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A dear friend of mine is helping her beautiful cat, Toulouse, cross the Rainbow Bridge. She asked me to channel him and write down his message.

When she read it, she realized, this message is to comfort everybody because it applies to everyone who has ever loved ANY animal - dog, cat, fish, bird, horse, etc.  - and asked me to post it here so everyone might have it to help them in the time of their sorrow. 

I believe it is a Universal message and applies to ALL pets and people. So I post it here in mutual love of our dear companions.

Here is Toulouse's letter:

My Dearest Friend,

You asked that I write a letter for you, in this time of our physical separation, this time of sadness, this time of loss. Yes, it is these things for us, but only because we are going our separate ways among the many planes of existence. And only for a short while, and we will not be separate – because with our bond of love and kindness, how could we ever be apart, my dearest friend? We transcend the dimensions, you and I!

I am returning to our spirit home, as you will one day do as well. You can always come and visit as I will come and visit you! Why do I tell you this? Because you know our home so well, you visit it often, though I know – you aren't always aware of it. So I want to help you understand and feel what I, and we all – your spirit family – feel.

Yes, we are all here, with you through the power of Spirit, connected by the love of your great heart, that you have shown to us. You, who protected us, who carried us, who worried over us, who comforted us, who spared nothing and did everything in your power to give us joy. You are our family and we love you so very, very much.

My sweet companion and friend, I came to this Earth for you! Long before I was physical, I knew your spirit, for we danced in the stars when your heart was light and full of joy. So I came to you and I danced with you in this physical world. What a dance this has been. I have had ever so much FUN! You amused me so much with your antics, you touched me so much with your compassion and love! I could feel how this spread though the world and brought others joy. What a wonderful experience it has been.

I am transitioning back to our true home, where I will rest and play with so many others of our family – others who your love gave joy and wonder, others whose Earthly lives were better for having known you. Yes, we are many, you are rich in companions! Some of us lived with you, and some of us had lives touched by you, influenced by you. And so we are all connected by the power of love. We are all here, sweet friend, devoted one. We have not left you, we are with you now, and always.

We want you to know this – that no matter where you go, no matter what you do, we are always, ALWAYS with you! Still the chatter in your mind for a moment, and count us, as a mother cat counts her kittens. See each one of us that you took into your heart. Name each of us. When you call us by name, it makes us so happy – because you draw us to you, and we can purr for you, rub against you in spirit.

Be aware of us, seek us when you need us. Look through the corner of your eye – do you see that beam of light? That is one of us running beside you! Look up – do you notice a sparkle you didn't see before? That is one of us watching over you from our high perch! Listen with your heart – can you hear our purrs soothing in your ear? We are always with you, however you need us to be.

I may rest on your shoulder in the car, I may purr in your ear to calm you as you get anxious in your drive. I may sleep quietly by your feet when you are reading something in the stillness of a single moment. I may run and scamper through the rustle of the leaves as you walk though the woods with a beloved pet whose care you have been given.

Yes, sweet and devoted friend, MY friend, I am not leaving you. I am changing the nature of our relationship. By this I can give you more – I can reflect the compassion, kindness and care you always have given to me.

Please know this, my friend. Your sorrow is a measure of your love and devotion for me! If your sorrow is great, it is because your love and devotion are great. AND, your sorrow need not be painful – it can be a marker, a beacon – it is a signpost of your beautiful love! Please, always know how much love that you truly are! That is what drew me to you!

And as you progress though all your days on this Earth, this playground of the spirits, know that nothing has changed, only transitioned. We – all your companions who have transitioned – haven't gone anywhere. We are here still, in all the little spaces – where heart goes and mind tries to follow.

As the days go on, as time spins its endless circle, we ride along – you and I and all our family. We are always together. Listen for the music of the spheres, the song of time. Dance with us!

On this Earth now, others will come to you, other spirits, other beings. You will do for them what you have done for us, because that IS you. You ARE compassion and love. Your work on this Earth continues. I am making space for you to do that work, whatever it is, however it must be.

And finally, my dearest, sweetest companion and friend – know my thanks. Know all our thanks to you for all your love and devotion. You gave every one of us the best physical life you could. We knew that then and we know that always. You were magnificent. You made our Earthly lives joyful and meaningful. We are ever grateful!

Now, take a moment and if you can, see us – in a field of flowers, a wooded glen, a sandy beach – whenever you like. With your spirit eyes see us, sitting here, lying here, frolicking with each other, looking back at you. Know our comfort, and that all is well and always is well. See your family, so happy, so loving you!

Call on us whenever – for we are here with you. When you call us by name, your mind will open a window – if ever so slightly – so you can be aware of our presence. Think of anything we did that gave you joy or a laugh, and you will see us in that special seeing of the spirit.

My purrs are with you always, my dearest friend. I love you so very much. I thank you for my Earthly life, and thank you for enhancing my spirit.

Our journey continues – what wonders await us?

What fun to find out – TOGETHER!


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Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I read it and tears flowed. I can see my beloved Termy saying the same thing to me. It gave me peace. I know that it was a cat that was speaking but I felt that it applied to me as well.
It is remarkable that our fur babies still watch over us and love us still, even from the other side.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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This is absolutely beautiful!
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