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Well, it's officially one week in about three hours that my Sadie has passed. I feel my heart aching and the tears swelling up more. Really, Sadie has been the best baby I could have asked for. She was always very loving, very sweet, never angry, very playful, and a great listener and a great best friend. She used to love getting stuff from my brother and I's rooms and tearing them up :) She was such a stinker some times, but I love her. Still, people do not understand. I had met up with an old friend that I hadn't really been that great with recently and she said something like, "has your dog died yet?" Then when I told her "Oh thats too bad" going on with a different I remember why we weren't getting along! It's just those little things that sting my heart and make me sad, I wish all people were like you guys...I know some are, it's just hard talking to those that aren't because to them, it's nothing. I still almost feel like I'm in denial...since I don't live at home I'll think at certain times she's still alive. She was scared gravely of storms, so when it stormed yesterday I was thinking "Oh no, I hope it's not at home because then Sadie will be upset..."'s still so hard, I knew it would be though...I just mostly miss her. I do feel as if I've gotten a few signs from her though....Like just a few years ago I bought my mom a Lily to put in her garden, Lily's are a sign of eternal life if they bloom, and just a few days ago it bloomed out of no where. Also, when returning home after she passed to bury her, I saw a cloud that looked just like a Golden Retriever running. Sometimes I think these are signs, but they may just be there because I can't stop thinking about her. One thing comforting, we buried Sadie in our back yard near the woods and near our other 2 Goldens. We buried her on top of her bed, wrapped up nicely, and with her two favorite toys...a big floppy dog and a duck that goes quack quack quack when she used to shake it around. I hope that they made it up there with her in heaven because they were her favorite. I just wanted to thank you all for reading this, I really appreciate the opportunity to share my story and my memories of Sadie because it helps me and she means so very much to me. I know that you all have went through this too and I just appreciate the kind words, because they really do help. Thank you again, Kathleen.

p.s. I really think these pics show her personality...she was very loyal and strong, but also very loving, goofy and friendly.


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Dear Kathleen:
I am so sorry about your loss of Precious Sadie.  Her pictures are adorable.  You can see what a happy dog she was from the loving look in her eyes.  I am so sorry that people have been so rude to you.  I too experienced the same reaction from those who I regarded as friends.  Obviously anyone who says something like that has never loved a fur baby like we have or experienced the unconditional Love that they give to us.  One week is such a new loss.  At one week I was hysterical every waking moment.  Christopher has been gone for over 15 months and I still cry for him every day.  This is the best place for you to be as we all understand your pain.  My Petloss family has been here for me all times of the day and night for over 15 months.  I would never have survived without them.  We are all here when you need us.

Sending Big Hugs and Prayers Your Way
Georgeann and Christopher

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Sadie is beautiful. All I can say is I know what you are going through.  I am so very it hurts.


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Dear Kathleen, Oh your Sadie was a lovely golden girl.....I can see that she was much loved, and a true soulmate.   I feel your pain, I too lost a golden girl 11 months ago, and my Nike looked and sounded much like your Sadie.   You mentioned seeing clouds that looked like goldens, I do too, all the time!   They are together now, all of our precious goldens, bounding through the meadows of the Rainbow Bridge.  God Bless them all, and all of the fur children of the grieving families here.   Hugs from Houston,  MsSavion


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What a beautiful girl Sadie is, so much love there. My heart hurts for you, your loss is so new and so very painful. You are still somewhat in shock if you are like I was. You will have those feelings of "Sadie will be scared or Sadie this or that" it takes a long time to realize that she is no longer with you.

It is always hard to deal with insensitive people, it hurts to have them respond so uncaringly. I find that I don't even want to share my loss with anyone because I don't want to have their importance diminished.

It is so very important to share your life and love of Sadie with people, we all need to share our little ones and let people know how truly great they were. This is about the safest place to do that so I hope that you share her story with us... Telling others about her will help you and keep her memory alive.



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What a beautiful baby. I agree, this is a great place to come and share about our beloved friends. Not everyone feels as we do, unfortunately, for the world would be a better place.

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Dear Kathleen,

Your girl is just beautiful and you are right those pictures do show you her personality.  The picture with the towel on her head looks like your Sadie is smiling.  You can see just by these two pictures that your Sadie knew she was loved and you can see the love in her eyes for you and your family.  She is a precious girl that stole your heart and soul.  You are very lucky to have that gift, the gift of your beloved Sadie and the mark on your heart and soul that she has left with you.  I know it is extremely difficult to feel that right now because you probably feel lost but it's there and Sadie did have a paw in the blooming Lilies, I just know it.  Just like you do, your girl will keep showing you things that remind you of her because she loves you so.

I am praying that your heart heals and the memories will bring only happy thoughts soon.

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