggling with the loss of your precious little girl.  Donna, she is just a gorgeous, gorgeous kitty.  I can see why you immediately fell in love with her at the Humane Society.

I want to wish your precious Cicio a very HAPPY BELATED 13th BIRTHDAY AND 6th MONTH BRIDGEDAY!   I hope she had all the tuna she could eat at her Bridge party.  I think my little terrier Betsy probably made her a roast chicken as well.  Betsy loves to feed the babies up at the Bridge, and I know she was watching over Cicio.

Wishing you peace,
Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 847

Dear Donna,

May Cicio continue to be having a feast of tuna and all things favorite to her.  That is so profound how you said "Thank you for being born in my lifetime"- and I know she thinks the same thing too.  You were both appointed to be each other's long before you even met.

Cicio is so beautiful, so gentle, so graceful...a purrfect soulmate for a beautiful person as yourself.  Your love for each other will continue strongly as you both live your lives on parallel roads, one day those roads merging again....

I am sorry to be late for your precious Cicio's Birthday and six month bridgeday- I did think about her that day though as I knew it was coming up.  I was having a hard day, too and went to a place that is special to me- and then there was a rainbow!  Sorry the pic isn't too good.
 May 6 rainbow

The birthday pic with the crown is so cute! What a princess!  I had bought a tiara and bent it down to fit Tweeny's head but she didn't care for it sitting on top of her pretty head- but I still keep it right behind my pillow as a reminder of those precious times.

The six month bridgeday is a very difficult one; I hope you feel your dear girl guide you in your life journey.  I know she is proud of all you are doing.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Cicio and Beautiful Six Month Bridgeday!

Love, Tweeny's Anna


Posts: 881
Thank you Melissa and Anna. Your posts were the only bright thing about my last 2 days. Friday a.m. I awoke to find my apt completely flooded from some cheap piece of crap on the toilet.
Every room was filled with water.

I can tell you the first thought in my head was "thank god this didn't happen in Cicio's last days when she was so sick" I don't know what I would have I'm at least very grateful for that much. The guy who came at 2 a.m. said he would be moving things...I was worried he would somehow break her urn but although he did break some things...her urn was still safe where it was left.

Thanks for bringing some comfort with your words.




Posts: 1,328
  Cicio is beautiful. My calico passed over in January--Puffy.
  I have a special feeling for calico's--don't know why, but I feel very connected to them for some reason.
  I used to say to my cat all the time "You know you're a beautiful calico." I would say it so much that her just hearing the word calico and she' d look at me.

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